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Huawei Mate 40 full unboxing

So Huawei has just announced mate 40 pro that’s the most powerful firm they’ve made by an absolute landslide, but it’s also super confusing. Okay. The unboxing experience hasn’t really shifted too much from standard while fare, but you will notice this new circular ring on the front. That’ll make more sense in a minute.

You got the smart on top. You’ve got an insert with a SIM injector tool and a clear case. Oh, look at the size of that camera cutouts. There’s a USB-C cable, a pair of AirPods, but not AirPods bent. This is interesting. She’s 66 watt charger, a single lot more powerful than Aqua in one. Plus is 65.

Now, when I pick the phone up for the first time I had two immediate observations, one. Good Lord. It’s big. It’s thankfully a little shorter and narrower than the note 20 ultra, but this is chunky boy. We haven’t been given exact specifications yet, but it’s definitely heavier. The second thing though, is that I absolutely love the finish.

Huawei Mate 40 is user friendly

Dare I say that for me, this might just be the prettiest one I’ve ever used it to put it into Samsung terms. It takes the kind of crazy colors of the galaxy note 10 and fuses it with the most sophisticated matte finish of a note. 20 ultra. When I first got it, I was just sat here, like, okay. I can see red blue.

Oh, this purple there’s. Yeah, it’s a bit of green it’s everything. And that would also kind of explain why for the meat 40 pro overseas, you only get two models. Black and this, this is all the colors and just generally, it’s a nice, smooth feeling phone. There’s not a single sharp edge to be found on it anywhere.

And cool little red power button too. Also just when you thought you’d seen every possible way to design a smartphone camera module, here’s another one. They call it the space ring. I call it the camera donut, but you can kind of see where they’re coming from. It’s got a very alien UFO type aesthetic to it, but.

I’m still not sure if I think it looks futuristic, I can’t help, but feel like flip it upside down. And this is an iPod scroll wheel, but there is a major perk of having a camera ring this wide and central. And that’s the fact that it prevents the phone wobbling.

Mate 40
Huawei Mate 40 dimensions and charging port

I’m kind of running out of words. There is just as much action happening on the front. You’re looking at a 6.76 inch Owlette horizon display with a resolution that sits somewhere in between full HD and quad HD. It’s a good screen. It’s got a 90 Hertz refresh rate, pretty, quite stellar colors, but most notably this 80 degree curvature.

It’s so steep that from the front, you can’t really see the sides. They, it looks like the display just falls off the edges and that these buttons are actually just mounted on the screen. For me, this is an aesthetic positive, but at the same time, it’s kind of a practicality negative because it doesn’t matter which angle you look at the screen from.

Not so good though

Some part of it will look distorted. You look from the sides and the front looks off. You look from the front, the sides look off, you have this green tin to a noticeable discoloration. Plus if you just compare this to the meet 30 pro from last year, which had this nice uniform bezel that kind of followed the display around the sides, the bezel here kind of tries to cut the corner a bit.

It doesn’t look as good. And you have got this massive camera hole punch too. But I will say on that note that what’s in it is worth the visual distraction. Anyways, there’s a bit of a, an elephant in the room. You probably don’t need telling that Wally right now, as a company is in a bit of a pickle.

Their phones don’t have Google services. No Google maps, no Google play store while we can’t sell in the U S at all, it’s not good news. And what makes it so much more of a shame is that I’ve been using this while we make 40 pro for a few days now. And there’s just some really cool stuff here. I don’t know if you remember this, but last year with the mate 30 pro, while we fixed auto rotate, most fans always just had a standard feature where if you’re holding a phone in portrait, your content is displayed in portrait.

If you’re holding it in landscape, the content is landscape, but that’s not ideal because every now and again, you might want to be able to lie down. But keep your content still in portrait orientation. So while we start did using the face scanner on their phones to see which way your face was and just always match it.

Why am I telling you this? Well it’s because this year I would say that hallway taken that further and they fixed always on displays. Most phones nowadays have an option to keep this low power consumption screen on at all times, just to keep you posted with the time and notifications. But if we’re always managing to use the face scanner to now be able to only show you the screen.

When you look at the phone, they’re calling it eyes on display. And I couldn’t believe how well it works. Like the first time I tried it. I remember I just burst into this massive grin because it’s cool tech and it’s not a gimmick. The phone’s running Moi 11 based on Android 10. And I really liked how it handles guest accounts.

We just pull down, tap here and that’s it. You can just hand the phone yeah. To someone else without worrying that they’re going to look through your stuff. And this multi window mode is it’s one of the few things that’s made me really miss using an Android as my main phone. We’ve got both a 3d face scanner and an in display fingerprint scanner.

Mate 40
Huawei Mate 40 rear camera beautiful image quality

So you could choose how to unlock your phone. And the battery life is fantastic. The capacity is 4,400 million powers, which is about average for today’s day and age. But the software is so aggressive on apps running in the background, but for the last two full days, I’ve been using it. I’m finishing the day on like 35% left.

And finally, as you probably expected, always brought their, a game to the camera. This is a meaty setup. It’s main camera, completely nukes the iPhone 12 pro in most situations, it’s got that nice big sensor to get a crispy foreground background separation. The front camera still isn’t as natural looking as I’d like it to be, but it’s very detailed, almost too detailed.

And with this phone, part of the reason we’ve got that chunky hole punch is that there’s also an ultra wide front camera. And it’s not an afterthought. Like you might expect it to be, this is a really high quality, super detailed lens, plus five times optical zoom, which means you can get crisp shots all the way up to 10, sometimes 15 times magnification.

In fact, weirdly the only thing that I wasn’t really impressed by was the phone’s night mode. And I didn’t expect to be saying that because a couple of years ago, Huawei was so far ahead of the competition at taking photos in the dark. It was funny and this phone’s still greeted it, but I just think it’s one of those cases where the competition’s caught up.

But yeah, you got the idea. I mean, there is a lot to like, here. However, the meta 40 pro is super confusing. It’s got a pretty standard eight gigabytes of Ram, a fairly generous 256 gigs of storage. But also this is the first phone in the world to be powered by the new Kirin 9,000 chip. And that in itself is the first chip that has both five nanometre and has a 5g modem baked inside of it for better efficiency.

So that’s great. Right. I ran a couple of benchmarks. The gaming performance is coming out at like 60% better than last year. That’s huge. And AI performance, something like three times greater, even just when playing games. This phone can play standoff too on maximum settings with eight times anti-aliasing and 16 times any subtropic filtering at an uninterrupted 60 FPS.

For those of you who didn’t get that. It’s fast, but see for Qualys chip set business is in trouble. I mentioned earlier that because of the us banned from this point on, unless something changes, they’re probably not gonna be able to make any more flagship chips. So it sounds like what hall has done is stockpiled.

They produced as many of these Cara nine thousands as they could, before the restrictions came in. Current estimates say they’ve got about eight to 10 million chips, which might sound like a lot. But when you think about the scale of a company like Huawei, it’s not, well, we sold 12 million mate, 30 pros within a few months last year.

So what they’re going to do here, honestly, I don’t know. That is the golden question. Maybe there’s a bigger plan. Maybe they’re waiting to tell people we should wait and see what Huawei has to say before drawing conclusions. But the way I see this happening is either. They severely restricted the countries they’re selling it in to focus on their core markets, or they just have really limited stock.

Now that doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s not just the meet 40 pro that we’ve got to worry about. What about the next phone? Cause as far as we can see right now, if we can’t build flagship chips in the future, They can’t make flagship phones in the future. We’re always pumping millions of dollars into trying to build their own app ecosystem.

Huawei Mate 40 app gallery

And it is super impressive that the app gallery has something like 360% year on year growth. They’ve got petal search to find new applications that aren’t on their store. Great. There isn’t building their own while we produced maps application. That’s incredible. But it’s just that if this is the last flagship that Huawei to the West, how can this ecosystem actually sustain itself?

Mate 40
Huawei Mate 40 beautiful screen display quality and app menu gallery

How does while we actually get new users onto it, like, even if I buy an eight 40 pro now and enter the Huawei ecosystem, if there’s not going to be a meet to 60 pro in two years time, when I want to upgrade from that. Then surely I’m just going to leave the ecosystem. They’d have to start buying chips from other companies they’ve already applied for license to work with Qualcomm, but that seems unlikely Mediatech maybe.

But if, while we worked with media tech and starts using media tech chips, their phones are going to be well behind in performance. Probably the best example of how I feel about this phone is my experience with the speakers. This phone has a cracking set of dual speakers. Audio comes out the bottom and the top at the same time, and there’s so much sound separation.

Huawei Mate 40 conclusion

It wraps around you, but then I remembered I can’t enjoy them on YouTube, which would be kind of my default go-to. Because this phone doesn’t have Google apps. So I went to the app gallery to try and find an app that could stream the video I wanted in full quality. The first one just says not available yet.

The rest weren’t what I was looking for. So then I went to Wiley’s own video app and it just says content not available. I was really hoping that this ecosystem would mature faster than it has done. So, yeah. Exceptional phone, super exciting hardware. Really unfortunate situation. If you enjoyed this review, please do comeback to this blog?


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