Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review, Specs, Gaming, Price & Camera Hacks


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review – FINALLY Memorable

There’s a simple, the way for a company to spare a product from being forgettable and that’s to actually walk the talk. If you’re going to call your phone ultra price at like a Mac book pro and paint 100 zoom on the camera hump. You’re actually setting the bar really high for when the testing begins.

I’m not going to call the galaxy S 20 ultra bad phone, but its flaws made it quickly forgettable. It was full of nice ideas, but sadly, the implementation made it really hard to recommend. I even felt that it was ahead of its time and proof was seen with how well the no 20 ultra came to safe. Face it shows how second generation products are always a better investment.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21 beautiful display and app gallery

Now, what happens when you get to generation three, where the idea has matured enough that you no longer need to boast numbers on the chassis or fan favorite features finally make it and where the prices dropped in such a way that you can almost forgive the important. Features that are missing. Well, this is the Galaxy S21 Ultra what Samsung calls an ultra that easily lives up to its name, which is actually a statement that I’m willing to agree on.

Instead of the word, forgettable is memorable. And by definition to achieve that, a product has to be both special and unusual. I think the biggest problem with the galaxy S 20 ultra is that function did not follow form. It was definitely unusual, but sadly it couldn’t nail the special part reliably, the massive phone camera, hump, and price intended to give you the best camera experience you could buy and fell short.

But yes, 21 ultra intends to fix that like seriously unusual should not mean ugly. And I’m just going to say, I think this is the best looking galaxy ever. Samsung’s new contour design intends to be more cohesive. The camera hump is now less pronounced than designed to sort of blend with the aluminum side rail.

And since the back is now as mad as can be, it remains clean for longer. And the shiny border only helps it stand out. Yes, this is still a large and heavy to hand that phone, but there are some clear improvements in weight distribution. You’d assume this phone is lighter than the S 20 ultra, but in reality, it’s the other way around.

And other welcome changes that Samsung no longer seems to be competing for the largest display on a smartphone. Finally Samsung’s dynamic amyloid two X continues to reign Supreme as the standard to beat with its color reproduction and HDR, 10 plus support. But at 6.8 inches diagonal, it’s actually a hair shorter than before, and also better in every other metric.

It’s now brighter up to 1500 nits has additional improvements for eyestrain management. We finally get 120 Hertz. Fresh rate at quad HD plus resolution and give them the minor bezels and loud speakers. It’s a joy for constant concern with the phone below it. And then under there’s another spot it’s default.

The screen is set to 120 Hertz at full HD plus, but after testing the endurance of this phone after two weeks, I really have no problem in recommending that you max out the settings. Since the panel offers variable refresh rate between 10 and 120 Hertz, depending on what you’re doing this larger than average battery has less than me, at least a day and a half every single time.

And that’s with moderate to heavy use. And while on Verizon’s 5g speeds. Now a lot of the legwork for these results comes from the new set of internals. The five nanometer process on Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon, eight 88 is far more power efficient, other essentials like the Ram and storage options match with be updated wifi.

Bluetooth. And even the multiple flavors of 5g are all the fastest in the industry. And sure. You also get the usual perks like water resistance, reverse wireless charging, and even ultra wide band though. I suggest you choose your storage option wisely as it’s no longer expandable. And that’s just one of the reasons why I call this phone almost ultra at the beginning of this review.

At this price, you’re also going to have to invest in headphones and the wall charger that are not included in the box. Also keep in mind that the gorilla glass victors that surrounds this phone is not indestructable or scratch free as always. My advice is that you protect your phone with channel sponsors.

Sub-case. Those of you looking for the full rugged experience. There’s the award-winning UBI pro made of a high quality hard polycarbonate and shock absorbent TPU. You get all the texture and grip you need. Along with 20 foot drop resistance. I doubt you’ll find the better quality solution that includes a kickstand and a belt holster for such a low price.

Now I never thought I’d say this about a Samsung phone, but one of the main reasons why I’ve switched to this as my primary Android devices, because of the experience using it, mainly because of a combination and added perks in the hardware and some much desired benefits in the software. The first this, that new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is significantly.

Faster and far more convenient during this pandemic. The second is finally NetSpend supports. I’m not sure what’s a Samsung so long to finally bring the whack and digitizer to the S line, but it now feels like if this ultra has nothing to envy from last year’s galaxy note, and yes, you’ll have to buy one separately and you will lose the Bluetooth air gestures that I honestly never used anyways.

My advice is that you use an older S pen or choose from a bevy of third-party options. Sadly, Samsung silicone case with S pen is really bad quality. If anything, keep the taller S pen included cause it’s more ergonomic, but the flimsy material in the case is a lint magnet that subtracts from the phone’s bad-ass finish.

And everything else. The Galaxy S21 ultra seriously feels like if you’re using a galaxy note 20 with updated internals and a bigger battery, you can call on screen off memos, your Samsung notes now sync even with Microsoft notes. And yes, this means the entire Microsoft office suite fully supports it.

You can also use it as a surrogate mouse and pretty much every other trick the galaxy note can do. And as for the desired software updates, when you, why 3.1 includes a couple of added perks that even last year’s galaxies on one UI three don’t offer. For example, on this phone, you can now choose the Google feed to appear on the left of the launcher.

Like finally, and Hey, if you don’t want that, Samsung free is pretty good. It actually ports the free TV channels and entertainment that Samsung TV owners get. And then everything else from the new aesthetics to the faster navigation on the UI, to the edge menu, for multitasking to Android, Eleven’s new way to stack notifications and home devices.

If you’re looking for a large phone, this is one of the. Few that can actually take advantage of the added canvas. Now Samsung’s definition of ultra is mostly about what these cameras can do. The new array follows on more of the  pro plus arrangement with one massive primary sensor, an ultra wide and two telephotos at different focal lengths, all assisted by laser auto-focus.

Now you might think it’s overkill, but I seriously feel that this is what allowed the module to be less prominent as a result, pretty much everything, but the color signs. Okay. So much from Leica and Walway is seen here, but since Samsung toned down it’s over-saturation and over sharpening dramatically, the results during the day are fantastic.

Switch to any of the four focal links and prepare to be mind boggled by the amount of detail. And I seriously also prefer a jump to three X for street photography instead of. Five X, like we had with the old ultra and then optical 10 X is just fabulous for skylines. And I’d even say you can get perfectly usable photos up to 30 X digital.

So yeah. Forget about the 100 X option. There are tricks. I disabled like focus, assist for closeups. As I prefer the natural Boca of the primary sensor. What the camera is doing is actually switching to the ultra wide for more detail overall, if that’s your jam, but it’s also quite convenient for macros.

Night mode is available on all focal lengths, but I recommend you stick to the primary. If you’re looking for detail, less motion blur and just an overall better balance shots, the ultra wide does try hard, but will mostly be grainy. And any zoom shots are really just the digital crop from the primary.

Surprisingly though, the only exception I recommend is for taking photos of the moon as the phone’s AI does a really good job at metering to catch it in its full glory. Selfies are also crazy detailed after you switch off the beautification rendering some of my favorite results. Have you have enough light though?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 4k Video Performance

Portraits can sometimes be hit or miss at least with my ears. Now, when it comes to video, I see some dramatic improvements in 4k. We have far less warping. If any, from the primary camera, fantastic stabilization, you seriously don’t need that super steady. That’s still cropped the 10 80 P and probably the best dynamic range I’ve seen from an Android phone period.

Now in low light video, you’ll still get some minor warping as you walk because of the EIS, but it’s actually perfectly usable. I’m really just struggling with selfie video, which seems to be a bit less detailed than I’d like. And also a bit grainy and brightly lit scenarios. It’s perfectly usable in most cases, but it might not be your favorite choice for a stabilized shot as you walk.

Now I won’t bore you with the gimmicks, like director’s view because I was seriously expecting all cameras to record simultaneously instead of just giving me a choice for a picture of a picture video or a bird’s eye view of the others to switch to them. And sure AK video is here, but I’m still not a fan of the crop to be willing to recommend it.

To conclude that anybody count how many times I said finally, on this video, cause I counted at least six and it actually goes beyond this phone. I actually feel that we’re talking about new Samsung here, that frenzy of bigger as better or the more the merrier has been toned down dramatically. The mentality of Samsung services versus Google services is now.

Pretty much gone as well. It’s S of, instead of just throwing everything they can do at you, they actually decided to listen to consumers. Now, if we focus on this phone, I can clearly see how three generations of ultra has matured into a much more desirable product. It’s my favorite design on an Android phone.

So. Far, it’s got the latest chip and network technology. It’s got the best display on a phone that now gets S pen support. The camera can now do things that most other phones can’t and the software has finally grown up to be almost what we want matched to that. The fact that it became $200 less expensive, and that even if you didn’t pre-order the phone, the amount of trade in deals available right now still makes it.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21 beautiful screen display

Pretty irresistible. You’ll actually compensate easily for the accessories that are not in the box. So I’ll be sure to link to that as well in the description bottom line, the only thing holding this phone back from total dominance is timely software updates and absolutely everything else. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is seriously.


The best Android phone money can buy right now. It doesn’t just pack the numbers for bragging rights. This time. It actually delivers on them. So well. That I actually call it memorable. Don’t know what you think about the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the comments down below. And while you’re at it, follow us on social media and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one, you can also follow me on my personal handles to see me be surprised by this phone.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and 21 Things To Do First!

As soon as you get your new Galaxy S21, this review is going to be kind of long. So make sure you utilize the time code and chapters to skip around to the parts that you find the most. Interesting. All right. All right, we’ll go ahead and start with the smallest thing on the table. We’re going to need, I got the Jerry rig knife right here.

And that is the galaxy smart tag. So basically you could clip this to like your bag too. You can put on your wallet, you put it on your keys, put it on your dog, maybe your grandma, and you can track whatever it’s attached to think of it. Like. A more updated version of tile and this will connect to the smart things up.

We’ll get into that in just a bit. Okay. So let’s start with the Galaxy S21 Ultra here’s the phone right here. It is a very hefty phone. I mean, it’s got some, uh, some weight to it. The back is like this Mac glass. I think it’s like a powder coating maybe, and it’s easily scratched off. So you need to be careful with this backside, but overall, the phone has a nice feel to it that the camera system is here.

And even the glass around the camera system is like a matte glass. I don’t know, looks, feels wonderful because we’ve got a cable here. You’re charging cable USB-C of course quick reference guide, like an introduction to the series terms and conditions, your basic paperwork. That is it. SIM card removal tool on the back of that little box right there.

So this is the S21. And here is the phone. It’s like that lilac. What is it? Is it Phantom? Purple Phantom. Violet. I know you guys like the sound of that plastic Pew and off. So here you go.

Exhilarating, like the contrast between that gold and this violet or purple color. It looks incredible, but you can see, we have a triple camera system here on looking at it, compared to the ultra. You can see, you do get more cameras. Of course. And you get that laser autofocusing system. The, uh, camera bump does not protrude as much.

It’s actually quite a bit smaller. Can we get our box here? I’m assuming it’s the same thing. So we got. Our cable and some paperwork. So yeah, exactly the same thing. No need to take it all out. And on the back we have our SIM card removal tool. The first thing that I suggest you do is try out the new fingerprint scanner.

Not only has it improved in terms of its speed, its sensitivity and how it’s able to read your fingerprint, but the area in which it scans your fingerprints has increased. And in my book, that is a big win. In the past, I’ve always said, I wish Samsung would allow me to use my Google now feed instead of like Bixby home or Samsung daily or whatever other Samsung implementation of the Google now feed was available.

So in this case, they finally listened. If I hold down on my home screen and then swipe over to the right, you can see, I have the choice to switch between Samsung free. Or Google discovery. And I got to say, both of these are great options. So if you’re not a fan of the Google now feed, you might like Samsung free because it gives you a lot of valuable information and a few things to have some fun with.

So if I tap on my Google discovery, you can see it’s basically just like my Google now feed, but if I press and hold and then switch to Samsung free. And then go back to my home screen. You can see Samsung free is going to give me things like free TV. So you get Samsung TV plus I can browse different networks.

And if I go to read, I have all of my news articles here. And then under play, I can get free games that I can play without having to download them. So basically you’re going to stream these games and it’s a lot of fun. If you want to personalize the Samsung free experience, you can go under, read, tap on the three little dots, and then you can select various categories that you want to get news from.

So you can choose like news, entertainment, sports, tech, so on and so forth. All you have to do is just toggle off the ones that you don’t really care about. Under watch you can browse various shows and movies by genre. If you don’t like any of these choices, you can tap on the pencil icon. And again, you can just toggle off the ones that you don’t want to see.

Ultra all have newer technology when it comes to their displays. And there’s some of the best displays, if not the best displays on the market. So customizing your display is a must, as soon as you get your phone. So what we’re going to do is dive into our settings.

We’re going to go under display. And once you’re in here, you can choose between a light mode or dark mode, and you can also adjust the refresh rate if you’re not familiar, the one S21 plus, and ultra all have 120 Hertz displays. However, the ultra can go all the way down to 10 Hertz to save battery life and then go all the way up to 120 Hertz.

At quad HD plus, whereas the S21 and S21 plus can go down to 30 Hertz and they are capped at full HD. Plus with all of that being said inside of the motion smoothness setting, you can choose between adaptive, which on the ultra will go from 10 Hertz to 120 Hertz based off of the content on your display, or you could choose standard, which will capture display as 60 Hertz, no matter what it is, you’re viewing on the.

Uh, S21 and S21 plus you can also choose between these two settings. However, if we go back to the display menu, you’re going to be limited in terms of the resolution. So on the ultra, I can choose quad HD plus. Tap apply. And now I’m going to get the highest resolution of this display, which is a major upgrade versus the plus and S 20 ultra.

Even the note 20 series can not do quad HD plus at 120 Hertz. So this is a major win. Now the next thing I want to show you is adjusting your screen mode by default. Vivid is enabled, and that’s going to give you the. Vibrant punchy colors that you’ve come to expect from Emma led displays. However, if you want the most natural color experience, you’re going to want to select natural.

This is going to give you the most accurate color reproduction possible of this display. So if you’re doing a lot of photo editing or even video editing on your phone, Foam. You’re probably gonna want to go with natural. So moving right along, we can change up the navigation buttons down here to Androids gesture based navigation by scrolling down and then tapping on navigation bar.

And then we’re going to select swipe gestures. Now we’re going to tap on more options. And we’re going to make sure swipe from sides and bottom is enabled. Swiping up from bottom is not the same as your typical Android swipe gesture navigation. So you definitely want to make sure white from sides and bottom is enabled.

The last thing I want to show you is. Edge panels, edge panels are these little hidden panels over to your side here where you can have various apps hidden, or you can create more edge panel pages, and you can really customize that experience. However, by default, you’re just going to see edge panels and then a toggle switch.

But if you tap on edge panels is going to pull up the edge panel menu, and then by tapping on panels. You can add various other panels. I’m going to go ahead and toggle on weather and I’ll talk a lot in reminders just to give you guys an example and then go back. Now. If I swipe from right to left, I have my apps here and then swiping over again is going to display the weather.

And then swiping over one more time. I have my reminders, so you can customize the edge panel experience. If you find yourself just not using them whatsoever, just toggle them off. It’s going to hide that panel. And this might save a little bit of battery and Ram. Um, but it’s not going to be much speaking of battery life.

If you’re not getting 5g in your area or at work, then there’s no sense of having 5g connectivity turned on. If you turn it off, you’ll actually save a lot of battery life because then the radio is not. Searching for that 5g connection to turn off 5g, you’re going to go into your settings. You’re going to tap on connections and then tap on mobile networks, go under network mode.

And at the top you see 5g, LTE, 3g, and two G. If you’re not getting 5g in your area. For a fact, make sure you double check your carrier maps. Go ahead and toggle on LTE, 3g and two G one cool thing that you can do now is customize the visual experience. Whenever you receive a phone call, so you can adjust the layout as well as the background.

So what we’re going to do is go into the dialer app, tap on the three little dots in the top, right? Go under settings, tap on call background. And then the first option is layout. You have two different layouts to choose from? Um, this one’s a little bit more subtle on the rights. However, I like the one that’s enabled by default because I liked the larger profile picture and the larger text.

So I’m going to leave that one on by default, and then I’m going to tap on background and this is where the customization comes in. So you have three videos at the top that you can pick from, which are cool. Don’t get me wrong. I mean, if we tap on the one in the middle here, I mean, that’s pretty neat.

However, you can really customize the experience by using AR emojis. Now you can pick this one, which is going to cycle through the various AR emojis. However, if you want to customize one, that’s a little bit more personal to you. You can by simply tapping on the plus sign in the top, right? And then tapping on create using AR emoji.

You can use an AR emoji that’s already saved on your phone, or you can tap on the plus sign and create one from scratch. You can utilize a selfie to extract your facial features and then create one that way. Or you can pick from a picture in your gallery to pretty much do the same thing. So I’m going to go ahead and select my AR emoji here and then select a song and dance from down here.

I’m going to go ahead and just pick a random one. It’s going to download. So. That’s that’s fine. We’ll roll with that. We’ll hit save once it’s saved, you can choose to use the sound from the video. So we’re going to go ahead and talk about that on just so everything matches. Tap set as called background.

Now it’s saved now to give you an example, I’m going to go ahead and call the phone. And you’ll see the video pop up, just like, so the speaker on the galaxy S21 series are fantastic. And dare I say a little bit better than the S 20 series. And of course they still feature Dolby Atmos. If you’re not familiar with the note 20 or the S 20 series, you don’t know how to enable Dolby Atmos.

Let me show you, you’re going to go into your settings. And then do a quick search for Dolby Atmos, tap on Dolby, Atmos, and then toggle it on. Now you’re going to get the most immersive sounding experience, even from the built in speakers, not as another way to enable Dolby Atmos on the fly. What you’re going to do is pull down your notification shade pulled down again.

Right here. We have our quick toggles. We’re going to swipe over until we get to the plus sign right here. Tap on the plus sign and you’re going to see an option for Dolby Atmos on the second page up here, just drag there’ll be at most down into the other quick toggles hit done, and now we can enable it and disable it on the fly just by pulling down our notification shade and going into our quick tacos.

Right there, just like that. While we’re on the topic of quick toggles, of course you can customize the layout by dragging and dropping, which I’ll show you here in a minute, but you can also add quick toggles that were not present previously. So while we’re inside of the quick toggle menu here, we’re going to tap on the plus button.

And now we can drag around our quick toggles and organize them. Like, so if you look at the top here, these are the available buttons that are not being shown by default. So we have NFC music share, which gives you the ability to share your Bluetooth devices, um, with other people it’s really cool. I’ve covered it in previous reviews, but it’s a really cool feature that I’ll probably get into in a separate review.

We have sync live caption live caption is a fantastic feature that basically gives you close caption for any video or any audio that is being played through your phone. It’s really neat. Then we have always on display, Bixby routines, quick share, secure wifi, basically a VPN. We have. Focus mode kids home enhanced processing.

What this does is allows you to receive your phone calls and your text messages on other Samsung devices. So if you have a Samsung watch, if you have a tab as seven or seven, plus you’ll be able to respond to your text messages and your phone calls. Right from your other device. And the last few toggles are wireless PowerShare, which basically turns your galaxy S21 S21 plus or Galaxy S21 Ultra into HP wireless charger.

So once you have everything laid out, the way that you want, all you have to do is just tap done. And now it’s saved. When it comes to Android versus iOS, I have to give it to Android because their notification system is just on another level and so much better than iOS is. It’s just easier to manage all of your notifications on an Android device.

And Samsung takes that one step further by giving you some customization when it comes to your notifications. So if we dive into the settings and then tap on notifications, we can choose between brief, which is going to be a smaller pull down window of your notification versus something so big, like detailed.

If you do select brief, there are a few additional options you have. Unlike detailed. So if I select detailed, you can see the options actually just go away. But if I still like brief and then tap on brief pop-up settings, I can choose various edge lighting effects. So I have a ton to choose from down here.

I really like spotlight. So I’m gonna tap on spotlight. And that’s an example of what happens once you find the effect that you want. Just tap done. You can also. Add various keywords, which will trigger different colors and effects based on that keyword. So say like one of my keywords was, um, love, you know, anybody that texts me that uses a keyword love.

I can trigger that and then pick a color like red. So if someone texts me like my wife, I love you. Instead of having the blue edge lighting, it will be red based on that keyword, going back to the previous page, our last option is to display this effect. Even if the screen is turned off. Which this has turned on by default, and I’m just going to leave it on.

So the next thing I recommend is customizing your lock screen. So if I go to my lock screen here, you can see, I have a few things. I have two icons down here on the bottom. You can see, I have notifications that are presented in an icon format. Um, you could switch all of this up inside of your lock screen settings.

So let’s go ahead and dive into the main settings page. Scroll down until you see lock screen, tap on that. The first thing we’re going to do is change up the shortcuts. So right here, you see the option for shortcuts. Okay? Tap on that. And now you can swap out phone for something else and you can swap out camera for something else.

So now let’s switch up the way notifications are presented on the lock screen. So instead of having that icon format, if you want to switch it up, bounce back to the lock screen, main page. And then right here above shortcuts, we have the option for notifications tap on that. And by default it’s icons only, but if you want the details of your notifications, Just select details.

And now it’s going to give you a breakdown of each notification. I personally like details much more than icons. However, it does clutter up the lock screen a little bit more. So if you want to keep it nice and tidy, make sure you leave icons on just quite a few other things inside of the lock screen settings that you can tweak and change.

However, this review would be 10000 words long if I tried to cover everything, but there’s one more thing that I want to show you and that’s dynamic lock screens. So let me show you that. And I’ll go ahead and go back. And now we’re going to go to wallpaper services and we can do dynamic lock screen, and then tap on the cog wheel for the settings.

So basically you can pick one of these themes and it’s going to cycle through different photos based on the category that you select. And you can choose how often it’s going to update your wallpaper. So you can do it daily. You can do it every week, so on and so forth. Another quick way you can access the various categories of dynamic lock screen.

Wallpapers is to go to your lock screen. So right here, we’re on the lock screen and then swipe from right to left and then, boom, there’s your categories right there. Now talk about a few advanced features and settings that I recommend tweaking as soon as you get your phone. So we dive into the settings, go to the main page here.

You’re going to scroll down until you see advanced features. And the first thing I want to touch on is continue apps on other devices. So if you’re already in the Samsung ecosystems that you have a Samsung tablets, or maybe you have another Samsung device outside of a laptop and you utilize the Samsung internet browser, um, Samsung notes, things like that, you can actually start a note or browse a website on your phone and then pick it up on your other Samsung device.

As long as that is toggled on. So it’s going to give you like some continuity support and it’s great if you’re in the Samsung ecosystem. So let’s go ahead and back up. And the next thing I want to show you is customizing the side key. So by default, if you hold down the power button, it’s going to trigger Bixby.

If you don’t want that, you can have the power off menu, which I personally like much more than triggering big speed. So now if I hold down the power button, you can see the power menu pops up. You can also customize what double pressing the power button does. By default, the camera is going to get pulled up.

However, you can change it to opening big speed, or you can have it open an app of your choice. The only thing you can’t do is have it trigger Google assistant, which is kind of lame, but you still have quite a bit of customization here. So make sure you go in and customize your side key. So the next thing I want to show you is to make sure you enable the one-handed mode.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a very big device that you want to utilize, that one-handed mode to make sure that’s turned on. And when you tap on one hand and mode, it’s going to give you two options. If you’re using the Android based swipe navigation gestures, you’re only able to use the gesture, um, in order to access the one-handed mode.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21 gaming performance

However, if you’re using the physical keys or the soft keys on the bottom, you have the option for button as well in order to trigger the one-handed mode. You’re just going to go to the edge of the display down here on the bottom and just swipe down. Simple as that you can switch the sides of the window.

You can actually adjust the size of the window by making it bigger, or you can make it smaller. And to get out of it, just tap on the blank space. Next up, staying in B advanced main menu here, and then scrolling down. We have screenshots and screen recorder. So let’s say you want to make a reaction video, whether you’re reacting to a Tik TOK video or YouTube video, you want to be able to record the video and then have your reaction in a small window in the corner.

Samsung makes it extremely easy and you don’t need it. Any video editing software inside of these screenshots and spring recorder settings, we can adjust the selfie video size. We can make it smaller. We can make it bigger. We can adjust the video quality from 10 ADP down to four ADP. Personally, just leave it at 10 ADP, cause you want the highest cost possible and you can also adjust the sound so you could do no sound.

You can have media sounds and you can have media sounds and Mike, so if you’re doing a reaction video, you’re definitely gonna want to do media sounds and Mike, that way, when you’re recording your screen, it’s also going to record your face action and your audio. So there you go. Now you have a way to do reaction videos and it’s extremely simple.

If you don’t know how to trigger the screen recorder, all you have to do is swipe down. Look for the quick toggle for screen recorder. Tap on that. Go ahead and start recording. Once it starts recording, you’re going to tap on the little person right here. Tap on that. And there is the selfie window. So now it’s recording the screen and a selfie image.

Once you’re done, just tap, stop. And now if we go into the gallery. We can play back the video right here. Tap on the little person right here. You can see recorded the audio and there there’s the selfie window going back into our advanced feature settings. We’re going to scroll down until we see a video call effects.

Tap on that. If you do a lot of video calls, whether you use Google duo or another compatible, uh, video chat service, you can switch up what happens in the background. So by default, it’s going to blur out the background. So if I go to preview. And hold this up. You can see how the background is being blurred out.

You can kind of see it on the camera. Yeah. You can see it so you can see how the background is being blurred out. If you want to switch that up to a different effect, you can go into color. And tap preview. Now it’s going to give me a colorful background. You can see kind of chopped off my hair a little bit.

Can you see it still see it on camera? And if we go back, you can also add your own image. So if we go into gallery and go to just once and say, I want to add like that from my background, which was a picture of my living room. Got a preview you can see now. Um, in my living room, um, you can also technically record your screen while you do this.

So it’s going to give you like a full green screen effect if you really want that for like social media or for like a, like a joke for a friend. The last thing I want to share with you under the advanced feature settings. Is video enhancer. So if you’re familiar with Samsung phones and Samsung software, then this is not new to you, but if you’re new to Samsung, this is something you should be aware of.

So if you scroll down, you’ll see the option for video enhancer, tap on that. And you’ll see the compatible apps right here, which consists of Netflix, YouTube, Google play movies and TV and video player. It’s going to bring out more color, more vividness and even sharpness, brightness, and overall improve the quality of your display with compatible content.

You can see kind of what it does right here. If I toggle it off, you can see it’s darker colors are a little bit more muted. If I toggle with on things are a little bit more brighter. Little bit more vivid and you can see further into the darker parts as well as the brighter parts. Next up we have some device care settings that I highly suggest you dive in and get familiar with.

So we go into the settings and then scroll down until we see battery and device care. Tap on that. We’re going to tap on the three little dots in the top, right? Tap on automation. So the first is auto optimize daily. Go ahead and leave that toggled on no need to mess with it. If it’s not toggled on, make sure it’s on.

Next is auto restart at set times. I personally suggest you turn this on because it allows your phone to do a reset every day or every other day. And your phone really does need to be reset from time to time. It helps everything in the cache and in the memory just reset and clear itself, and it helps your phone run.

Better. So go ahead and toggle that on and you can set up times by tapping on auto restart as set times. So you can select the day of the week and you can also select the time. So what I suggest is that you enable this for the days. You’re not relying on your alarm clock. Or for the times you’re awake and not using your phone, because if you’re relying on your alarm clock and then it restarts and your alarm doesn’t go off, you might be late to an appointment late to work late to a meeting.

And I don’t want to be responsible for that. Let’s go ahead and back up. The next feature is adaptive power saving. Basically, it’s going to put your phone and power saving mode based on your usage patterns to help you save a little bit more battery. If you’re a power user, chances are, you don’t want this feature turned on.

I’m going to go ahead and toggle it off. However, if you’re a casual smartphone user, this is going to help you save quite a bit of battery and it shouldn’t interfere or have any impact on your usage patterns. One really cool thing about Galaxy S21 Ultra is that it supports the S pen and you can buy an S pen specifically for this phone, which Samsung sells on their website, but you can also use an S pen from one of your old galaxy notes.

If you have one lying around or you can run up to your local best buy or other electronics store that sells Samsung accessories and pick up a note S pen and it works perfectly fine, as you can see. I can also tap on the little pin icon right here and pull up the air command menu and I can start creating a note.

It works really well. You can see the overall responsiveness is really, really good. Um, I can even use the S pen button here to pull up the air command menu once we go back home. So if I hit the button. It pulls up air command and I can hide it. Unfortunately, you don’t get any of the other benefits of the S pen, like using it as a shutter trigger or shut a remote, being able to switch from front facing and rear facing cameras or anything like that.

It’s basically limited to just writing. And selecting texts. We’re finally coming to an end of the review. I do want to quickly touch on the camera features because there’s a lot of new camera features crammed into the and the Galaxy S21 Ultra such as director’s view. So if I bounce into the camera, go under more and select director’s view, it gives me a live feed of four different cameras, including the front facing.

So if I lifted up, you can see, we have. Live thumbnails of each camera and it allows you to select the subject that you want to be focused on and then swap between each camera while you’re recording. It’s a really neat feature and definitely something creatives are going to love. Another cool thing you can do now is record 4k 60 frames per second on every single camera.

So we have UHD 60 selected. And we’re on the front facing camera. Now, as you can see, if we switch to the back, we can use the wide angle. We can use the standard. We can use the three X telephoto and we can use the 10 X telephoto all while maintaining 4k 60. We also have an improved single take with up to five times more AI processing.

We have things like highlight video and dynamics, slow motion. Of course, it’s going to capture a bunch of great photos, apply different filters, including portrait mode shots, giving you a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to acquiring that perfect shot. It’s really neat. And I can’t wait to get into it more in my dedicated camera video.

And speaking of portrait mode. Notice that I said, portrait mode not live focus. If I go into more, you could see it live focuses now gone. And instead we have portrait and portrait video portrait mode. In my opinion is much better than live focus simply because the processing has gotten really. Really good.

And it gives you a lot of control, flexibility, and there’s a lot of customization that you can do after you take a portrait mode photo. Now, another thing Samsung has done with the S21 series is bring digital car keys to the phones. So now you can unlock and start your car using your phone. As long as you have a compatible vehicle, I’ll leave a link down into descriptions.

That way you can go over to the website and check out with like all the information and details and see if it fits your car. Or if you’re planning on buying a new car, if maybe you want to get one of the cars that offer the digital car key, it’s really neat. I can’t really show you on the phone, but I’m, I can point you in the right direction to get more information.

So that link will be found in the description. Next step going back to the galaxy smart tag. So if you’re planning on picking up a Galaxy S21 Ultra in the upcoming days or weeks, or however long they have the sale going on for them, they give you a $250 credit to spend on accessories. So you can get one or a few of these for free.

So in order to pair the galaxy smart tag with your phone, we’re going to go into the Samsung smart things app. And you’ll see it pop up right here. If it doesn’t pop up on your phone, all you have to do is just press this button right here in the center. The tag, go ahead and tap on add now. And it will instantly pair now, whatever this is paired to, you’ll be able to track right inside the app.

So once it’s connected, like I said, you can track it inside the app, but you can also play. Like a rain to help find whatever item it is that you need to find that this is connected to. You can also look at the GPS coordinates, which I’m not about to pull up because I don’t want you guys knowing where I live case you.

Uh, I’ll just stock her type and, um, yeah, you can rename it. And overall, it’s just a clever little way of tracking your stuff. So one of the benefits of having a Samsung galaxy device, and it’s not just. Specific to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but any compatible galaxy device that supports game pass is you can stream X-Box console games straight to your phone.

And then using something like this razor Kishi controller, you can play them just like you were playing on a regular console and speaking of game pass it’s right there inside of the Samsung galaxy store. You just download it, go ahead and open it up and it’ll give you a. Wide selection of games that you can stream without having to download them.

And the experience is awesome. So that’s the end of this review. And if you made it this far, thank you. If you were able to take something from this review, whether you learn something new or it’s your first time using a Samsung phone and now you know how to use it. Comment down below and let me know what’s up.

What Happened When I Used Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for 7 Days

Hey guys, aren’t on the tech Jap and after using Galaxy S21 Ultra for a few days, including fully switching to it as my main phone, I wanted to share with you what it’s been like to use and a big thank you to surf shark VPN for partly sponsoring this video. And first things first, it’s such a small change.

It’s not even mentioned in the spec sheet, but finally you can get rid of some songs op day or what they re branded it to be something free and replace it with the Google newsfeed. Even my note, 20 ultra is still stuck with Samsung free and it’s terrible. Every time you accidentally swipe, right? And you have a load screen and then a whole bunch of click baity articles or rubbish galaxy stall games.

But now you can punch in swipe, right? And another disable, a new screen entirely all switched to Google discover, which is so much nicer to use. It’s the little things, you know, now, speaking of small things, and I have to admit, I was kind of expecting from the new upgraded fingerprint meter. This is now using Qualcomm’s new 3d Sonic sensor, gen two, which is 50% faster and bigger all these numbers and specs, but in reality, Well, it’s a little bit more reliable.

You still have to get your fingers. You can see pretty much bang on that fingerprint reader. So yeah, maybe it’s a touch better, but so far, at least it doesn’t seem to be a whole lot different, although I would still recommend registering the same finger two or three times just to make it a little bit more reliable.

Now, one of the big upgrades with the ultra specifically is you can now have the sharper quad HD resolution and the one 20 Hertz adaptive refresh rate at the same time. As I mentioned in my unboxing video, you can just about tell us a little bit sharper, but then again, I never really had a problem with my note 20 ultra, which I used at full HD.

However, one advantage of quad HD is in the YouTube app. You can watch videos in up to 1440 P, which is not only sharper, obviously. Uh, but you’re also getting a higher bit rate from YouTube. So videos that have been uploaded most likely in 4k do look noticeably better on this. Of course, this isn’t exactly new.

But as I say on my note 20, I always prioritize the high refresh rate. So I left the resolution at full HD. Now, a lot of you guys have been asking me about the cuffed screen on this, because of course the standard S21 and the plus have flat screens. Whereas the ultra still has a slightly more premium curbs screen, but the truth is it’s such a subtle cover.

It’s almost not even worth mentioning, to be honest, it’s nothing like older Samsung phones, or even say the Huawei mate, 40 pro, which has curves for days. It’s really subtle hair, which does, I think give it that touch of premium ness, but without feeling like you’re ever going to accidentally press it or have any of those annoying reflections from the edge of the screen.

Okay. Let’s talk about this camera for a second. And if we put the specs and the lenses to one side, just for a second. A couple of nifty new features, I’ve noticed include being able to use my mode with all the lenses, including the new 10 times Periscope, zoom being able to punch in this far and then also use night mode is very cool.

And I can imagine this would be great for concerts if they ever happen. Again. One of the bigger changes though, when something I didn’t really expect is just how much better and more accurate the white balance is now, particularly in low light shots like this. With the blue coming from my PC monitor on the left, the yellows from the candles and the fairy lights of the back.

And crucially, it keeps the white walls. Well, white just quickly guys, a big thank you to self shock VPN for sponsoring this video. I’ve actually downloaded their app onto the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which lets me browse the web more safely as a helps to prevent tracking malware and ads. And it also has to be watched us Netflix and Hulu.

For example, while I’m here in the UK, there’s a self show cap for pretty much everything, and it’s just really easy to use. Plus, if you click the link in the description or enter the promo code tech chap at the checkout, then you can get 83% off and three months extra for free. Plus with the 30 day money back guarantee, there’s really no harm in giving it a try.

Another cool new feature is the while we don’t have a dedicated macro lens here, there’s focus and Hanser option, which is on by default seamlessly switches to the ultra wide lens. And then let’s you take macro level shots. You can always turn it off if you don’t want the camera shifting between lenses when you’re close up to a subject, but the quality and just how ridiculously close you can get it.

Pretty incredible going back to the zoo room for a second. And when you punch into 30 times and beyond, you’ll see this little viewfinder pops up to help give you an idea of where you’re looking. I’m one of the new features is that if you keep reasonably still for a second or two, it’ll turn yellow automatically.

And that’s what they’re calling zoom log. It’s a really good idea, actually, because usually zooming in this far is just a shaky mess. Now, just to reiterate this isn’t my full camera review or anything. It’s just my first impressions, but there’s clearly a lot to test and play with. So stay tuned for my upcoming chemical comparison videos.

And also bear in mind the Galaxy S21 Ultra is running pre-release software. There may be further updates before launch now switching to video, and I have to say I was a little bit disappointed. They didn’t bump VAK resolution up to 30 FPS. Or maybe at a 4k one 20 option because the Snapdragon and  chips do technically support it, but suddenly it’s not yet a feature on the phones.

There is this new director’s mode that gives you life feeds of all the three lenses. So you can pick your shot as you’re recording, but I can’t really see myself using this that much. I think the biggest upgrade is that they’ve slowly rejigged the camera app so that now you can switch between all the resolutions and frame rates from this button in the viewfinder, rather than having to dive into the camera settings.

Apple could definitely take a page out of Samsung’s book here. Now, one thing I am really curious about is what kind of an impact does having both quality and one 20 Hertz have on the battery, do the new, more efficient processes and the adaptive refresh and the big 5,000 million pounds of battery offset it.

Well, so far, I have to say it’s looking pretty good. After a quite intensive day of testing yesterday, I still had 38% of my battery left by 11:00 PM and also battery life can noticeably improve with time as the phone optimizes the battery based on how and when you use it suddenly though there’s no new, super fast fancy charges, just show off.

In fact, you don’t even get a charger with this. It’s an interesting question though, because if on the one hand, uh, by removing the headphones and the charger, Samsung and Apple are actually, you know, putting a dent into their environmental waste, then that’s great. But if at the same time where the consumers are losing out on say new, faster charging technologies that maybe will be bundled with an APO or Xiaomi or Huawei phone.

Then should we, the consumer be footing, not the bill, but you know, losing out by having these things taken away, just so that these brands, Samsung and Apple can reduce their environmental impact. Couldn’t they do that in some other way, perhaps without costing us faster or better charging. Just a thought.

Now, one question that came up more than any others in my comments of my unboxing video is how does the XMLs 2100 perform? And does it keep up with a Snapdragon? Well, the answer is I still can’t tell you, there’s an embargo on performance and reviews for later this week, but when I can share that with you, I will.

And they will also bring you guys an X versus Snapdragon video. So stay tuned. I’m subscribed, obviously, cause that will be coming soon, but can you guess? Well, the second most popular comment was about this from my last video, it seems to really have struck a nerve, but a lot of people are actually quite upset that Samsung’s decided to remove.

The micro SD card support from the entire S21 range beforehand. You could always just go with the cheapest one 28 gig model and then pop in a five, 12 giggle away in one terabyte, micro SD for your movies and your video backups and all that good stuff. Now you’re just limited to the internal storage. I read one comment that said if the new phones don’t have micro SD, that I’m switching to the iPhone, which I’m not sure if they’re aware that the iPhone also doesn’t support micro SD explainable storage.

Uh, but I think maybe the point was. That was one of the reasons they stuck around with Samsung phones and now it’s gone. So I guess our options are either get used to it and just use the Intel storage, pay a little bit more for our highest spec model with two 56 or five 12 gigs all vote with your hard earned money and maybe buy a different phone.

But when someone closes a door, they also open a window for the first time on the S series. We now get S pen support. I’m actually borrowing this as pen from my notes, 20 the ultra, which seems to work quite well with it. Although suddenly the Bluetooth functions don’t work, but bear in mind since the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t house, the pen itself you’ll need to carry it around with you or buy one of those folio cases where you can store it.

I think considering the S pen is an optional extra, which you have to pay for maybe makes it a bit more of a niche feature on Galaxy S21 Ultra. But at the same time, we are getting the big USP of the note series. Now on the S21. Now the last thing I want to say before we wrap up this video is I kind of expected this Phantom black color to be a little bit dull.

But now I’ve seen it in person. I actually really, really like it. It’s the matte black glass phone that I’ve always wanted and it’s not just some shimmery. Look at me kind of design. It’s just classy. It is a big phone, though. It feels heavy and dense when you first pick it up, but you do quickly get used to it.

Although I would definitely recommend a case or a pop socket as it’s quite slippery to hold. But what do you guys think of Galaxy S21 Ultra so far? And if you’ve got any other questions about this at all, do let me know in the comments below I read every single one of your comments, and I try to reply to as many as I can.

5 Real Reasons to Get the Galaxy S21 Ultra – Read Before Buying!

Galaxy S21 Ultra looks absolutely gorgeous to me and I absolutely love it, but there’s still something I want to highlight. This is matte finish. It’s soft and subtle. It’s got an anodized feel to it, which is very different from what you’re used to seeing in like, you know, the flagship phones from Samsung on the STN line of the S 20 lineup.

And even the not 20 ultra, again, nothing wrong with this. I absolutely love it. Matte black is really cool, but just something I wanted to get it out there to get your expectations, right. This matte finish fields, very smooth, very cold. And this frustrate texture is absolutely nothing. Like I felt on any galaxy phone before.

Another good thing is that the camera housing is now made of metal instead of glass. And that makes us stronger and just better. So just the improvement in design and material I think is great. It also gives you more customization options. You can style the metal housing with different skins and create multiple color combinations.

So there’s just overall more design and aesthetic choices. All right now, let’s talk about the display. And while the changes in display are not as instantly noticeable as is the case with the design, they’re really just three major changes and two really good add-ons. First of all, it’s 25% brighter than the already really bright as 20 ultra.

And this is specifically useful outdoors when the sun is too bright, which I think is really practical. The display also lends itself to better battery life. Now it can reduce the refresh rate all the way down to 10 Hertz, depending on what you’re using on your phone, and then bump it up all the way to one 20 Hertz all know without sacrificing the smoothness and your experience, which is super great.

And the last major improvement is that you can now rock a w QHD plus screen resolution and still maintain one 20 Hertz refresh rate. This has not been possible on any galaxy smartphone up until now. So the  ultra is the most sharp and smoothest display that you can ever get on any galaxy smartphone.

Now I did say there were two ad-ons first, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has 50% more contrast and a hundred percent more kind of volume than the S 20 ultra. Basically you get better color accuracy and much more punchy display overall. And secondly, just like the note 20 ultra, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has gorilla glass Victus, which is the latest and the strongest display protection out there.

So your phone can now withstand more false and more scratches than ever before. And so you can be a bit more careless. With your phone. All right. Now let’s talk about the camera. And a Samsung has introduced a bunch of camera improvements across hardware. Features and processing, of course, a lot of credit goes to the new, stronger, better processor that enables all of this.

But let me quickly take you to the good stuff. First they’ve introduced something called as portrait mode, which offers you more creative play with your selfies or portrait photos. Essentially, if you’ve shot an image using portrait mode, you get a couple of effects that you can then apply. For example, you get studio mode, you get Heikki mono, Loki, mano.

You’ll be able to change the backdrop color to match the subject or the background. You do have color point and other features that are already there in previous. Life focus mode, you know, also get director’s view, which is particularly great for vlogging that you have simultaneous recording from front and back cameras.

And you can also switch between various lenses at the back with the help of these previews. And you know how Snapchat and Instagram cameras are almost never as good as your main camera app. Well, Samsung has apparently worked with Instagram and Snapchat to ensure you get the best camera experience possible.

Now, like the note 20 ultra, you also get laser focus for ultra sharp and super fast focusing, which was missing in the  series. And so it just means that you will now have OnPoint photos and videos without any flaws with the  ultra. And more importantly, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will most definitely take the best macro shots in any smartphone.

As of today, when you get too close to a subject, it automatically switches to the ultra wide lens and creates a more even yet very sharp macro image. I mean, no macro lens comes disclose, and I think it’s very intelligent the way Samsung has approached macro in this phone. And I think the other brands can learn from that.

And of course everyone’s been talking about it. You get three X and 10 X optical zoom, which allows you to capture super high quality shots of far objects with a lot more clarity than you can with any other smartphone at this point in time. Now, guys, all of these features that I talked about. They’re all good.

And they’re all more obvious, but there are a lot of under the hood changes and upgrades to image and video processing that actually enhances your overall videography and photography experience in the  ultra. So that’s actually what you get when you pay more for the Australian one ultra along with all these features, you get this absolutely amazing output with all the processing that’s happening in the background, and you don’t get that in any other galaxy phone right now.

All right. The fourth thing, your Galaxy S21 Ultra has S pen. Ready? So you can convert your Galaxy S21 Ultra to become the note 21 ultra if and when you want it. Interestingly, Samsung is also working with third party manufacturers to come up with designer aspects. So you’ll really have some more options soon. And so it’s probably best to hold off from getting the spend right away.

Just see what’s about to come and then you can make that decision. But the S pen and the case together is like a hundred dollars event. And it’s also going to make a phone, a little wider. Although it does give you a bit more protection because you’ve got a case on at the same time. But again, you know, just having that flexibility and choice for people who want to be able to convert their phone into a note 21, at some point in time, they can do that.


Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a powerful system on chip that has foster CPU, faster GPU and more AI processing capabilities. And so whether you get the exits version or the Snapdragon version, either way, you’re going to get a significantly more capable smartphone than any of his predecessors.

Now I say more capable because a lot of the stuff you’re not going to be able to experience upfront, you know, most of your mundane routine activities that you do on your phone, that. Part will not really change. It’s actually a lot of under the hood processing stuff that gets faster, especially with photography and videos where heavier processing is required to output brilliant stuff.

Things like director’s view or the new non, a building technology or the re mosaic technology, or just the fact that Galaxy S21 Ultra will support and run faster. Internet speeds. It can support faster internal storage as well. All of this is made possible because of the new system on chip. So it’s more about opening a whole new world of possibilities, which the predecessors discount, and you won’t realize this upfront, you know, it’s just an experience that you will have.

And it’s very difficult to describe in words, or to be able to feel instantly. All right. So these are all the reasons why I think one should get the Galaxy S21 Ultra. And if none of the reasons here that I mentioned are convincing enough for you, honestly, save yourself some money and get any of the previous flagship devices.

Stay tuned for more reviews, just like this. It helps the blog out. It helps the review out. I have a ton of tips and tricks and other instructional articles, especially that camera one. And I don’t think you’re going to want to miss them. If you enjoyed this review, consider giving it a thumbs up, subscribe for more content, just like this.

And I will see you beautiful people in the next review.


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