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Canva is the best tool for Graphic Designing, with the tons of graphs, images, fonts, shapes etc.Canva have templates where you can use another’s designs.Canva is also availaible on every type device.Where you can easily use every feature of Canva on every device.

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How to Download this app.

  • Step 1: Click the Download Button.
  • Step 2: Wait Few Seconds.
  • Step 3: You will be riderected to the Download Page.

Features of Canva

Create awesome post for Social Media

In Canva you can easily create Your Social Media Posts using graphs and shapes and Using templates. You can add filters, texts, background, animations in Your Social Media Posts.You can easily create reels and edit them on Canva. You can also use Canva as Video editing tool because Canva Provide everything Which use an editor to edit a video or reel.Canva provide stock videos and photos to add these in Your Videos for Free.

Templates of Canva

Canva provide tons of templates to its users for free. Can provide all types of templates. You can choose a specific size and Canva automatically suggest templates and You can easily Find templetes by searching templates according to Your Niche like Gaming,Vlog, Food, Birthday etc.Canva alows you to change the template settings like Text, position of elements and photos etc. You can also change the colour of text, elements and background and add anything You want and remove anything you want.

Logo Designing

Canva is also known as logo designing paltform where you can create logos. Canva is best tool for designing because it provide logo templates. Where you can select your logo and make it Yours. Canva provide AI features to create logo.You can change the colour of Elements.

Benefits of Canva Pro

  • In Canva pro You can Use best elements and material (Photos and Videos) in Your Project.
  • You can use Brand kit and Brand Template
  • You can Create a Team and Invite others to your team
  • You can add awesome Fonts to your Texts.

Add Animation

In canva You can add and create animation To your text and elements. When You add animation properly in your Video or Text Your Video looks Professional.There are to many Animations are availaible in Canva, Select one of them and add it to your Video or Font.

Download Photos and Videos

You can Download Photos and Videos in High Resoulation. When You create a project You can export it in High Quality.This is Canva High Quality Feature is Very Useful for Content Creaters.

Resize Image Size

In Pro Subscription You can Resize Your Photo or Video size in one Click. This is an Very Useful and the Best Feature of Canva Pro.

Add Filters

In Canva You can Add Filters to your Photos and Videos. Canva Have 1000+ Filters for his users. Canva Create Categories of Filters you can add filter according to your need.

Remove Background

In Canva Pro You can remove background in one Click. Canva Remove Background Feature is so awesome copare to other Platforms.After removing background You can also add Other background to you photo and Video which looks awesome.

Blur Background

You can easily Blur Your Background in Canva. You can add Blur Manually to your Photo and Remove Blur from is quite simple or easy.Everyone can do it. Just select the size of blur brush and Blur the Part where You Wana to blur.

Magic Expand

Magic Expand is a popular feature of Canva. Where you can expand the Size of your Photo or Video. AI will expand your Photo and Video. This Feature add Details and add more pixels on Your Photo and Video.

Add Effects.

You can add effects to Your Photos or Videos from Canva. Canva provide every type of effect to his users. Some Famous Effects are Shadows, Auto Focus, Face Retouch, Blur and Duotone.

Magic Eraiser

In Magic Eraiser You can remove objects from your photo. Just mark the object and Canva will remove the object in some seconds with the help of AI.

YouTube Thumbnail

In Canva You can Easily Create Your Youtube Video Thumbnail by manually if you have no time to create it Just Choose a thumnail template from designs and Customize it .After that Your Thumbnail is ready. There are to many Categories of thumbnail are availaible on Canva like Gaming, Vloging, Prodcast, QNA, Business, Funny, Horror etc.

Colour Grading

In Canva you can Adjust Colour settings of your Image or Video. You can adjust temperature, colours, brightness, contrast, whites, blacks, sharpness, vibrance, saturation, texture etc of your Image.


You can add every type of elements to you photos or videos. Canva Provide tons of elements to his users like Shapes, Graphics, Stickers, Graphs, Photos and Videos.


In Canva Elements You can add Chart to enhance the look of your Photos and Videos. Canva Provide every type of Charts like Circle, flat, verticle, horizental, Bar charts, line charts, dot charts, pie charts and other Type of charts.


You can add text to your Photos or Videos. Canva Have tons of Fonts for Text. In Canva You can also use Text Templates You can add effects to your Text like Glow, Shadow, Border, lift, Hollow, Splice, Echo and Glitch. You can also Curve you Text۔ You can change the Size and transparency of your Text.


In Canva You can use apps to Improve Your Skills. You can Use Pixels for Free Photos, Animeify for turn Images to art, Transcribe Audio for Auto Subtitles and Captions, Clorize For Add color to you Photos or Videos, Translate for Translating Languages, Type Gradient for Add Gradient To your text.

Share your Design

After Creating Yor Design. You can Share it to Your Team, Brand, Groups. You can also copy the link of it and share it to others. Canva helps you to share it on social media and share it as template on Canva. Canva allows you to share it on Your Website, download Your Project.


Can I Download Canva app on my Mobile Phone?

Yes! You can download Canva Pro from

Can I design My logo on Canva?

Yes! You can Design Your Logo on Canva.

Can I Use Canva For Free?

Yes! You can Use Canva For Free.

Can I Share My Designs Publically?

Yes! You Can Share Your Design Publically?

Which is the Best Feature of Canva?

Background Remover is one of the best feature of Canva.

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