GTA San Andreas apk Download android 2024

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular open world game. This game is launched in October 26, 2004. Gta San Andreas is a open world game so You can Explore the City, Drive Cars and other Vehicles, and Complete Missions. Gta San Andreas also win 7 Game awards.

NameGta San Andreas
CategoryOpen World Game
Size1.8 GB
VersionLatest Version
Last UpdateUpdated on

How to Download this app.

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Benefits of GTA San Andreas Apk

Download for Free

You can download Gta San Andreas for Free. You don’t need to pay anything to Download it and Play. If you Wana to Download it From Play Store GTA San Andreas Almost Costs 8$.If you wana to Download the GTA San Andreas for Free So Click the Download Button and enjoy it.


When You play GTA San Andreas on your Mobile It looks like you are playing GTA San Andreas on your PC. GTA San Andreas Graphics are to better when you compare GTA San Andreas to the other open world mobile Games. If you wana to start your gaming Journy I think GTA San Andreas is Best Game ever.

Custom Control

You can change the Controls of the GTA San Andreas as you want. If you set Controls as you want and later you wana to change the Controls you can easily change the Controls of it and Play it in Your Style.


You can Change the Language of Game. You can Play GTA San Andreas in 7 Languages. These 7 Languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.


There are to many Varity of Outfits are availaible in GTA San Andreas. That help you to Customize your Character.

Upgrade Vehicle

In GTA San Andreas you can customize your Vehicle. By Customizing you can change the Colour of the Vehicle.

Upgrade Abilities

You can Upgrade the Ability of your character. That Help you to Improve your Gameplay.


Cheats are the best feature of GTA San Andreas. By using Cheat code You can Change the Weather, Spawn Cars, Spawn Bicycle, Spawn Truck, Get Wepons, armor.


You can Download Mods in your GTA San Andreas. With mods you can Download mod menu in your GTA San Andreas with help of mod menu you can control the entire game. With the help of mods you can add cars, trucks, maps, bikes, vehicles, MPCS, places, wepons, players, MISC, skins, players,Scripts and other add ons.

Missions and Story mod

In GTA San Andreas CJ is the Main Character. CJ comes to Los Santos to take the revenge of his mother’s death and reclaim his Best Place in the Los Santos’s Streets. He embroiled in a web of intrigue involoving Rival Gangs, Bad COPS, and sceaming polititions.There are to many missions in GTA San Andreas. There are 100 missions in GTA San Andreas.

Who is the main character of GTA San Andreas?

Main Character of GTA San Andreas is CJ

How many Missions in GTA San Andreas?

There are 100 Missions in GTA San Andreas.

Can We Download Mods in GTA San Andreas?

Yes, Ofcourse you can Download mods in GTA San Andreas.

Can I use Cheats in GTA San Andreas?

Yes you can use cheats in GTA San Andreas.

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