My Full iPhone 12 Pro Review After 2 Months of Use


So I’m using the iPhone 12 pro in Pacific blue for about a month and a half now as my main smartphone. And since I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 3g from 2018, well, I do have a lot to say about his phone and in this article I’ll be covering the design that is play camera performance, software experience, special features, battery life, and value.

So get the snacks ready and enjoy it.

iPhone 12 pro design

Now, when it comes to the design, the iPhone 12 pro is honestly my favorite smartphone design and years before this, my favorite smartphone design was the galaxy note, 20 ultra, which from the frons it still is, but when it comes to the overall form factor and how it feels in the hand, This is definitely the iPhone 12 pro.

Now you see, I was a big fan of the squared-off shape of the iPhone four and the iPhone five, uh, back in the day. And I really missed that four-factor factor after Apple moved to the wet shape design when the iPhone six but seven years later. And the four-factor. Is finally back. And in some ways it is even better than ever before you see the iPhone 12 pro is not only thinner than the iPhone 11 pro max that I was using before, but it’s also thinner than the iPhone five was this makes it feel incredibly sleek in their hands.

Uh, not only death, but in fact that it’s all flats makes it extremely easy to grip. And having these flat sides not only means that I can easily grab it. It’s when it’s sitting flat on a table, but I can also place it vertically or even all recently. Uh, and the felon will stand on its own simply perfect for when you’re in a FaceTime call and you’re doing something else, but you still need that person to kind of see you or, uh, for when you’re watching a video now going back to gripping it’s the iPhone live and pros, we’re a slippery mess, but this phone is a completely different story.

You see, every, since the iPhone six came out, I’ve always had a case on my iPhone. And that was because duty, there are insane thinness and the web design, they were very slippery, especially after Apple switched to a glass back design where the iPhone eight would have on 12 pro, however, I’m actually fully caseload for sure.

And Apple care. Plus monthly subscription does help reinforce my courage of not using a case on it, but any of the day, I’m mostly doing that because I love how this phone feels naked and the hand and that extra grip ability of the four factor makes dropping. It’s a concern of the past. Speaking of dropping it, Apple is not using something called ceramic shields on the front.

So they’re essentially using ceramic particles to enhance the ability of the front screen. But this enhance her ability only applies to drops. And now it’s crutches. So after about a month or more than that, of daily using the iPhone 12 pro I don’t seem to have any major scratches butts. I have also been extremely careful with it.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro review after 2 months

Now, the back glass is identical in terms of the durability to the back glass on the iPhone 11 pros, which Apple claimed back in 2019, that it was the most durable, bad glass on any smartphone. They also kept the frosted glass back texture, which I’m a massive fan of. So compared to the iPhone 10 S the iPhone 12 pro does not leave any fingerprints at all.

The inside of the camera module still has a regular glass look, which combines with a very shiny sales tool frame makes the entire phone look. Absolutely stunning. I just love how Apple is transitioning. From the frosted glass to the regular glass, perfectly, there is no seam or anything. And this is because they seem to be using just one piece of glass, which seems to be coded by mismatch texture in all areas, except for the camera module and the Apple logo.

Speaking of the logo is there are no more regulatory logos. On the European models of the iPhone 12, at least not on the back because they have now been repositioned onto the frame of the phone, which I actually do prefer as you know, you end up looking at the back of the phone far more than the frame and having a perfectly clean back is definitely a plus.

Interestingly enough, the regular iPhone 12 is a completely opposite story as this one has a regular glass back, but a frosted glass camera module. And then a mats aluminum frame, as opposed to a glossy stainless steel frame, like on the wall pro. And to be honest, even though I do prefer to back. On the 12 pro I do actually prefer the frame on the 12, the 12 pros frame is super fingerprints.

So I wish that Apple would have done something similar to what we’ve done with the iPhone four, where they still had a stainless steel frame, but it was brushed steel rather than polished steel. So, uh, you know, fingerprints wouldn’t have been that obvious. So hopefully next year, Now, when it comes to the colors, same thing as with a case, really, I always used to do the same thing year after year, and that was getting the darkest color of every new phone because this year, since it’s based, gray is actually lighter than last year.

I got the Pacific blue instead, and I do not regret it’s a single bit, depending on the angle that the light hits it from this blue might appear even gray. And that’s what I really like about it. The fact that it’s not just one color, but a wide spectrum of gray and blue. Which also happened to be, you know, the colors of the channel.

My last point when it comes to the design is that this is my first nonplus slash non max iPhone since the iPhone seven. Plus you see, I was never a fan of big phones. I always preferred being able to use a phone in one hand, but when the iPhone seven plus came out and it introduced that dual camera module on the back, I had to just get it for that camera module.

Not a very handy smartphone in 2021

And I never looked back. Until now that it is. And that’s because we do actually have the iPhone 12 pro max right here. And I got to say that felon is gigantic. It is extremely wide and therefore very difficult for me at least to hold and use. So I’m not a big fan of that. And the fact that ELLs have a galaxies that fold see right now, Which I’ll actually be using as my main, uh, phone after this review.

And my 12 Promax max will become my secondary. That was another reason, uh, for getting a smaller iPhone. I didn’t want to have two gigantic phones in my pockets. If you gone through the display. Now, the iPhone 12 pro has pretty much the same display quality as the iPhone 11 pro and 11 pro max. Um, and the 12 Promax from this year, uh, that means a peak brightness of 1200 nights when we’re watching HR contents and a maximum non HDR, brightness of 800 nits.

Yeah. If on 12 and gave them 12 mini, for example, still have a 1200 new peak brightness. We’re watching her contents, but he only have 600 twenty-five minutes for non HDR content. So you have one told pro will actually be a bit brighter. Than the regular iPhone 12 is now at 11 per from last year. It came with a smaller 5.8 inch display, which Apple has removed entirely this year as the smallest option right now is day from 12 mini, which has a 5.4 inch display.

And the next one is the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 and 12 pro. And I do actually think that 6.1 inches is the perfect display size for most people, as it’s quite large enough to. Read and watch contents very comfortably, but small enough to be able to use it would want, hence it does support true tone, which automatically adjust the color temperature of the display in order to match the lighting conditions around you, making it easier on the eyes.

So overall, this is a very, very good display it’s of course, an ILIT panel, like all 2020 smartphones should be. This being said of blacks are perfectly deep. The colors are super vibrant and viewing HDR content on this phone. Looks stunning. However, the iPhone twelves, they seem to have a widespread display issue where the display looks like an LCD panel.

A lot of the times when it’s displaying black, we’ve actually done a more detailed veto right here, which you can watch that. But long story short, we still do not know if this is a software issue or. A hardware issue this all at glow, isn’t something that most people will be able to notice, but I for sure was able to see this in person.

And, uh, some of you guys have also sent emails that you’ve been experiencing this too. So I don’t think it’s a massive issue, but it’s just something that I really wanted to point out overall, still a great display, but I do have three more complaints here. The first one is the notch. Apple introduced the notch back in 2017 on the iPhone 10.

And while it doesn’t need serve a purpose, which is to house that 3d depth sensing camera system, AK face ID. It, isn’t hard not to compare this against other Android smartphones. You have a very small cutouts or in some cases, no cutout at all. And, uh, you know, say that the iPhone swell pro doesn’t look a bit, I’ll date it from the front because by all means it does.

I’m really hoping that Apple integrates the face that he camera underneath the display as the design. We’ll look even more incredible. Now my second complaint here is obviously the lack of a high river freight display in 2020. So here’s the thing. Apple was one of the very first companies to add a high river afraid display on the mobile device.

And that was in 2017 with a second gen iPad pro. And the difference that the one 20 Kurds who were afraid made on the iPad. Was massive. The iPad failed twice as fast than any iPhone released since even with a weaker processor. And ever since then, Andrew manufacturers have also started implementing high refrain displays onto their phones, razor being the first and now in 2020, it’s actually very hard to find the standard 60 Hertz refresh rate smartphone at pretty much any price points as most have either a 90 Hertz or even a one 20 Hertz refresh rates.

What is means is that navigating your phone? Scrolling through social media and just using the phone in general fuels 50 to 100% more fluid and faster than it does on a 60 Hertz iPhone. And same goes for games. If you have a high refrain display gains will be visible in a higher frame rate. Which can give you a competitive advantage.

Now, the reason why Apple hasn’t added a one 20 Hertz panel, even though, uh, there were even prototypes that did habits was simply volume. Apple sells significantly more identical phones than the competition does in a short amount of time. And Apple, just like the competition relies on the same suppliers, but Apple needed was an LTPO Ola display.

What a custom display controller, which could adjust the reefer freight from one Hertz all the way up to one 20 Hertz, which only two phones on the market currently use the Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra and the Samsung galaxy Z fold two. Now, according to a well-known display analyst, Ross young, uh, they did manage to secure these displays, but not the custom display controller.

Apple could have used the standard one 20 Hertz panel, which could only switch between. Six years and one 20 Hertz, which is what most Android phones actually use, but that would have had a severe impact on battery life. And finally, the third major complaint that I have is the fact that we still do not have an always on display.

iPhone 12 pro camera quality

Like we have on so many Android phones. Now this allows you to see the notifications and the time all the time without needing to unlock your phone. So overall, the display on the 12 pro is good, but it is for sure, not a pro display. Sorry guys. So what about a camera? Do we get a pro camera? And the answer is yes for the most parts.

iPhone 12 Pro camera results
iPhone 12 Pro 3 rear cameras

So we still have three modules on the back, just like on 11 pros from last year. And two of these modules are actually identical to last year and that’s the ultra wide and the telephoto module. The ultra wide offers you a 120 degree field of view, which is actually identical to other high-end smartphones.

Like the no 20 ultra and the results are actually very similar between the two. The colors are bright. The exposure is pretty much perfect all the time. So I’m a really big fan of that lens. We do get a night mode on the ultra wide angle module this year, which is something that the iPhone 11 pros did not have, but unfortunately, 11 pros.

Will not be getting this, even though this is strictly a software feature, which even $200 Android phones have. Now, the good news is that, uh, it doesn’t indeed make a massive difference when it comes to shooting in low light. Then the telephoto module is identical to the 11 prose from last year. It does support nightmare two.

So this is pretty much unchanged here. Unfortunately, this module only offers two X optical zoom and 10 X digital zoom, which is a far cry from the four X or five X optical zoom. And. Uh, 50 X or even 100 X digital zoom that Otter smartphones offer the telephoto module is good, but this appointing, when it comes through the zoom range compared to the competition.

And finally, we have the main module which uses the exact same sensor as the 11 pro. And even the tenants from two years ago, which itself is noticeably smaller than what the galaxy has 20 uses, for example. But we do at least get one improvement here, which is a larger F 1.6 aperture, uh, coming from the F 1.8 on the 11 pro or the tennis.

It does lead more likely to the sensor, which does result. In slightly better, low light shots, but he improvements here. Aren’t massive. However, don’t let that discourage you because the iPhone 12 pros camera is still outstanding in the lights sometimes even better than the competition. So, so far it seems like the improvements are quite minor over the 11 pro.

But we do actually get some more changes. The biggest one would be the addition of that lighter module, which now lets you focus extremely fast in the lights and you can even take low-light portrait mode shots, which look miles better than before and even miles better than on any other smartphone out right now.

Daytime HTR shots have also been improved, but not massively over the 11 pro. Uh, we do get a brand new feature called pro RA, which lets you take raw photos straight from the camera app. And I got to say that the Nemec range that you get out of these raw photos is very, very impressive. Then the video quality coming out of this iPhone is just mind blowing the iPhone to a pro can record in 4k 60 on all lenses, front and back.

And it can also record in Dolby vision HDR, which significantly brightens up the image. While also retaining a lot of shadow detail aside from maybe the iPhone 12 Promax there isn’t a phone on the market right now that can match the video quality coming out of this phone. And what really makes this camera so special is just how well Apple has optimized the transition between those three camera modules, long story short.

They all feel like the same camera, even though they are indeed completely different sensors. The color science that Apple is using is very, very good here. We also got nightmare time-lapse this year, which is a big upgrade over the 11 pro’s time-lapse. Unfortunately, this is still a tended to be file rather than a 4k file.

Now you’re probably wondering, uh, is it worth getting the iPhone 12 Promax instead? For an even better camera performance. And my answer is it really depends. You see, in daytime photos, you won’t really notice any major difference between the two, the iPhone 12 Promax does have better stabilization compared to a 12 pro, but not by a lot where you would really see a difference is in low lights.

Since the Topamax has a larger sensor, it will activate night mode. Less and instead use the standard mode more often giving the photos a more realistic look. Also, if you plan on shooting in raw using Apple’s pro RA formats, the iPhone 12 Promax will look mostly better in low lines, just because of the size of that phone.

I wouldn’t go when it’s 12 max, myself, as I do believe that a 12 pro already has an outstanding camera. Also, this is the phone that I’m using. So if it’s good for me, it’s probably good enough for you as well. Also, speaking of sensor sizes, the iPhone 12 Promax doesn’t need to have a noticeably larger sensor than the 12 pro the 12 and the 12 mini, which all use the exact same sensor.

But even this is smaller than what you would find on a 600 pounds galaxy S 20 I fee, which, um, I know it costs less than the iPhone 12 mini. Yeah. Just something to keep in mind, guys. In terms of the actual performance, the iPhone 12 pro is really the most powerful smartphone in the world right now with the Apple eight, 14 processor, which really upper forms, even some laptops and six gigabytes of Ram up from, for the iPhone to a pro is better.

Than ever before, but the real question is, does that extra power translate into the real world usage too? Well from just using the phone in my everyday life, I can indeed tell that it is snappier and just a bit faster, probably about 20% or so compared to my 11 pro max. So I have actually melted that extra bit of performance, however, I do feel like the eight 14 is really held back by the fact that this film does not have a high refund rate display.

So it is very clear that the UI renders at possibly way over 60 FPS, possibly even around 100 PS, if not even higher than that. But the fact that the display cannot show more than 60 is really a missed opportunity for Apple here. Think of the iPhone as a Lamborghini. Driving on a public road, even though it can go up to you.

It’s 118 miles per hour. The public road, AKA the 60 Hertz river framed in this case limited to 30. Whereas let’s say a one plus phone, which is more of like a BMW, M three, even though it is not as powerful and can only go up to 155 miles per hour, that hybrid freight display. It’s kind of like being on a highway where.

You can go up to 17 miles per hour. Hopefully you guys get to my analogy. So even though something like a one plus eight pro is weaker than the iPhone 12 pro bike, quite a significant margin, it will actually feel faster in the everyday use because of that high rigor freight display. Now with those extra two gigabytes of Ram, which we only get on the 12 pro and it’s all pro max, I was actually able to go back to previous apps and see them fully open in the background more.

That I could on my iPhone 11 pro max, however, while 60 gigabytes of Ram is indeed an improvement. YouTube still decides to reload on me quite often, which is super frustrating and the number of apps that he can go back to while this has been improved, uh, from the foreign gigabyte of Ram models. It is still extremely low when compared to something like my galaxies at fold two, which has 12 gigabytes of Ram, like on that phone, I can literally go back to apps that I’ve opened like a week ago and still find them fully open in the background, which is nuts.

So in terms of the REM management, you have until pro is better, but definitely not the best, but all that power is nothing. If you don’t have great software. And I’m pleased to say that the iPhone 12 pro for me at least has proven to be the very best offer experience yet. On an iPhone. The fact that we get widgets just like on Android is something that I’ve been requesting for probably about five years now.

And the fact that we also get an app drawer, this is something that I’ve been requesting for probably about three years now. So yeah, I’m extremely happy to see both of them here. And I do actually believe that Apple’s implementation of widgets is far better than on Android. As the design language is consistent between every widgets.

However, there are two big things that Apple still refuses to add to iOS, which Android has had since the stone age. Really. And those two things are well. One of them is one that I mentioned before, which isn’t always on display. And then the second is true. Side-by-side multitasking. I want to stress this again, having the ability to see your notifications and the time.

All the time on the display is such a great feature. As I don’t have to wake up my phone to check if I got any messages or emails, since that info will already be there. And the second thing that’s still missing, and this is a really, really big one for me is the fact that you cannot run in two apps at the same time.

Now Apple fan boys will probably say that well, that’s stupid. You never need to run two apps at the same time. Come on. But here’s the thing. At some points, you will find yourself in a specific scenario. Where you will need to run two apps side by side. I don’t know. Maybe you got an important email that includes a timetable for your busy next week.

Uh, and you need to add those events onto your calendar, which fun fact backs me happens to me. Uh, so you need to open up the calendar app and going back and forward between those two apps and trying to memorize the info in your head is trust me, it’s gotta be a pain, uh, especially if there’s loads of, uh, events to add in.

The iPhone still doesn’t have this implemented side-by-side multitasking and all the Android phones do. And because of this, I honestly cannot recommend the iPhone to any business users as a business user myself. Now, the iPhone is a major downgrade over an Android phone here, but if you don’t care about any of that, Then I was 14 on the iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro gaming
iPhone 12 Pro gaming performance

12 pro is still very well-made. So what about special features now? Is there anything that makes the iPhone fault pro unique when compared to the competition and the iPhone 11 line from last year? Well, there are three major things. 5g max safe and LIDAR 5g is pretty straightforward. You get faster speeds and you also kill your battery faster.

Now, would you have phones? A pro? I finally upgraded my phone plan to a 5g plan. And interestingly enough, in my area on 4g, I was getting about 240 megabits per second, which is insane. Can you guess the speeds on a 5g? Uh, three 20, so a faster, but you know, two 40 was already very fast. Also, you don’t get that super fast.

One gigabit per second and higher minimum wave 5g, unless you live in the U S and you have a U S model of the iPhone 12, which does have this very ugly antenna, cutouts, and the actual frames. I’m not a big fan of that. So overall, my point here is that if you already get more than 40 megabits per second on 4g, You don’t need 5g.

Now the second big new feature is Mac save and Maxine is unfortunately. A big scam. I’m not even joking. And here’s why number one, not only is safe, expensive at $40, but you also need to buy the charger separately, which will cost you 20 more dollars. So you’re really looking at a $60 price points. Then number two, it attaches to the back of your iPhone, which might seem great.

But since it has a cable, this isn’t any different than plugging your blinding cable. And then number three, it gets really, really hot. It’s meaning that’s using your iPhone when. The maxi charger is connected will be farmer and convenience. Then when you’re using lightning, Oh, a number four, it is very slow.

Uh, through lightening, you can charge your iPhone up to 50% and just about 25 to 30 minutes would max save this takes a full hour. And when you’re in a rush and you’re looking for a quick charge, you don’t have that time. And why not? Number five. Uh, the fact that even though. This is a wireless charger, which automatically aligns when you put your iPhone on it, you do have to pull the cable manually.

So to say, what do you want to disconnect it? Which is pretty much the same as how you, you know, disconnect, lightening cable, you need manual intervention. So the only maximum accessory that I would say is worth it is the Belkin charging station. But unfortunately that one. Isn’t out just yet. Oh. And the Mac save cases that Apple cells don’t actually snap and magnetically or anything like that.

Like we expected they’re just regular cases. And when it comes through the Mac save wallet, even though this is quite a nice wallet overall, it is very easy to snap it off when you put it in your pockets. So the magnets is actually very weak here. CMX. Isn’t great right now. Hopefully it will be improved in the following years.

And finally we have the LIDAR scanner. I mentioned that this is mostly used for focusing in low light and portrait mode, but he can also use it through 3d scan objects and even entire rooms, much more accurately than you could ever do before. By using cameras, you can try apps such as the Ikea place app, the measure tool that comes built in iOS, which allows you to measure things quite accurately and even measure people.

iPhone 12 pro battery life

But it’s the best use case scenario that I’ve found is an app called 3d scanner app, which fully utilizes the lighter scanner. Uh, and allows you to scan individual objects and even entire rooms. And finally we have the battery life. So the iPhone 11 pro max that I’ve been using before had the best battery life out of any smartphone that I’ve ever used and I’ve used loads.

So that says something. However, the 12 pro is actually a major. Downgrade over the 11 pro max, uh, what 11 pro max, for example, I could get a day and a half of good usage out of it. Whereas with my 12 pro um, at the end of the day, it gets about 10% or even lower. So yeah, that, that kind of sucks. And I barely use it at work by the way.

I’m mostly on my laptop, so I almost never use this thing. So yeah, it’s not great. Uh, so for my usage, at least the 12 pro is definitely not a full day smartphone, but we’re like a 70% of a day. Whereas the 11 pro max that I’ve was using before, and it does a day and a half. So 150%, but don’t get me wrong.

If you have an iPhone 10 S or older, the iPhone 12 pro will be a notable upgrade in terms of the battery life when compared to that. So in the end is the iPhone 12 pro worth it absolutely. No, no, honestly, don’t get the iPhone 12 pro. If you’re looking for the best overall iPhone 12, then just gets the standard iPhone 12 model.

The iPhone 12 pro conclusion

If you’re looking for the biggest and the best camera and an iPhone, that is the April 12 pro max. If you’re looking forward to the smallest new iPhone. That is the iPhone 12 mini. So who is the iPhone? 12 pro for them? I mean, you know, I got one. So why should you, well, if you need some higher end pro features, but you don’t like the foreign factor of the 12 pro max, or you just want something smaller and more portable than the iPhone 12 pro is the one for you.

Sure it doesn’t have the impressive new camera sensor that it told Promax has, or that a massive 6.7 inch display or the amazing battery life. But in fact that you gets this much nicer looking phone when compared to the 12 and the fact that he gets the LIDAR module and the pro Raul, those are massive pluses for me.

And this is why I have actually picked the iPhone 12 pro. For myself. And yet, like I said, a galaxies at full two is still my main phone after this review. Um, and I just didn’t want to carry two gigantic phones with me. So that’s also another reason, but let me have to come and see your thoughts on. The FMS will pro in general and the 20, 20 I-phones.



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