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I can see why they call them fidget cables there. So you might’ve noticed that I’ve been off social media for while. Well, now this is why possibly the craziest Smartphone gadgets article I’ve ever written. And first product is actually my first car. It’s a little smaller than I would’ve liked, but no less useful.

You just screw in a smartphone holder, walk your phone in, and this allows you to film perfectly smooth video. And if you look here, you can actually adjust the angle of the wheels. Which allows you to film different kinds of shots, like being able to circle around your subject, all with one push. Do you know that Google has actually developed a project to start weaving technology into the things that you wear?

This idea of taking ordinary day-to-day objects and just infusing a little bit of magic into them. They call it Jack Hall and. This is one of the first products to come out with it. The connect I smart backpack. We actually try it on right now. You can see that this, the touch sensitive letter. It’s all I can ask you to just swipe down, to skip next swipe up to go back and double tap, to open the camera and take a time to selfie.

There’s a lot of different commands. You can set it up the way that you want it. Nothing that you couldn’t do already with just your phone, but it just means that you don’t have to keep taking it out and being distracted by it. Okay now for a controller, but I’m going to be honest with you. Absolutely floored me on the face of it.

Yeah. It’s a gaming controller. It’s got nice hardware. It’s got a grippy matte finish. It’s got console quality buttons and really nice meaty triggers. But I would argue that the best part of this is a software that comes with it. What happens after you get the controller? For starters, the setup is instant.

You just install the app and it’s good to go providing the games that you’re playing support controllers. The on-screen controls will be automatically mapped to these buttons. And you can just tell that they’ve put a lot of care into this animation to smooth. You can feel the phones subtly vibrate as you scroll the app feels so polished that it’s almost like an extension of the iOS.

Technical details

I’m running it on. This is the best mobile game controller I’ve ever used. The only caveat is that it’s iOS only. So. I would love to see this come to Android too. Now, just before we get to the thick boys, serious gadgets, but a couple of ones that are just cheap and cheerful, but actually quite good.

There’s the fidget cable with the tagline. Finally, a fun tidy, durable cable. I’d agree with all those things. There’s a whole bunch of different configurations. You can go for the, every one of them has the same soft matte high quality finish. It feels fantastic. And as far as the tidy part of that’s concerned, yeah.

Every cable is laced with magnets. And this doesn’t mean that you can just kind of drop it and it’ll automatically wind itself up into a coil, but it does definitely make it a step above a normal cable in that once you have wound it up, it’ll stay in place. Also. I can see why they call them fidget cables.

There. They’re very fun. Another simple one is the phone tablet. You just play there’s this tag on the inside of your case. And then from the outside, you link up this wrist strap and just never drop your phone. Again. It is like very, very secure. This is not going anywhere. And the side pack of this is that you can also use the included clip to stick it onto pretty much anything else.

We’ve got a clip. The little phone stand here kind of looks ultra generic on the face of it, but. It is surprisingly well thought out it’s got a two-part design, which means that a you can completely adjust the angle B you can fold over the second part to act as a stand in itself or C you can use it as a clump to clip around a desk.

For example, it works in portrait. It works in landscape. It’s just generally a good one to have. If you’re planning on doing a lot of plane or train traveling, you can keep your hands free. And finally, another one that falls into this cheap and cheerful category is the three in one smart viewer. You just get your phone, drop it inside and like magic it’ll start wireless charging and switching its speaker output from the normal small phones, because this much bigger unit on the back it’s about 50% louder.

The main problem is just that well, like most generic smartphone accessories it’s made with the iPhone in mind first, not the galaxy note, 20 ultra, which quite literally sticks out like a sore thumb. All right now for the big guns. So you might remember a couple of episodes ago. I showed you a smartphone, external monitor.

Cool a bit later, we had one that had a built-in battery. So you didn’t need a means connection even better. We then actually had one that combined that with the fact that it also had a 10 point capacitive touch screen, just like on your phone. Fantastic. Well, this the Avenue, which arrived to me in this almost pre deconstructed package takes all of that and makes it wireless.

Very user-friendly

Now it’s also going to have, mm, wave technology built inside of it. The same tech used by 5g to give no lag at all. But. Because this is a pre-production unit. Mine. It doesn’t. So I can’t really say to you, yes, you should go out and buy this right now because I haven’t tested the feature myself, but it might be one to keep an eye out for.

However, on a similar note, there is something that I have managed to test properly, and it’s even called it. We’re talking about the hyper mirror and it might just be one of a kind. It allows you to wirelessly project, the contents of almost any device onto almost any display. You don’t have to plug a receiver into the screen and then plug the transmitter into the or tech of choice, which is all a bit of a faff, but the result is worth it because this is by far the fastest snappiest wireless screen projection I’ve ever used.

The whole reason that you have to go through the faff of using their own transmitter and their own receiver is because this doesn’t use wifi. This actually does use the mm, wave tech I just talked about, and the difference is night and day. It’s so, so responsive. It’s good enough to use on every tech product I tried it with.

Okay. Now I’ve got a couple of power related products that I want to show you. And each one is more extreme than the last it’s. The first step is the super tank probe, which admittedly already sounds pretty extreme. It’s a power bank and it’s just good at everything. It’s compact. It’s got a nice sturdy aluminum alloy body.

It’s got a huge 26,800 million power battery for USB-C ports to high power ones for laptops to lower power ones for phones and earphones. And overall, this thing can push a total output of 138 Watts. So chances are that, whatever you are going to be charging with it. We’ll charge at full speed now, but let’s level up from that is the hypercube very strange looking contraption.

And it’s a whole bunch of things at once, but primarily a triple fast wireless charging station, but using a combination of these apparently patent pending hinges and some inbuilt magnets, it can fall itself. And a cube offering a clock and alarm and built speaker system for soothing sounds a color-changing led.

I don’t want to act as a wake-up light or a reading light. And I noticed that there’s a little stand that flicks out from the wireless chargers on the side. And that allows you to still use them. While it’s like this. So that’s kind of a lot, but it’s actually made a little sweeter with the introduction of the ampere power cube, which on its own is nothing to write home about it.

Pretty plain no-frills power bank, really, but the pins on top, they actually line up with the pins on the inside of the hypercube and make it a wireless and be portable. You can also change the color of this led lamp here. But I’ve got to say one thing that I don’t like about this is the capacitive controls on the alarm.

They just feel super old school. Anyways, moving on. Chances are that your current smartphone charger probably has a power output of somewhere in between 18 and 30 Watts. And so in past Marvin gardens episodes, I’ve shown any charges that go all the way up to 120. Well, that benchmark just keeps getting pushed further and further out because right here we have a pair of 200 watt charges.

The angle is this Apple sells a 96 watt charging brick for $80. This is 85, but it can power four devices at once with a total power output of more than double plus. It also just supports a lot of the standard smartphone charging protocols like APO Vic charging Qualcomm quick charge. So it’s more likely to be able to charge your phone at as maximum power.

It’s not giving you something that you can’t achieve using multiple separate charges, but this is a major de-cluttering tool. And now for the grandest power product, the stunning, the unbelievable, the maiden China, I don’t know why this needs to be right on top, but actually what’s inside. This box is the most extreme power bank you’ve ever seen capacity.

Check. It’s got enough juice there to charge your phone 23 times over. And it’s got a lot of ports, four USBs, one USB-C port, one DC, one car charger, port, and two full main sockets. And it can use them all at once. So to reiterate, you could charge them nine devices simultaneously. Oh. And also keep forgetting how heavy this thing is.

There’s an led light on the front. It’s not the brightest, but it would do the job. But you know, the coolest part of the entire thing is actually how it charges. They call it double helix charging. So for a lot of big power banks like this, they use either USB-C or DC input to charge. This can use both at the same time, which means they can charge flat in two and a half hours or for some perspective.

That’s less than the amount of time. It would take an iPhone to charge just a couple of years ago. And. This has the capacity of, you know, 23 I-phones. Now I’ve got a couple of gamer gadgets, and this is going to get increasingly weird. So the first step is a quite affordable, but good game pad. It gives you shorter buttons up top, and they’re adjustable too.

So you can position them wherever your heart desires. And there’s no slipping around the fit is, is quite firm. But the main differentiator is this. It’s the fact that you have a medium-sized fan blowing cold air onto the back of your phone. With hot air leaving from the sides. If you don’t like the idea of a full on bulky gamepad though, and these helmets, yes.

Easy of use

Helmets are surprisingly functional alternative there again, shoulder buttons to be able to aim and fire and game, but they’re just very well considered. You can either press the helmet itself or press the triggers behind them. Your choice depends on the size of your hands and whatever feels good to you.

You get these little rings that hang off them to keep your other fingers in for extra grip, I guess. The helmets are internally hollowed, so they don’t start accidentally pushing buttons on your phone. And they’re actually constructed of a zinc alloy. So they feel kind of nice. Now, if you thought that was odd, you’re in for a bit of a treat with this next one,

finger gloves. Realize what it looks like, but this is a legitimate product, little grips, reach your fingers to stop them skidding while playing games. But also whose idea was this? Like when was the last time you got beaten really badly in a game of card and thought, you know what? I really need a pack of five contraceptives on my fingers.

The only reason I actually ended up getting these was because I thought the product page was hilarious, simple and handsome. Ultra fan attack, say goodbye to glute. It eats chicken walking position artifact. I don’t want to be the one to tell them, but, uh, They need a better translator. All right. I’ve saved two of the best value gadgets till the very end.

So first up is the elegantly named me, me true wireless earphones. Basic to now I was super excited about trying these out because the first basics were amazing. Like proper bargain, basement value, true wireless earbuds. They were basic in every sense of the word, but the sound was fantastic for something like $20.

The strategy is a little different this time shammies bumped the price up to closer to $30. But then for that, they’ve tried to integrate a lot of the features you’d find in higher end events like Bluetooth, 5.0 or two paws upon removal. You’ve got USB type C a longer battery life, bigger driver units for better sound.

I will say though. They’re kind of clunky looking. I’m not a huge fan of that. And also the bigger drivers haven’t exactly led to better sound quality because instead of going inside your ears, like the last generation, these ones just kind of sit in front of them. So I would say that while these are still amazing value, they’re not quite as good value.

As the first ones, but one product line that just doesn’t stop improving is shammies knee bands. And the latest MI band five has carried that flag forward. The way that I would pitch this, if you’re not someone who’s into fitness bands and smartwatches, it’s just that this is one of the best value watches.

Full-stop for just over $30. It’s a good quality water resistant digital watch, but over a hundred different faces to keep switching between it just happens that this watch can also do a thousand other things. It can keep track of your heart rate. It can tell you the quality of your sleep. It can control your music.

My final thoughts

It can count your steps. It can literally tell you how healthy you are versus other people have a similar gender and billed to you, and it can do all of that while lasting at least a week. On a charge also guided meditation is a nice touch. You follow this breathing rhythm. It gives you. And just one minute later, your heart rate will be slower and it’ll show you exactly how much by all right.

If you enjoyed this article, I’ve got a ton of other smartphone, gadgets reviews.

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