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TextNow is a free texting and calling app launched in 2009. The app provides users with a free phone number to send and receive text messages and phone calls over Wi-Fi or cellular data on smartphones or tablets. TextNow works across both iOS and Android platforms. The TextNow app has over 20 million downloads across app stores.

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How To Download This APK.

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Key Features of TextNow

TextNow offers several key features that have made it a popular alternative phone number and messaging application. Users get a free phone number to call and text anywhere in the US and Canada without a cell service plan. Users can call and text for free over Wi-Fi to any number. The app also provides free unlimited calls and texts between TextNow users. And similar to a cell phone, it lets you keep your TextNow number when changing devices.

Monetization Model

TextNow generates revenue with its free app through a couple of ways. One, there is an ad-supported free version. Two, there is a $2.99 monthly subscription ad-free version with additional calling minutes and features. Three, TextNow sells airtime minutes for calls with real phone carriers. The free app with ads and the monthly subscription options allow TextNow to monetize based on its large and growing monthly active user base.

Concluding Thoughts on TextNow

In conclusion, TextNow offers users a fully functioning phone number and messaging app without the need for a carrier plan. With 20 million downloads to date, its ad-supported model and subscription options have proven successful in monetizing free app users at scale. As smartphone use continues to rise globally, TextNow stands to grow further as an alternative, low-cost phone number and calling solution. The app makes keeping in touch simple and affordable to anyone with a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

FAQs about Textnow Apk

What is TextNow?

TextNow is a free messaging and calling application for cell phones. It furnishes clients with a free telephone number to send SMS instant messages and settle on voice decisions over Wi-Fi or portable information.

Is TextNow truly free?

Indeed, TextNow is allowed to download and utilize. The fundamental application has promotion upheld calling and messaging. There are likewise reasonable paid plans with additional minutes and elements without promotions.

Does TextNow work without WiFi or information?

No, TextNow requires a web association by means of Wi-Fi or versatile information to settle on decisions and send messages. Without one, you can’t utilize the application’s informing or calling functionalities.

What gadgets is TextNow viable with?

TextNow deals with iOS and Android cell phones and tablets. You can download the TextNow application on the Application Store or Google Play Store to utilize it your gadget.

What number of telephone numbers might I at any point get on TextNow?

You can have each TextNow number dynamic in turn. You can deliver your ongoing number and get another one whenever liked, however dealing with numerous numbers requires having different records.

Is there a TextNow application I can download outside the Play Store?

No, the best way to securely download the authority TextNow application is through the Google Play Store on Android gadgets or the Application Store on iPhones and iPads. Try not to download the APK beyond official application stores.

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