The Best High Performance Laptops of 2021


2021 The Year of Hottest High Performance Laptops

So in 2021, we saw a lot of laptops to the point where this year, I actually think we saw the most number of laptop choices available ever. Like there’s just so many devices that companies are pumping out. And I checked just before this video, I was like, how many devices that I get? I was just curious, 67.

acer laptops 2021
beautiful new Acer laptop with red keyboard lights

I wasn’t 67 laptops from various companies from 2021 is just crazy. Now the truth is I didn’t review most of them. They go back in case you’re wondering, but I didn’t review most of them for a couple reasons. Number one time, it was just, I had less time than normal this year. But the big thing is that I think a lot of companies were just refreshing devices, right.

There was like, you know, we were gonna change it a little bit. Here’s the new laptop for 2021. And I was, I didn’t want to review it. The truth is I don’t want to waste your time. Like, that’s the thing, that’s very precious. Right? You guys are watching these videos. I don’t want to burn seven minutes of your time.

10 minutes of your time making another video of something you saw last year with like a new color. That’s just not how I roll. So I skipped a big portion of them. However, I wanted to do a video at the end of this year, kind of ranking the devices just from my opinion. What did I think of the devices? As a, as an overall product.

Right? So tearless time. I wanted to do a tier list of these devices, again, from best to worst. And this time’s a little bit different. I wanted to do a video just on the devices. I was interested in, right. The stuff that I was interested in in terms of like replacing my existing laptop or stuff that I was just drawn to, because it was a cool product.

Okay. Top of the list, Legion five. So this is from Lenovo. I’m comfortable placing this as an eight here. I think. I may regret this, but I feel like we’re opening strong here. Legion five AMD based laptop are really well-built for its price point. I felt like this was one of very few devices out there, AMD based devices out there that was done properly.

So many companies tried to make a Ryzen based gaming laptop. And so many of them did a really poor job of it. These guys did a well, so it’s an eight-year for me. Uh, next up nitro five from Acer. This is. Yeah, I’m going to place it in Butte here. So there’s two things that come to mind. Number one, it’s a red gaming laptop.

It’s 2021. It’s like a dying fad. They’re still doing it. Maybe it’s, you know, it’s a marketing position, so it’s not the best looking device they have there, but it’s a red gaming laptop. This was also Ryzen based pretty well done. I do think that it would be tough for Acer to sell this thing alongside the rest of their devices.

If they made this device too, good-looking like the guy to make it a little bit. Ugly so that the other devices they sell look better. Uh, but yeah, it’s a, it’s a solid beat here for me. So the G five se, so this is from Dell. This is another one of the, we have a lot of reasons to start here. This was one of the few that had an AMD graphics card to go alongside.

And they had this tech that kind of made the GPU and the CPU talk together to give like a little bit of boosted. I would place this as you had to beat here. Uh, it doesn’t do better. Cause I remember this thing running hot. Like it’s a Dell device. A lot of them do, but this, I feel like they could have cooled this a little better.

Uh, yeah. Beats here. Okay. Legion seven. I, this is also from the Novo. This was not as well done as the Legion five. I’m going to put this as. Yeah, I’m going to put this as a seed here, so, okay. It’s an expensive device, right? These are, these are Intel based when you see the, I it’s an Intel chip. This was also expensive because it’s like the more premium version of the seven is higher than the five.

And also their pricing like Lenovo is pricing is all over the place. They have sales. Some days they have like overly inflated prices. Other days to make their sales look better. It’s just a weird pricing thing. Legions of NY seats here and also remembered the thermals being kind of iffy on this device.

Okay. The RP. So this is the RP 15 from electronics, a whole bunch of other, kind of a boutique brands sell similar device. This is a member of the secret laptop club. This was a really good device, Ryzen based and very inexpensive for the kind of harp I had placed this as an S tier. If my memory serves me, correct.

I would consider the RP 15 to be single-handedly the best value, high performance gaming laptop on the market right now. Like if you’re trying to spend the best, like the least amount of money for the highest possible frame rate, this is probably the machine. It’s a really good one. Yeah. It’s an S tier. I don’t love the keyboard, but I can kind of forgive it because the prices well done blade 15.

This is a laptop that I probably use the most this year. I wouldn’t give it a nest here. Uh, Two things come to mind. I feel like razor could have, and should have done more with this year’s iteration of it. I think they changed the keyboard. But aside from that, the performance was kind of very similar, not really through fault of their own.

Like they, you know, they’re working with Intel and Nvidia to kind of depend on them for their performance, but they could have done stuff to make this thing a better. Iteration of a product. Also, they got rid of the mercury white color for like the advanced model, which I personally liked. That’s why I still use the old one as well.

Uh, max 15, this is another device from electronics, another, uh, what are they called? Secret laptop club device. This goes in. Yeah, it’s an eight-year for me, not as good as the RP 15 to me, two things, it gets hot to the point where it doesn’t throttle. It probably should throttle. It gets that hot. Like these run weirdly hot and the fans are crazy loud on these devices because you can configure them.

So powerfully area 51 and Whoa. Okay. It’s either a C or D I’m going to place it in C. So if you’re unfamiliar with this device, it’s that big one that gigantic one from Alienware use a two AC adapters. The whole premise of the area 50 1:00 AM was that you could upgrade it, right? You have the gigantic laptop and you could swap out the parts with new ones.

What you should know about laptops in 2021

Very rare. Thing to do with laptops, right? Change the GPU change the CPU. You couldn’t actually do it though. If you had last year’s area, 51 M and you want to swap out the CPU and, or GPU to this year’s model, they didn’t work. And it was just so disappointing. So many customers bought that.

First-generation one with the kind of hopes or intent of upgrading it, and then they didn’t allow it. Now, I don’t know how much of that was Alienware’s fault. It could have been Intel, it could have been Nvidia, but for whatever reason, This was one of the big kind of components, big characteristics of this device.

And it just, it didn’t work out. You could only upgrade it within the generation itself, which was really weird, but I respect what they’re trying to do with the super powerful system. So it’s not a D tier. It’s a, it’s a C tier for me trading 500. This. I’d say it’s a seat here. So this was one of those devices.

I was really lightly refreshed. I loved last year’s model. I was like this blue color that looked really cool. And I don’t know, they just tweaked it in this really unimpressive manner. It was really good. Last year I would have given him like a, B maybe even a two year, last year, but C tier this year, the GE 66.

dell laptops 2021
dell xps 17 display

So this is from MSI. This I would place. Yeah, it’s an eight year. This was one of the devices, few devices that was heavily tweaked for this year. Like full blown RGB system, if you’re into that. But they just made a much better thinner, lighter product than they had in the past. So that’s a really, that’s a good one.

XPO 17. This was really cool. S SRA a S yeah, let’s give it an STR. Whoa. Okay. So yeah, eight here. I take that back. So here’s the thing, XPS 17 new design, one of the best looking devices. In the world right now. Right? Super big screen on a relatively small footprint, like really thin bezels. The thermal performance should be better.

Now. I know people that watch her chin, I always about the thermals. Listen, when you buy this kind of device and spend this kind of money, you want it to be awesome. Like super awesome expensive, but it just, it just, wasn’t quite there to be an STR for me, but overall really good device. The book 13. So this is from razor.

This is our new device. C tier for me, it just boils down to price. This is way, way too expensive for it to be any higher. Like I know razor devices are usually expensive and they have a very unique look. It’s a really well-made device, but this is like, you got to compete with so many devices when you’re in like the 15, $1,600 point.

And for the performance you’re getting on this thing. You’re paying for a very unique looking device and at this kind of money. Yeah. C tier for me, the omen. Okay. As tier, this was a huge surprise for me. So omens in the past, ever since I started this YouTube channel, I think in 2015, I tried my first HP omen.

It was hot. It was like overheat central on every year. It’s just like, Oh, you’re the new woman. Surprise it throttles hard this year. It didn’t like at all big improvements. I think they finally realized that people care about thermal performance on devices. Uh, and it’s just like a really well-made device.

I liked it bit of a screen gap. I remember this was like a, as a bit of an issue for some people, but yeah, that’s a good one. okay.

The best gaming laptops in 2021

This is the beat here. So this is the big Alienware M device, like the kind of regular laptops, but like the 17 inch one, this should have better thermal performance than it does. Back to thermals. It seems. Um, okay. So 17 inch device, right? Big device. He got a lot of room in there to do some crazy cool stuff to blow the heat off of it, but they didn’t really tweak the thermal stuff.

And Alienware software sucks. Alienware. If you watch this video, you need to just completely revamped your software. It’s clunky, it’s buggy. You guys need to fix that and you can. I know you can. Okay. Blade pro this. Clean software, relatively clean software. So this I’d place as, yeah, I put it as an eight year.

Nah. Yeah, let’s give it an eight here. So this is a really niche device. It’s big, it’s powerful. But the one thing I think that they do really well is that they make a device that takes acoustics into account. And what I mean by that is that even though it’s a big and powerful system, when it’s idling, or even when you’re doing light tasks, the fans are super quiet, which is like, no, one’s doing that.

You know what, though? This is so expensive. If I’m not mistaken, this is like three, $4,000. I’m going to put it as a beat here because it doesn’t quite jive in the eighth year, to be honest. Yeah. It’s a beat here, but if like, this is something that so few companies do, right? Like, let’s say you have, like right now I’m recording this video while running a laptop.

That’s screen recording. If this was a windows gaming laptop, you’d hear the fan. I’m using a Mac book because they, they know some people care about fan noise. I’m screen recording. You can’t hear the system fan. That’s why I’m using a Mac book, but a lot of companies just, they do that wrong. And these guys do it right for a big powerful device.

Okay. The next 15 also from electronics. This is. Oh, this is a beach here for me. So this is also a member of the secret laptop club. And it’s a good performer, but I really don’t like the keyboard and it’s like a mechanical one. And I feel like they did it for like marketing things like, Oh, we have a mechanical keyboard, but it’s just a really bad keyword.

But again, personal opinion, this whole thing is opinion based. So it’s B tier for me still 13. It’s a B this is again, really expensive, but you know, I feel like the is a little bit better on the stealth than the book. Uh, but it’s a kind of mediocre device in terms of dollar to performance ratio, but it’s super unique if you want, like a really small, uh, high performance.

Well, moderately high performance gaming laptop. That’s 13 inch screen, but high refresh screen, that’s it for you, but you gotta pay up. Ooh, AC tough 15

D tier. This was a Ryzen device. Had high hopes for it. This was like a really inexpensive AMD gaming laptop. I was like, Oh, this is going to sell really well. And it just had thermal issues up the, but it was really poor performing. I don’t know if I did a review on this thing. I actually don’t think I did, but it was just weirdly hot considering how much space this thing had to cool it off properly.

Yeah. Deeds here for me. And I don’t think they fixed it. I revisited it like several months after I got my initial review unit, but yeah, it was a. It should have been better. Could have been better. Okay. Helio’s 308 here this last year. Wasn’t STR like as T it was an S tier and it was, I mean, it was so good last year.

It was, again, a device that they just tweaked so lightly, they added some RGBs as it. Right. I feel like this should have been better. Uh, and I think my biggest issue with the helium three hundreds that they didn’t drop the price as often as they did last year. So if you had sales in 2019, like black Friday sales, like sales, when.

It was sale time, helium 300 with consistently one of the best things you could buy this year, they didn’t do it. It was just like, Hey, well, Jack up the price and we’ll keep it there. So really good device just could have and should have been better. Zephyrus M this is a, this is a beach here for me. This was a really cool color.

Again, I don’t know if I made a video on it, but it was one of the nicest looking devices, really clean, really minimal look. Uh, but performance was kind of middle of the road. It was more, it was mostly pricing. That’s what I was concerned about. It should have been a cheaper device, but yeah, it was expensive.

Creator 17. This is the one with the mini led. Uh, the display is really nice looking display. I put it as an eight here. I really wish that it was. Again, a device that considered acoustics. Like I remember the fan at idol was like, it would hum. If you’re buying something like this, spending this kind of money and you’re probably using a professional environment because you, you know, you’re, you’re dealing with really good image, quality and stuff.

It should have just been, should have been a better acoustically designed device. We got the Legion five eyes. So just like the Legion five, but Intel chip, this is not an eight. Here is a beat here because well, It’s Intel’s chip. They run hotter. The more expensive, everything bad. Well, not bad. Everything worse than Ryzen, especially right now.

And that’s the thing next year. Next year, I think we’re going to see a ton of really good high end Ryzen devices. It’s going to be the year of AMD laptops, prestige 14. Mm. This was reviewed earlier on in the year. I don’t remember that review all that well, but I don’t use it. And if I, and say, I remember wanting to use this device as my personal device, right?

Cause it’s like a little bit smaller, a little bit thinner than your average laptop. Fortunately screen. I remember it had a single fan. It was like this device that had so much promise, good GPU, good CPU. But because of the single fan, it just choked a little bit. Yeah. Maybe a B, but I would say C because they, I know they could’ve put a double fan in there.

I remember. Yeah. It’s all coming back. They could have had the space. They just didn’t for whatever reason, Aero 15, this was a good device. It’s kind of showing its age, though. In terms of the design, it’s a B tier for me, I’m going to run a room. Like what happens when I air? Okay, let’s try this. This would be another beat here to be completely honest.

This head of mechanical keyboard. Oh, so it’s tax. Okay. Uh, this was had a mechanical keyboard, really good mechanical keyboard. Everybody who tries a mechanical keyboard fails in terms of, uh, gaming laptops. They all think, Hey, we’ve got a mechanical keyboard, go buy it. It’s awesome. No one does it. Right.

These guys are closest. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect mechanical gaming keyboard, but it feels distinctly mechanical. And it’s a, it’s a nice keyboard. So it’s a beat here. Good thermal performance too. I remember the M 15 R three. This, this was improved this year. Improved enough though, to be an aid here.

It’s definitely not an STR. I put it as a beat here only because I know Dell can do better. I know they can do better. Plus their janky software. Yeah. Solid B. They can do better next year. I just K you know, would win straight up and 15 with an AMD chip in it. That would crush. That would just absolutely crush, better thermals, lower price.

Another high end gaming laptop of 2021

Everybody wins except maybe Intel. They don’t win G 14. This is an STS, a hundred percent. This single-handedly. Best laptop this year. This was, you know, if I had awards, this would win it best laptop of the year. Okay. So if you’re unfamiliar with the G4 team, it’s a gaming laptop, had a Ryzen chip in it, great performance, and it was small and it was just awesome.

And it had that like cool micro led or not micro led these little LEDs on the back of the display panel. So you could like light them up and do cool things and show memes is the best. Okay. 13 inch Mac book pro. Um, as I’m assuming this, yeah, this is gonna be the M one equipped ones. Yeah. It’s an eight here.

I would consider using this thing, like if it had more storage and if it was, I guess a little bit better for, for what I do, I would use it. It’s really good. And it’s like, , they’re like the Apple chips are just, they’re on another level right now. They’re going to fire up real soon, the GS 66. So this is from MSI.

This would be a

eight here or beat here.

I really liked this device. I played a lot of apex on this machine because it had the 300 Hertz display panel. This was really good. Uh, I’d give it an eight tier. It’s trying to think. Is there anything you disliked about it? You guys are going to go back to my review and call me out on something, but I’m going to place it as an eight here.

Cause my memory doesn’t pop up any red flags. When I look at this device, it was a nice looking device and they tweaked it enough that I would consider it like a proper refresh. So it’s an eight year, the 16 inch MacBook pro uh, beats here. So they fixed the whole bunch of stuff this year. They got rid of the butterfly keyboards.

asus gaming laptops 2021
ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop

They got a nice screen, uh, decent thermals considering how thin that thing is. There’s just so freaking expensive and. And we’re all waiting on. we want some kind of Apple silicon-based 16 inch MacBook pro, because that’s going to be on another level. The Zephyrus S I’m not even sure if that’s a Zephyrus S in the picture, but.

Uh, this is a beach here for me. This is a very expensive machine. So ACS, they have the Zephyrus S like their premiums efforts and it opens up in the back to vent at the air and it actually works. It’s actually really cool, but it’s got this weirdly expensive price tag that’s associated with this product every year.

And in the beginning, when they first came out with it, like the very first Zephyrus S was like the thinnest gaming laptop. Ever, no one else did anything like it. But at this point in 2021, a lot of companies are making thin powerful gaming laptops. And this just doesn’t stick out as much as it used to, but the price tag is still nasty high.

So it’s a beat here for me. He was 15.

I put it as a beach here. It could be an eight here. If the thermals on this thing were better. So this one does not have a vapor chamber. The XPS 17 does. Thank God I ranked a little bit higher. Uh, but yeah, it is. It, it just performs a little bit worse in thermal. So little that spread man. It’s like a three S tears one D I’m just gonna go through these real quick just to make sure I didn’t screw something up.

My final thoughts

I think these are all right though. Yeah, I’m just looking at like the A’s and see like, yeah, this looks good. I’m satisfied with this list. The S tiers, RP 15, definitely like just. Best value for your money for a gaming laptop right now, if you want something really high end, if you want, like the bleeding edge performance for games, RP 15 delivers it at a very reasonable price, omen 15, much improved, just it’s an STR for me.

And of course, G 14. So that’s my list. Now I know this is going to differ vastly from what you guys would do. Right? I feel like everyone’s got a very different opinion on how this stuff plays out, but yeah, this is mine. I’m curious. What are your STR laptops? I’m actually going to check out the comments.

Pretty heavily this video. I just want to see what would you guys consider an STR laptop? Doesn’t have to be a game laptop, just stuff that you would want to use. Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs. We liked it. Subsidy. Loved it. See you guys next time. .

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