Samsung Galaxy S21 Review, Specs, Gaming, Price & Camera Hacks


Samsung Galaxy S21 is the best phone of 2021

We have here today, the Samsung Galaxy S21, the vanilla model from Samsung is 2021 flagship lineup. What has changed here? And this is yes, 21 worth getting over the more expensive models or last year’s as 20 let’s find out in our four of you.


The Samsung Galaxy S21is a flagship phone with flagship features. Those Samsung is doing something a bit different this year with the S 21 series, the gap between the vanilla model and the ultra one is wider than ever before. You’d expect a difference in the size and the camera’s. Sure, but the regular Samsung Galaxy S21comes with a lower res screen than the ultra.


Without a curved edge, you don’t get fancy stylist support here. And instead of a gorilla glass back, you get one made of plastic. Yes, it’s true. The Samsung Galaxy S21is a substantial downgrade from the S 21 ultra, but at the same time, it’s not nearly as expensive. The plastic bag. Isn’t that big of a deal either.


While it is kind of a bummer to have on a premium phone. It doesn’t feel cheap. And we rather enjoy the Phantom violet color and matte finish. Plus the Samsung Galaxy S21small size and lightweight. Make it a nice choice for someone looking for a compact high-end phone. The way the camera bump curves into the aluminum frame is a nice touch too.


It’s the S 21 series signature look and is especially striking in this color. And you get full IP 68 waterproofing on the Samsung Galaxy S21, as you should expect from a Samsung flagship phone. Yes, 21 dynamic ambula displays 6.2 winches with a small punch hole for the selfie cam and is protected by gorilla glass Victus.


It’s the same size as last year’s, but with a lower 10 80 P resolution, it’s not so different from the S 20 though, both devices feature a 120 Hertz refresh rate, but on the , if you enable that it’s QHD resolution with dial down to 10 ADP as well. This year, the refresh rate is adaptive, so it will adjust depending on what’s on screen.


So this way you get that smooth effect while touching the phone and scrolling, but the phone will save energy when it can going down to as low as 48 Hertz. Of course content looks excellent here, though. It isn’t QHD. The resolution still seems plenty sharp and you get deep blacks and vibrant colors, which are adjustable and settings to be extremely accurate.


Brightness is excellent too. We measured a maximum of 415 minutes with the slider and to boost up to 850 nets and bright conditions, regardless of whether adaptive brightness is toggled on or not. The Samsung Galaxy S21 makes use of an upgraded ultrasonic under display fingerprint reader for biometrics and unlocking the phone is a bit more responsive than last year.


And the scanning area is larger too. The Samsung Galaxy S21 also has a pair of stereo speakers for your audio. You get sound from the earpiece under the top frame, as well as from a bottom facing speaker. We’re hearing very clean and pleasing vocals and nice highs, but not that much in the way of things.


If you want to plug in headphones, you won’t find it. 3.5 millimeter Jack here you’ll need to connect wirelessly or use a USBC dongle. And another thing you won’t find on any of the  phones is a micro SD slot that you can get 128 or 256 gigs onboard the Samsung Galaxy S21. The final major piece missing from the package is the charging adapter.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 supports up to 25 watt charging, but you’d have to buy that separately. If you don’t have one. With the 20 twenty-five watered after though, we were able to charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 from zero to 55% charge in half an hour, not crazy fast, but decent and 18 one adapter got us to 40% in the same amount of time.


In case you have one of these around instead, the phone also supports 10 watt wireless charging, as well as reverse wireless charging. If you want to charge up another device with your phone, as far as battery life goes, we were happy with what we were able to get on the Samsung Galaxy S21. The phone has a 4,000 million power battery, the same capacity as last year, but it’s scored much better in our tests, earning an endurance rating of 93 hours.


Now under the  interface is Samsung’s one UI 3.1 based on Android 11. When you, Y three integrates plenty of features from the new version of Android, you get notification history, which you can access and settings. There are also revamped media controls, where you can easily swap between playback on different apps.


Now you can pin apps to the top of the sheet that appears when you want to share something. So sharing things to your favorite apps is easier.


And why 3.1, you no longer get a Samsung daily screen panel, but the more useful Google feed when you’re wide 3.1 also brings some changes to the camera interface over one UI three, for example, live focus mode is now called portrait mode and you have pro mode for the ultra wide camera. Under the hood of the galaxy Samsung Galaxy S21 is a cutting edge flagship chip set either an ex Sonos 2100.


Like we have on our unit or a Snapdragon eight 88, depending on the market, both are built on a five nanometer process and they’re supposed to be quite close performance wise. However, we were only able to test the XMLs and we weren’t exactly blown away by the results. CPU benchmark scores were in the same ballpark as last year’s top Android chip.


This is not recognized 65 plus and in graphics tests, performance wasn’t exactly chart topping either. Regardless though, in real-world tasks, we had no problems using the Samsung Galaxy S21 and gaming is a breeze, especially with games that support a high frame rate. Plus you get support for 5g network connectivity too.


Let’s move on to the galaxy S 20 one’s triple camera setup on paper. It’s pretty much identical to last year as, as 20 there’s a 12 megapixel main camera, a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle cam with a fixed focus and a 64 megapixel telephoto camera that provides three times lossless digitals in, in good light 12 megapixel shots from the main camera quite appealing.


They have nicely saturated colors. Why dynamic range well controlled noise and an adequate level of detail comparing the output to last year’s as 20 plus you’ll notice a difference in processing the S 20 models had warmer, more saturated colors. A trend is not only for the main camera, but pretty much across the board.


You can take 64 megapixel shots with the S 20 ones, telephoto camera at a little more than a one time zoom. These are very detailed and dynamic range is as good as from the main cam contrast is a bit lower though, to achieve its advertised. Lossless assume the phone crops from the center of that 64 megapixels at two times, zoom, the results are generally good, but a little soft for some reason.


Three times zoom add some upscaling to the mix, which results in less sharpness and contrast and noise is a bit more visible. These photos are still very usable. According to Samsung improvements in AI stabilization make taking long zoom shots like a 30 times easier and with better results, maybe it is a bit easier, but don’t expect great quality from this level of zoom.


The galaxy has 20 ones. Portrait shots are taken with the telephoto camera by default. The zoom allows for a nice distance between the camera and the subject, and the results are great with excellent detail and superb edge detection. You can also take a wide portrait with the main camera. This requires getting much closer to the subject.


The other results are generally very good. We did notice a few mistakes with stray hair though. We weren’t too impressed by the 12 megapixel shots from the ultra wide angle cam. While the dynamic range is commendable, the photos often came out rather soft. For some reason. It’s more apparent if you compare it to the sharper photos, that last year’s model is going to come up with.


Hopefully Samsung addresses this through a software update in low light. The S 20 one’s main camera performs. Well, the exposure isn’t too dark, and you have a wide dynamic range and good color saturation. The level of detail is pretty good, too. Turning on night mode results in better contained highlights and lifted detail and shadows.


The colors look different though, and lights lose some of their warmth. Low-light zooming with the telephoto camera. It doesn’t produce nice results. The photos come out mushy and noisy night mode does improve things a lot though, you get better detail for both straight edges and textures and the noise gets cleaned up.


Without night mode, the ultra wide camera’s performance at night does nothing impressive. These photos have a dark exposure and are soft and noisy with night mode on the image. Quality has improved a lot and shadows are brightened considerably. The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a 10 megapixel front facing camera just like last year, but the processing is different now.


Sure details are sharper than what we saw on the  plus where they were more smooth out. Plus now you have a new toggle and settings to choose a natural or bright mode for your selfie. The differences between the two are pretty subtle, though. As far as video recording goes, little has changed from last year.


We prefer the 4k footage at 30 FPS from the main camera, rather than 60 FPS. This is detailed with pleasing colors and excellent dynamic range. Here’s 4k at 60 FPS for a comparison there’s less detail, excessive sharpening, and more visible noise. 4k footage at 30 FPS from the ultra wide angle. Camera is really nice with respectable dynamic range life-like colors and good detail for an ultra wide 4k zoomed videos from the telephoto camera.


Good too. At three times, zoom you’ll get a decent level of detail and while some noise is visible, it’s subtle. The 64 megapixel telephoto cam can also be used to shoot video in eight K at 24 FPS. We’re not big fans of it. The footage isn’t all that sharp or detailed, and there are some visible compression artifacts as well.


Electronic stabilization is available in all modes, including eight K and 4k at 60 FPS. The EIS generally does a good job in smoothing out your footage, but it achieves the best results on the ultra way. Yeah.


So there you have it guys. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a nice compact smartphone that offers a durable and waterproof build an excellent amyloid screen with a high refresh rate, stereo speakers, a high performance chip set, and a solid, if not so innovative camera experience, you even get great battery life.


Which is a bit of a surprise from the vanilla model. But like I mentioned earlier, yes, 21 is missing a lot of things that you would get with the more expensive as 21 ultra plus it’s made of plastic and you don’t get a curved screen. It doesn’t feel like a next gen Samsung. In fact, yes. 21 seems a lot more like last year’s as 20 F E, which wasn’t a top tier device, but more like a flagship killer.


If only the Samsung Galaxy S21 had a lower price to earn that same sort of label at the end of the day, the Samsung Galaxy S21 does do a lot of things, right. But you can find pretty much all of these features for less money. And last year is as 20. And if you wanted something really cutting edge, you’d be better off looking at the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.


Thanks for watching guys. Stay safe and see you on the next one.

I Used Samsung Galaxy S21 for a week, here is what I found

I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S21 is my full-time smartphone since shortly after the launch last week.


So there’s my full thoughts on the battery life. The performance from that Exodus 2100. Like camera tech and all of the other sexy bits. And from all the latest greatest take, please do books subscribe, ending that notifications bell. Yes. Now first up, it’s kind of weird, but some things design has really grown on me.


And after spending several days with some Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship, my brain seems to have decided that it’s rather easy on the eye. I certainly would have preferred a seamless blend between the camera chassis and that metal edge in, but I still find myself admiring the aesthetics and it’s reassurance.


I have the camera lenses saw well-protected submerged as the art into that surface. And the actual camera. You only barely sticks out of that art center as well. So it doesn’t cut. You’re using the Samsung Galaxy S21 when it’s resting on a desk or a table that plastic finish around back is likely to once again, raise plenty of eyebrows, given the premium asking price.


And I definitely prefer some pure glass action, the same Invictus treatment as the front end. But thankfully the Samsung Galaxy S21 seems to be perfectly durable. I’ve deliberately treated the galaxy S 21, like a piece of trash these last few days, just to test that durability, thrown it about the place. Like it was a DVD box set of Mrs.


Brown’s boys and there’s nary a scratch Norris scuff on that glass stick rear end. And one premium feature that hasn’t been called for the standard Samsung Galaxy S21 is that water resistance, which means you can barely dunk this smartphone without cracking yourself about bugger. And it’s up mass 21 is proper compact two, well, 100 users, an absolute doddle helps by that easy access to the notifications panel.


And Samsung’s always slick one-handed mode. As far as the software goes, you’ve got some songs, one UI version, 3.1, launch, a squat in there on top of Android, 11. And even though there’s been some updates to some features like smart things, it’s very similar software experience overall to similar recent Samsung smartphones.


Like the galaxy  edition, all those best bits or thankfully back in action, like the fast access to Samsung pier when your phone is hibernating, just swipe up the Samsung Galaxy S21 screen from the bottom. Imagine you’re identified and straight in there ready to choose a card and pair. Of course, that is as usual a duplicate of an existing Android feature.


And that’s still my major beef with somethings one UI. Launches the fact that he gets so many duplicates, you got two payment options to assistance, to browsers, to app stores, yada yada, yada. But if you can cope with this little bit of added redundancy, then there’s lots of features in that to love included in the aforementioned 100 board game booster tool, which we’ll come to in a bit.


And I got a bit of face recognition as well to back up the ultrasonic end, display their fingerprint sensor. I’ve got to admit. I was also concerned about some songs, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. As I had a few troubles with the scanner on last year’s S 20 phones, but so far, no worries at all. There it is proven nice and Swift and accurate.


I’ve got to say, I did enjoy the software experience here on the galaxy S 21, but the real story is in the missing elements that you’ll only find if you upgrade to the plus or the ultra models, the likes of the UWU BTech, which allows you to use your phone as a wireless car key for supported models. And a tizzy bit of S pencil ball, which of course you’ll only find on the  ultra.


And then there’s features that all three of the new S21 galaxy smartphones are missing as well, such as micro SD memory card support. So you’re on the standard S 21, you’re stuck with a 128 or 256 gigs of storage. Whichever one you opt for there. Thankfully, I’m still nowhere near close to fill in the 256 gigs on this bad boy.


Now, a lot has understandably been made of the fact that something has dropped the cottage, the. Plus resolution to a Phillips D plus resolution here on the standard galaxy S21 and the S 21 plus as well, reserving that pin shop quite HD resolution for the ultra model alone. Definitely a real shame.


Given the premium asking price. Thankfully the 6.2 inch size here means that the dynamic amyloid two X panel is still pretty bloody shop. Yes, it’s not as crisp as previous sumps and flagship displays, which boasted the full quad HD Rez. But I’ve happily streamed, a shank ton of Netflix Disney plus I’m YouTube on this more for, and it all looks great, especially on that vivid mod with bright poppy colors, leaping off the screen and genuinely look and sexy as fuck.


Plus Savannah. I don’t really miss it quite at sea quite so much here on the us 21. I used to have to keep earliest sumps and flagships at that full HD plus resolution. Most of the time, anywhere to enjoy that smooth as a Butler that Barry white 120 Hertz refresh rate. But no, that’s definitely not excusing the  in any way, because after all, some so managed to get both the quad HD plus resolution on that 120 Hertz refresh working just fine on the ultra model.


And while I’m having a little bit of a grumble, it’s definitely still a pain in the ass. There’s no headphone Jack. On the Samsung galaxy flagship phones, although at least the Bluetooth connectivity is absolutely perfect. When I’ve been streaming two speakers or headphones. Now all eyes have been on the fresh new Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone family because of what’s on the inside.


Nearly something’s fresh new five nanometre Exodus, 2100 chips that. With integrated 5g support on the performance front. I’ve got absolutely no qualms with the galaxy S 21. So all week long, it’s been running smoother than my Baldy bonds. However, for any benchmark enthusiasts out, they Keke bench five shot only a small bump in pro as compared with the year old Snapdragon eight, six, five.


As you can see my comparison here with the S 20 fun edition. Which makes me think that the study drug and eat it, it should have the Exodus beaten, gimme, should enjoy a bit of the Samsung Galaxy S21 or that nice flat display. It’s perfectly sponsored. And I blazed through games like college, UT mobile on top detail sentence with a perfect frame rate all afternoon.


Yeah. Long and really demands and titles like Gentian impacts could absolutely fine as well. Again, running smoothly for prolonged periods. Although when I bumped up to the highest detail sessions, I did see some drops in frame rate for sure, but it still stayed perfectly playable. And the phone was quite warm to the touch of the top end after a while.


Yeah, but it was certainly nothing troublesome. Some things GIM boost features certainly looked slicker now with an all encompassing priority mode that immediately calls all of your notifications and keeps your head in the game. But the underlying functionality hasn’t really changed and you still have to drag down the notifications bar, an awkwardly fumble about to get that menu up on screen.


So many rivals like color or SME UI allow you to drag out that in game and you just pay swipe and a finger from the corner of the screen or something, which seems to work really, really well. And all the phones are tested it on. So I’m not sure why something doesn’t just Nick that idea, to be honest, 4,000 million battery stuffed inside of the Samsung galaxy S 21, which isn’t as.


Great some rivals. And certainly I did find that yesterday one struggled to make it to the end of the day, more often than not quite often, I’ll be on the final drugs, my battery life around sort of 10:00 PM. Then a couple of occasions that even died before then this is a situation that’s certainly not helped by the fact that sometimes when you, I launch, it seems to drink between seven and 10% of the battery itself every single day.


And if you do it. A proper intensive tasks, like a bit Skyping or a bit of gaming. You can expect that battery to drain by a full quarter every hour and in a battery drain test where the Samsung Galaxy S21 streams video nonstop over wifi with the mobile connection disabled, the Samsung Samsung Galaxy S21 stream video for 10 full hours before dying.


That was a weaker result in both the S 20 fund edition. Um, the pixel five, both of which spot Qualcomm chips, that’s the 25. What Wade charging is less than Swift and it requires an adapter that isn’t actually bundled in the box, but I tend to stick with wireless charging, no problems there at all. So finally, that all important.


It camera tech and it’s definitely a massive shame that all of the Samsung Galaxy S21 headlines. It seems to be filled with ecstatic parades of that 100 times space in fond on the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra model a feature. Then I’m not even going to begin to pretend to understand the point in don’t get me wrong there cameras.


Zoom can be very helpful for grabbing a photo of your kids or your pets, or in this case, a cheeky squirrel, feast and gleefully on nuts without intruding on the actual scene. And in the case of the S 21, that’s 64 megapixels so-called telephoto lens may rely more on image crop, and then actual optical zoom abilities.


But it’s also strong enough to get a closer view of the action without compromising on picture quality to some degree, at least once you pass the 10 times zoom mock things will start to get a bit granny, but this will certainly suit the average consumer. Just fine for a little bit. Zoom action. More important is that 12 megapixel primary lens, which seems to be well up to the task of snapping your everyday existence.


Even in quite taxing conditions. It’s just a handful of simple picks. I’ve taken sofa on the galaxy S 21, all of them using that auto modes, just point and shoot, low light shots, especially impressed boast and bright and sharp image capture. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Samsung camera without enough bonus monster choker donkey, and I’m once again, live in that single take mode.


It’s been updated with a couple of extra features here, include an, a slow down speed up effort. Then I’m still not entirely sold on, but as a whole, it’s still a tool that I love using. And all of a sudden things on the photo feature seem to work at least as well as usual, including the portrait mode, that handy night mode, which can further brighten up any low light snaps and that pro mode for tweaking individual sentence and capturing in raw format.


However, it’s the video chops of some songs, galaxy S series smartphones that I really adore and certainly in that area, sofa. Early test and the  is no slouch at all. The headline grubber here is once again, the ed care video will capture at 24 frames per second, with a video snap feature that allows you to effortlessly grub ultra high res photos.


When plan back in the gallery. So far though, I’ve been mostly shoots and test footage and 4k resolution at 60 frames per second. Given you grit, natural looking horror movies. Audio pickup is good. That’s super nippy focus keeps your subject sharp as a tack. And if you dropped down to 4k resolution at 30 frames per second, you can also free the hop between all three lenses on the fly with pretty smooth transitions.


You want to get in closer to the action. Well, you can pension at up to a 12 times zoom maximum, but of course, again, once you pass that sort of English time, zoom mug things do start to get a bit granny. So your best sticking to the standard three times zoom level, not director’s view mod is a completely separate camera mode, which can swap between the different lenses on the fly as well, but also give you a preview of all of them at the same time.


And you could also shoot with a front camera, Samuel tenuously using that vloggers view, that last step swap around to the front and that 10 megapixel selfie comes so far seems as dependable as ever as well. Don’t sniff at that law megapixel count because you’ll still see all of those lockdown bags in sanction.


All too well, and he’s not telling make a pixel selfie cam. You can actually shoot up to four Kivas. They should video at 60 frames per second. Once again for nice natural looking results. And again, the audio pickup seems nice and clear, and I just like those Viacom seems to deal well with dodgy lighten and all that good stuff.


So you’ll still be looking pretty, pretty, pretty pretty, unless you meet, in which case you just look like a over twat as usual. No, there was so much to discuss as far as the camera tech goes that I’ve actually done you a full, separate  camera review, which will also cover the  pluses. It shares the same.


Camera hardware, squat. I’ve a Gander at that for a full analysis of the photo and video quality here on the S 21. And that right there is my one week review at the Samsung Galaxy S21 a fuse. And that’s my full-time smartphone since launch. And I got to see, I enjoyed using it. I liked it, but is it a worthy of grid?


I’m not really sure because it doesn’t really bring much to the table. You didn’t find an earliest sumps on flagships anywhere. And certainly if you want the very best premium flagship features, you’re going to have to bump up your budget to run the 1000 pound Mark or well above, which is a bit bonkers.


And please do let me know what you guys think down in the comments below. I’ll be great to hear what you’re thinking and pokes inscribed in that notifications, bell, all the usual YouTube and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week. She has a mom. Love you.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is better, bigger and cheaper

The Galaxy S21 is the entry-level model of Samsung’s new trio of flagships, and it offers a compelling mix of features for the price. It starts at a more reasonable $800 has a tiny hand friendly 6.2 inch screen and does away with the ridiculous 100 times space though, you can still get that on the $1,200 Galaxy S21 ultra.


That’s when he one still uses a high-end processor and a speedy 120 Hertz screen for smooth animations. The Galaxy S21 is a distillation of what most users want and ditches the superfluous stuff. But in the land of sub $800 Android phones, the Galaxy S21 faces stiff competition.


Last year. I said the  didn’t have the most inspired design. Now I still wouldn’t call the Estonia wants design inspired, but it’s a lot more attractive than his predecessor. And wasn’t sure about what Samsung calls the contour cut housing for his rear cameras. But after a few days with my lender and Rose unit, I am sold in addition to being pretty, that extra bit of metal that wraps around the top left corner is a huge improvement over the floating hump from older models.


Because it doesn’t sit, flush. This still leaves the surface of the rear uneven, but it’s less pronounced. Yes. There’s still a slight wobble when you place Galaxy S21 on the table, but it’s much less noticeable than the . The new flagship is also roughly the same size is just as tall and thin, but a hair wider at 171 grams or 0.3, seven pounds.


It’s also eight grams heavier than his predecessor. Now, this was surprising since I was expecting the  polycarbonate body to be lighter than last year is glass and metal. Despite the change in material, Galaxy S21 still feels premium and sturdy. In fact, I prefer it to the one plus 18 and the pixel five, which weigh 188 grams and 151 grams respectively.


While the Estonia wants 6.2 inch amla panel is the same size as its predecessor. It has a lower 2,400 by 10 80 resolution. The iPhone 12 has a smaller 6.1 inch screen and a higher resolution, which means that even has greater pixel density here. But I didn’t notice much of a difference while I read articles and scroll through my Instagram feed though.


Honestly, that 120 Hertz refresh rate is a much bigger deal than pure pixel density. All it takes is five minutes with the pixel fives, 90 Hertz screen, or the iPhone 1260 Hertz one to make that clear. And now you no longer need to scale down the Estonia one’s resolution to enable the high refresh rate for better or worse.


When you do enable that higher refresh rate, by the way, Samsung is wouldn’t work on the back end to adjust the speeds between 48 and 120 Hertz, depending on what you’re doing, frankly, I didn’t notice a huge difference. Everything seemed to scroll smoothly. What I did notice was how vibrant images and videos looked on the Galaxy S21.


I excitedly shared a picture. I took to Instagram lauding. The gray color is in the lovely sunset only to realize later when I was looking on a pixel five, that it wasn’t as rich. Samsung also added a new iComfort feature to Galaxy S21 series that will automatically adjust blue light output based on what you’re doing.


I only noticed that working at night when the screen became a little yellow as if I had turned on a low intensity filter, but otherwise this feature has stayed out of the way. I played two dots for hours on the Galaxy S21, and my eyes never felt fatigued, although they don’t, when I play on other phones either.


A quick, last note on the screen, Samsung uses a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the display here. That’s 1.7 times larger than the . Now this is Qualcomm’s 3d Sonic sensor, gen two. That’s supposed to be able to recognize two fingers at once, but Samsung doesn’t appear to have implemented that feature.


For now it does seem slightly easier to unlock Galaxy S21 than older models, simply because there’s a bigger target. Galaxy S21 ultra, which has a quad camera set up on the back featuring a one Oh eight megapixel main sensor and a pair of telephoto lenses. Galaxy S21 only has three, a 12 megapixel primary camera, a 12 megapixel ultra wide sensor and a 64 megapixel telephoto.


That telephoto only supports hybrid optical three times zoom to compare to the ultras three times and 10 times optical zooms. That difference in hardware means that Galaxy S21 only offers up to 30 times space zoom as Samsung likes to call it. Instead of the hundred times on the ultra, that’s fine by me, never in my life.


Have I ever felt the need to zoom in on a subject, up to a hundred times? And I doubt most of you have either. The superior lenses on the ultra also offer a slightly better quality when you’re between three times and 10 times zoom on the Galaxy S21 pictures beyond 10 times zoom were muddy, but I did find the feature occasionally useful.


I was able to find out what brand of toilets were being installed in the building, going up a few streets away. Okay. I would impose most of those pictures to Instagram, but I could see this being useful in very specific scenarios. One improvements Samsung did make here is offer a zoom lock feature that helps minimize shake when you’re at 20 times zoom and beyond.


When you’re at that level, a box appears on the viewfinders top left and tapping. It sets the boundaries of your scene. As my hands shook, the scene remained stable and I needed to move the phone fairly deliberately to shift away from the locked frame. Space zoom side. I enjoy the versatility of the S when he wants triple cameras set up getting a shot of the city scape for my window and switching sensors to get wider and close reviews was fun with a new director’s view mode, too.


You can get a live preview of what each camera sees and choose your favorite director’s view also works for video capture and I’ve filmed both a beautiful sunset and my reaction to it from the selfie camera simultaneously. As I was recording, I could switch between views by tapping the corresponding thumbnail on the right.


This is probably more useful for TechTalk and Instagram users though. It isn’t supported on those apps natively. You’d have to shoot a video with Samsung’s camera app separately, and then upload your clip. Some other updates that Samsung highlighted are improved, single take and night modes. And for the most part, they feel incremental.


There’s also a new Boca and the lighting options and the portrait mode, which Samsung says use this AI and 3d depth analysis for more accurate outlines and effects. Honestly, I found most of those tweaks, negligible, the software still can’t apply a natural blur around the wisps of hair on my head, but lowering the intensity helped minimize the difference.


Aside from all the new features he asked when he wants cameras are mostly decent pictures and selfies were clear and colorful. And sometimes I couldn’t tell them apart from photos, I shot with the pixel five Google’s flagships still takes much sharper and clearer photos, especially when you’re scrutinizing the details, but Samsung’s cameras will be good enough for most users.


One surprising thing that says Samsung’s flagships apart from the competition is a software. I generally prefer Google’s pixel UI and with one UI three, Samsung made some tweaks to mimic that experience. For one thing, the page on the left of the home screen is now Google’s discover feed, which is much cleaner than Samsung’s Bixby infested daily.


The gallery app and it’s built in editor are also more useful than stock Android. Thanks to nifty video editing and screenshot tools. On the sod one, if you enable labs, when you’re editing a picture, you can use the new object eraser to get rid of unsightly things in the background. As someone who lives with unavoidable clutter, I love the promise of this feature.


You’d have things you want to remove, and the system will highlight it in purple. When you’re done picking what you want to clear, hit a race, and there’ll be replaced by auto-generated background. The effectiveness here largely depends on your scene. If the background is quite clean with few patterns and your object has an obvious outline, this tool works very well, but for things like a cardboard box sitting in my doorway, the SME was the razor was fine.


It removed the box. Sure. But the background had visible streaks left behind. This is understandable though. The same feature in Adobe Photoshop still leaves similar marks. Another bonus is the Samsung free app, which was previously called Samsung daily. It lets you watch TV channels, read certain publications and play some games for free.


I didn’t think this would be that compelling until I found myself binge watching kitchen nightmares. One night while I was browsing Reddit, there are dozens of channels available, including paramount movie channel AMC presents, MTV Pluto, ion plus NPV land sitcoms. You can watch this on your phone, full screen or picture and picture.


And for now, I don’t see a way to cast them to my Google TV. It’s a small impossibly underrated feature, but it’s nice to see, especially at a time when every company is trying to sell you a streaming service as I’m in the U S my S one came with a Snapdragon eight 88 with eight gigs of Ram and one 28 gigs of storage.


Elsewhere. You might get a version with the X and those 2100 and users around the world have complained about older X, those models, poor performance and battery life. Those of us in the U S have nothing to worry about. This is Qualcomm’s top of the line CPU, and it delivers predictably blazing performance.


I recorded the screen while playing with various portrait blur and lighting modes and jumped in and out of a TV show with no lag. In general, the full stuck around for a day and a half. And sometimes even two days before needing a charge on our video rundown test with adaptive refresh rates on the SV, one managed 15 hours and 17 minutes with the same 4,000 million bars sell as its predecessor.


That’s better than the , which blocked just over 12 hours as well as the one plus 18. And the pixel fi despite both of those packing larger batteries. Of course battery life will suffer if you’re using things like 5g and high refresh rates, more so. I expect to get closer to about a day of use. Whenever I travel again, Galaxy S21 is also one of the first devices to offer the new wifi six E standard that taps new spectrum for higher speeds and capacity.


Since I don’t have a compatible Rotter, though, I wasn’t able to test this unsurprisingly, the Estonia one is a good phone. It has a powerful processor, a lovely screen capable cameras and a long lasting battery. It even has some useful software and a gorgeous new design and eye-catching colors at $800.


The sod one is more reasonably priced and a stable means to, if you prefer a pure Google experience, I want to save a hundred dollars. The pixel five may be good enough for you, but the Sony one has a more versatile camera setup and faster processor making it the best Android phone for the money. For more reviews on phones, like Galaxy S21, the S 21 ultra the pixel five I-phones and more, make sure you subscribe between gadget and as always.



Samsung Galaxy S21 – The Conclusion

So the Samsung Galaxy S21 is $200 cheaper than last year. That’s a big deal. We’re so used to the prices of phones going up and up and up year after year, that when you do see a big jump down in price it’s because there was a conscious decision made here to offer more value.


So basically every smartphone that’s not the highest then thing they can make. Is fundamentally a balancing act to try to check just the right set of boxes and combined just the right set of features to appeal to the most buyers. And that’s, especially if you’re Samsung, because they’ve got this goal to be the default smartphone to keep their top spot top of mind.


But the customer is more educated than ever. And so no pressure or anything, but you got to check the red set of boxes or they’ll switch on me. So the Samsung Galaxy S21 they’ve dropped this year, I think checks all the most important boxes. Most people care about performance, battery camera, and the smart sacrifices they’ve made to get to drop the price by 200 bucks.


Almost no one will notice. Will you, first of all, let’s just start with the big one. The design I’ve said, I think is nice. It’s actually grown on me. I started with like, I don’t really hate it. And then it went somewhere up to, I kinda like it. And now I think it’s one of the best, honestly, if you’re going to have a camera bump, Own it, this phone looks good in gray looks even better in this purple and gold Teddy fresh contrast combo and looks even better in an icon skin link below, of course, but generally, like I said, in my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, this purposeful design bring in the metal camera bumps straight to the sides where it wraps around the rails.


That’s nice. That’s nice. That’s a good call. But this camera will plate. Here is the only piece of metal on the back of the phone. The rest is. Plastic and you’d barely notice it’s still coded in the same way with this like super fine smooth finish texture still has the same sheen to it. It is lighter when you’re holding it than the glass phones, Samsung Galaxy S21 plus, and the S 21 ultra.


But to be honest, I’m way more focused on the smaller footprint than the weight. This goes all the way down to a 6.2 inch display. So you’d expect it to be decently light anyway, and 6.2 inches, by the way. Still plenty of screen. It’s a little bit smaller, but it is a pretty big screen. So the plastic definitely not something you immediately feel and go, Oh, they did a bad job.


You’ll be early notice. So let’s talk about that screen. So there’s a couple of things going on here. It’s still a really great Samsung display. It’s very bright and readable. Outdoors has great color and HDR cert it’s perfectly flat, even flatter at the edges than the slightly curved Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra. So I like this flatness a lot.


On this colorway, you do get a little bit of the gold rails, kind of peeking around the sides, which can make it look a little bit cheaper. Ideally, it’s just like thin black bezels and then nothing that would look sleek, but overall great display, same great larger ultrasonic fingerprint reader as the ultra, same size, tiny selfie camera cut out, even though it’s a different selfie camera.


And there’s no way you notice from watching this YouTube video, but they dropped the resolution from 1440 P. To 10 80 P but the reason most people won’t notice is one it’s still a pretty sharp display. 10 80 P on 6.2 inches is up over 400 pixels per inch. It’s not like a bad pixel density, but to last year, in order to switch to 120 Hertz, you had to use the screen at 10 80 P.


And so you couldn’t use 1440 P and 120 Hertz at the same time. And that was kind of a bummer, but Samsung, I guess, ran the numbers. Did the research understood that most people like the 120 Hertz and would take 10 80 P for that every time. So now we do is 10 80 P every time, and it’s 120 Hertz. Now, would it have been better if we could use both?


Like we can on the ultra? Yeah. But will most people even notice? I don’t think so. There’s also a couple of even smaller things missing. No S pen support on the regular S 21, like the ultra gap. And the variable refresh rate goes from 48 Hertz to 120 Hertz instead of 10 to 120 Hertz. So very small differences that Samsung has weighed against how much money they can save and the, whether people will notice or not.


I absolutely did not notice any difference in responsiveness or performance. This phone has been a great performer as being a performance, honestly. This is the one area where they still did go super high end. This phone has the same chip that Snapdragon triple eight in this region. And it’s every bit as much of a performer as it is on the ultra.


It does have eight gigs of Ram instead of 12 or 16, but I never found, I noticed any hesitation or performance or worst multitasking where I was wishing I had all that Ram back. Now they could have. They could have gone with a lower end chip, the seven series. They could have put a Snapdragon seven 65 G in this phone.


Like a lot of others have in their phones at this price. And it would have been yet another savings they could have made that we probably wouldn’t have really noticed actively as a difference in performance, but they didn’t. This is still the fastest chip in a phone. So I really do appreciate that all the same capabilities from the ultra, as far as software enabled by the chip, they’re all still here.


And I didn’t notice a difference in Ram. I used it just like I used the ultra and I had no problems with lag or choppiness at all. So throughout all of Samsung’s absolutely packed software, you know, the dozens of embedded one UI features and maximum customization. It’s definitely nice to have a smaller phone that still performs almost exactly like.


The bigger phone. Now, these cameras on the back, there are another area where you of course see a difference between this and the ultra. The ultra we already knew was all about giving you the big numbers, the ultra camera experience. That’s a focus of this phone on this phone. I think they’ve done a great job balancing taking the features out of the ultra that most people probably won’t need or even notice.


And it’s actually one thing, one thing that this phone does on cameras, better than the ultra. Might not have known that. See if you can guess that. Go ahead and pause this video. Go ahead and write down what you think this camera might do better than the ultra and then hit play. We’ll see if you’re right.


So there’s triple cameras on the back of Samsung Galaxy S21. And they are essentially the same cameras from the . The main camera does an ultra wide and a three X telephoto. So no crazy hundred X space zoom, just a reasonable maximum of 30 X. But at the end of the day, if you don’t do a ton of huge zooms and you still have the same sort of zoom lock reconsider all the way into the end of the camera and it’ll stabilize a software, that’s probably about as good as most people will need.


It’s not quite as sharp at that range as the ultra, but. Well, you notice there’s no laser autofocus here either. Although I’ve found with the smaller sensor, it still has no focus issues. And then there’s the same Snapdragon, triple eight. So all the same capabilities like single take mode, AK video, the director’s mode, all that stuff is still here.


So what does it do better than the ultra? Well, the one thing with the word ultra in it, Is the ultra wide camera here on the  it’s actually a little bit wider than the ultra wide on the ultra. You can see it labels it 0.5 X versus 0.66, but it’s a little noticeably wider. Actually. Didn’t notice it before checking the numbers.


It’s great. Also, I just want to shout out Samsung’s portrait mode for getting consistently better and better over time. This will be my hot take for this video. But I think Samsung’s portrait mode is now the best portrait mode in any smartphone. Put it over the iPhone, put it over the pixel, seriously impressive stuff.


So don’t let the lack of holes in the back of the camera, fool you. This is still a very capable camera system. The lack of laser, autofocus the lack of zoom past 30 X, the lack of a macro mode built in. I noticed them because I’m a camera nerd, but. Most people won’t actually miss that stuff. It’s a great camera.


And there’s a couple of other small things here. There’s a 4,000 million power battery, which is of course a bit smaller than the 5,000 million Bowers on the bigger one. Yes, but it’s still a big battery and it lasted all day getting five plus hours of screen. Time, time. No problem. I could kill it in a day if I’m hammering it all day, a lot of GPS and a lot of screen on time.


But aside from that, It’s fine. It’s a no worry battery and there’s no expandable storage, but that’s also gone from the entire lineup. And so as MST, which was this cool trick that lets Samsung phones use magnetic pulses to replicate credit card functionality. So they could pay with stuff at terminals that don’t support NFC.


Some people are going to hate that this has gone, but that’s another bet Samsung had to make. That most people weren’t using it. Those are like the two most sorely missed features for me. And a lot of enthusiasts, expandable storage and MST was super useful, but the whole line dropped by $200. So there’s going to be stuff that they cut out and that’s the calculus they made is.


Okay. That’s not getting a whole ton of use. We’ll cut those. But at the end of the day, I think Samsung checked the right set of boxes with the . And it’s also only 50 bucks to upgrade and double the storage to 256 gigs, which is pretty important since you no longer have expandable storage. And if you’re taking lots of photos and AK videos, you might want that.


So that’s another great calculus to make, but. Overall, this is no doubt, the best bang for the buck in the lineup. I think it’s gonna be super common early to compare the  to the ultra, which is a lot of what I did in this video. But this phone costs $400 more. So when you compare this phone up against this competition, which is a bunch of other phones sitting around six, seven, 800 bucks, it’s going to compare pretty favorably.


It’s going to have the highest end chip it’s going to have one of the nicest screens. Great fingerprint meter, great camera system and the stuff that’s missing, which is the stuff that Samsung is hoping you probably won’t care too much about, or even notice. I think they made the right calculation though.


What I don’t like about Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung galaxy S 20th. He was a proof of concept that actually succeeded at brought enough flagship elements to deserve the title, but then experimented with dropping a few non-essentials in order to drive the price down at a time when the market needed it. Think about it. Do you really need your display to be curved?


Can you really tell if it’s quite HD plus. Does the back really need to be made out of glass and even most important. Would you be willing to trade all of these secondary elements for a less expensive price tag? The result was a massive hit. Even if I still debate the name, I feel that fans will drift more.


Features then the price, but it really helped pave the way for what the company had next. This is the Galaxy S21, what Samsung calls the everyday Epic and what I’m going to call a true phone for the fans to see instead of a smaller and expensive flagship or a watered down offering. What we have here is a new approach that is seriously out to compete.


There’s a reason why I chose to do this review before the ultra. If you look at the  lineup, I think this is the sleeper hit in many ways. This is almost the same. Bone as its bigger brothers, but with a couple of minor tweaks that bring a dramatic drop in the price tag. So provide some context, do the math, what flagship devices can you buy today for around 700 bucks in the United States?


We’re talking one plus a T, which has a debatable camera and less flavors of 5g. Google pixel five with a mid ranger chip in this cameras or iPhone 12, which is comparable, but has less refresh rate and cameras. Then once you consider the aggressive pre-order deals that Samsung is offering, which I’ll be sure to link to in the description.


I think, you know where I’m going. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is seriously the best offering in this price range, but I know what you’re thinking. What’s the catch. And honestly, not much take the hardware, for example, like it’s most expensive brothers, this is the best looking galaxy S launch I’ve ever seen with a more cohesive and fashion centric design that can clearly be seen in the color options with this Phantom violet looking like.


Jewelry the camera home no longer seems like the necessary evil in a corner and is now better protected by this contour cut design, same aluminum build the strongest gorilla glass Victor’s at the front. And really what changes is that? It’s a polycarbonate back instead of glass. Now we call it glass stick for a reason.


If it looks like glass and feels like glass, but doesn’t break light glass. Is this really a bad idea? I actually think that this is the best option for most consumers. B internals are pretty much the same story. You get the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon eight 88 with the same Ram and storage options. As the plus model match with all flavors of 5g, reverse wireless charging, water resistance, a pretty large battery, and really all you’re missing is the ultra wide band feature that enables tricks like the digital car key that you’ll.


I actually need a new car for anyways. And I think another one of my favorite changes with the Galaxy S21 is that by popular demand that display finally got flat. Heck if this is another way to drop the price, it should be a general practice. Like it’s larger siblings. This is a 6.2 inch dynamic amyloid two X at full HD plus resolution.


And this means that this way had just between 48 and 120 Hertz based on your usage and reduces eye fatigue with an auto adjustable blue light. Filter colors are vibrant, but under Samsung’s new approach to not oversaturate there’s also a larger and faster ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the display, which proved to be a joy to use during this pandemic at this price, few phone support HDR, 10 plus, or go as high as 1300 nits.


And then the built-in dual speakers are. Pretty loud. It’s a whack of digitizer. And even if there’s no S pen, just keep in mind that regardless of the materials, there’s no such thing as an indestructible phone. That’s where channel sponsors sub-case. As you covered those of you looking for the fully rugged experience, there’s the award-winning UV pro made of a high quality polycarbonate and shock absorbent TPU.


Now, what I wasn’t expecting to praise is one UI 3.1, but this is another reason why I consider this to be a fan edition. It’s us. If they’ve been listening to complaints, because they’ve got a lot of things right here. The average consumer might care about the changes in aesthetics, which I seriously consider barely noticeable.


Really. I’m just glad that this is all based on Andrew and 11, because now that means notifications. Won’t be this convoluted mess with conversations now being stacked at the top. What I care about most is choice, and to finally get the option to choose the Google feed from the left of the launcher is.


Huge subtle changes, like having Google pay set by default, even if you can easily switch the Samsung pay and Google home devices as an option over smart things are also fantastic. If only you could call on the devices menu from the power button instead of Bixby, and I’d be golden. Don’t get me wrong.


This is not me complaining things like smart tags actually make me praise. What smart things is doing. There is now actually a benefit in grabbing the galaxy buds pro and the galaxy watch three and even a Samsung TV given the reduced footprints and the software philosophy using this phone in day-to-day has been actually quite pleasant.


And even if I was expecting issues with. Battery performance. I’ve been ending the days for the past week. Just fine. And the pleasantries also extend to phone calls. They’ve been pretty good. And the phone does an amazing job at retaining connection to 5g as well. Now at this price point, what usually breaks any device?


That’s not a pixel or an iPhone is the camera. And this is where things actually get interesting in a weird move. Samsung has chosen to keep the same specifications as last year though. We know the chip now brings a new ISP to assist. Also, even if I have no scientific confirmation on this, if you were to compare the specifications of the.


Primary camera with that of the iPhone 12 pro max. It even seems like if this is the exact same sensor or at least just this capable, I recently did a small little comparison in my first impressions video with the  ultra. Most of were debating which phone was which during the day, whether you’re going ultra wide, primary, or three Excel photo, the results.


Fantastic. Samsung continues to tone down at saturation without effecting dynamic range or detail so long as you stick to what the cameras can do, optically and forget about 30 X. You’ll be fine. I even get the impression that this primary sensor is large enough to produce some really nice natural Boca at night.


The results are also fairly good. If you stick to the primary sensor, Samsung does offer a night mode on all cameras, but the results are not. All something I blindly trust. What is impressive is selfies during the day or after applying night mode, once you disabled beautifying modes, you’ll see lots of detail and fantastic dynamic range.


Even in very brightly lit scenarios. And the separation provided by portraits is also. Pretty good for this being software. I also see some dramatic improvements in video. I notice less warping as you walk less over sharpening and an overall very balanced shot of you have enough light. This might actually be the first time that I’d say I feel comfortable with an Android phone for this task.


And that even applies to selfie video. Now if I don’t waste your time talking about director’s view or super steady it’s because they’re still limited to 10 80 P don’t get me wrong. They’re great ideas, but they are limited at a time when this phone is already doing its second generation of eight K video.


To conclude. I think that the concern of most consumers when buying a flagship is if their money is well invested, unless the price is right in that sense, I think that’s precisely what makes the launch of the Galaxy S21. So important. We live in difficult times and to see companies figure out ways to make.


Price tags more realistic is what the market needs. Yes, this is a more cohesive design. And finally, getting more choice in software is also to praise. But I think the bigger story here is the price. It’s not perfect in any way. I’m sure some of you will be concerned about the glass thick or the lack of expandable storage now, or the accessories that you’re losing in the box.


But one more time, I invite you to do the math. The phone starts at seven 99. That $200 price drop alone is way beyond what the accessories cost. If you want to double the storage, that’s just an extra 50 bucks. And then if you were to pre-order, you can get it for as low as $99 with a trade-in plus a smart tag.


And the a hundred dollars of in-store credit are enough to buy the missing accessories. If I had to pick between flagship features and a feature proof processor over having the charger in the box like Google, did I pick the flagship processor, heck Apple even dropped the accessories and made the iPhone 12 silently more expensive with one less camera and half the storage.


I think you understand where I’m going with this review. I actually never expected to like this phone this much, but seriously, if you’re in the market for an affordable. Flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is pretty much the best device we can recommend in this price bracket. Make sure you don’t miss out on the pre-order deals in the description.


And while you’re at it, follow us on social media. Subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one. Also follow me on my personal handles to see me be impressed by this phone. More than I thought, please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw. Um, hi Maria. Thanks so much. We’ll see you on the next one.

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