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Apple’s new iPhone 13 is compelling

iPhone 13. What is actually going on with it? We’ve seen so many reports that the iPhone 13 is going to get some massive changes, such as a smaller notch or even dropping the charging part entirely. Well, some other reports are claiming that it would literally just be an iPhone 12 S with minimal changes aside from some minor camera improvements.

So which one is it? Well, this is why we are here to find out. So get us next. Ready? And here are the latest things are rumor is when it comes to the iPhone 13.

Okay. So I’ve been writing leaks articles since 2013. Yes. That’s eight years ago. And even when I’m not actively talking about an upcoming device in a article, I do read a lot about him. And from what I’ve been reading on the F1 13, it looks to me that we would likely get these four. Big changes with the first one being the lack of a charging board.

So one of the most well-known and also one of the most accurate Apple analysts showed us in 2019 Apple’s upcoming smartphone lineup for the next two years, his 2020 iPhone prediction showed us that there will be five models, a five one, four inch model all the way up to a 6.7 inch model, all with OLED displays, as well as a brand new 4.7 inch LCD model.

And not only dad, but Michiko also said that. The two higher end models will have a triple lens camera module while the two lower end models. Would it come with a dual camera module with a 4.7 inch iPhone only having a single module? Well, all of these predictions came true when Apple launched their 20, 20 iPhone lineup.

Like literally every single thing that makes you cool predicted in that 2019 reports came true almost the year into the future is so. That’s pretty impressive. So what has he said for 2021 then? Well, he said that Apple will be launching at least two unique items this year. One being an iPhone se two plus when a pipeline five or a 6.1 inch display while the other one being an iPhone.

Without the lightning port it’s, you know, four list iPhone essentially. Now in mind that this report was from 29 teams. So Apple’s plans are likely to have changed since however, a more recent report from limericks Mark Gurman from just earlier this month, claims that Apple is indeed discussing, removing the trudging portraits in favor of fool.

iPhone 13
Apple iPhone 13 beautiful concept design images

Wireless charging. Now fun fact, Mark Gurman has actually been way more accurate than even mean Chico. In fact, according to the Apple truck websites made sure cool. Has a 78.2% accuracy out of 142. Rumor is while Mark Gurman has 89.1%. But out of 402 rumors and being in this industry for the past eight years, myself, at least when it comes to reporting on lakes, I have to say Mark Gurman has definitely been one of the most accurate Apple leakers over the years.

And if two of the most accurate Apple leakers are saying that Apple could potentially remove the charging ports, there’s a very high chance that it’ll actually do it now in terms of how I feel about that. I don’t think the market is ready. For such a switch yet you see Mac save, which Apple introduced the iPhone 12 was in my opinion, a failure.

iPhone 13 is really expensive

And that’s because it was twice as slow as lightning. It was more inconvenient and more expensive than again, just by using lightening. So I think the advantages of Mac save will be visible. Once more third party manufacturers start introducing products, such as car mounds, Maxim charging stands and many more, but until then, Maxine is inferior to lightning in every single way.

So I think that for Apple to fully switch to Mac save, they would need to first make Mac save much faster than lightning. And at a moment, it is twice as slow. But do let me know in comments, what do you guys think of a Portland iPhone? And while you’re at it, feel free to subscribe. As well. Okay. Now the second big feature that the iPhone 13 is sets you come with is finally a high rephrase display.

And this is pretty self explanatory. We’ve had hybrid pre-frame displays on smartphones for actually the past four years now. And we’re at a point in time where it is actually very difficult to bind a new flak shape or even a midbrain smartphone. And not have a high refresh rate on that. In fact, most show me phones, even dirt cheap ones, like the Pako x-ray NFC, which retails for just about 200 pounds.

Um, it feels like that they actually do come with a one 20 Hertz refresh rate display. Whereas the iPhone 12 Promax, which costs almost six times as much only comes with a 60 Hertz panel. I’ve talked about why in many previous articles, but long story short for dos UMIs miss that Apple sells in high volume and they just couldn’t get enough display controllers for one 20 Hertz.

But that is set to finally be happening in 2021 with two of the models, getting one 20 Hertz to two pro models alongside an LTPO displayed or reporter coming from South Korean website. The elec essentially confirms just that. However, they did have a mixed track record in the past, but having an LDO panel, uh, could allow the I-phones to finally have an always on display, you know, like Android phones I’ve had for so many years now, personally, I feel like one 20 Hertz is a must on.

The next iPhone, they just wouldn’t be able to get away with still having 60 herds in 2021. But I also hope that the battery isn’t too effected as the iPhone 12 line would actually I’ll be worse battery life than the iPhone 11 line as Apple made the iPhone is thinner and reduce the battery size.

What’s new in iPhone 13

Okay. Now the third big change that’s from Mertz who comes to the iPhone 13 is a fingerprint reader. Yes. We’ve seen this report at a number of times over the years to the fact that Apple is considering bringing back touch ID into the iPhone. You might think that this is because of the whole pandemic and in a lot of ways it is, but we even had actual patents that showed Apple designing a full screen that shitty sensor.

Many many years ago. So Apple has been thinking about this even before the pandemic hates. It’s just that now, since a lot of us wear masks, They’ve aggressively been pushing for this to happen sooner. And did you actually have any more recent patents on this too? It got published in September, 2020, and this one shows what is unfortunately not a full screen touch ID sensor, like the previous patents, but a fairly large optical thing had been reader.

iPhone 13
Apple iPhone 13 display screen and app menu

Instead the optical ones are the ones where the display would actually lights up in that portion. Uh, as there will be a camera underneath the panel, which the texts, the fingerprints, and just scans it. Now, there are also ultrasonic, famed, good readers like Samsung has been using for quite a few years now, which don’t require a lights, but those ones are a bit slower than the ethical ones in Chico reported back in 2019, that Apple would be bringing back touch ID in 2021.

While still keeping face ID, margarita, and also claims that Apple is working on adding touch ID back into their iPhones in 2021. And he also says that Apple will keep face ID, so that users have built options rather than removing face at the end. Personally, I think that this is a great idea. I wouldn’t want to get rid of face ID eater as I do actually like how convenient it is, but in cases where you prefer to use your fingerprint or you have to use it, it’s because you.

We’re a face covering I’d you prefer having the option to do that. And finally, we have the camera and here at Russ young, who’s being quite a well-known display analyst. He reports that the iPhone 13 Minnie and the iPhone 13 will both get the same camera sensor that the iPhone 12 pro max. Is using now at a moment to the April 12 mini Def on 12 and the iPhone 12 pro they have sensors with 1.4 micron sized pixels.

You have control pro max as a considerably larger sensor would 1.7 micron pixels. However, Ross young also States that the iPhone 13 and yet when 13 pro max we’ll take this even further, would 1.9 micron pixels with censorship technology. So essentially stabilized sensor, which was what to the iPhone 12 pro max.

Some technical iPhone 13 details

Introduce that means that a six one inch iPhone 13 pro we’ll be getting the biggest camera improvements from one generation to another, at least when it comes to the sensor itself. Now, Russ young also claims that while the iPhone 13 pros will still have three camera modules and the lighter module, he isn’t too sure about the non-pro models.

Did you times released the reports earlier in January stating that all iPhone 13 models will be getting a LIDAR module and we already know that the main reason for Apple adding the lighter module. Is to take the data from mates and improve their upcoming Apple AR glasses. Did you times also reports that the ultra wide angle module and all the FM 13 models will be upgraded to a six element lens with the pro model as possibly having even a high resolution as well?

That being on the main camera module. So, yeah, that’s pretty much it in terms of the camera bigger sensors, which would still be smaller than the competition for Chile and no crazy 10 optical zoom or anything like that. Would Apple only set to be considering that four to 20, 22 I-phones. Okay. So then what about the design?

Is that changing in any way? Well, from what we know so far, the display sizes will remain the same and the squirt off frame will also remain unchanged. Meaning that’s any design changes that Apple could make would be on the back of the phone. With most likely a brand new color, Samsung just introduced their new Phantom black galaxy S 21 ultra, which absolutely looks amazing.

And I do hope that Apple introduces something like that would the iPhone 13, the notch. On the other hand, that sets you finally thinner buzzed. This is what we heard before the iPhone 11 launched and also before the iPhone 12 launched. And then fortunately they all remained the same. Now did you time States that Apple will combine a few components in order to make the entire not smaller.

Apple iPhone 13
Apple iPhone 13 screen and apps display menu

But then again, this is what we’ve been hearing for so many years now. Over and over and nothing really happens. However, leaker ice universe, who’s had a really good track record in the past. Also claims that a notch will be getting smaller and, uh, he even drew a quick mock up of how this would look like.

For new flagship models this year. Yeah. iPhone 12, mini the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max bench in core reports that in 2021, we would still have the exact same iPhone sizes, which to me, looks like APA would literally keep the exact same designs. As we got in 2021 small change that we’ve actually made to our concept is that we changed the frame from stainless steel on the pro models to brush stainless steel, just to make it easier to stand those fingerprints and smudges, which are quite bad on the iPhone 12 pros, to be honest.

So there’ll be awesome to happen, but again, we don’t actually have any leaks on there. This was just a change that we made to our concept. Now there will likely be a brand new color, but other than that, um, don’t expect any major design changes next year. So what about the notch? Is it getting any thinner or is it still going to be an exact same fed knowledge that we got in 2017 when the iPhone 10?

Well, we have seen a few reports that a notch. We’ll be getting thinner and shorter, including one coming from ice universe, who’s been very accurate in the past. So we’ve also made our notch on our concept shorter to reflect that. So I’m really hoping that this will be the case with the iPhone 13, right?

So same design, possibly, possibly a shorter knowledge. So, what about the actual, this Plano? Is it finally going to be a high Reaper freed panel? And the answer is yes, Ross young, a well-known display analysts with a very good track record reports that he believes that the iPhone 13 pros will be getting LTPO panels.

Now, this was rumored to happen when the iPhone 12s, but according to Ross young, again, the main issue here was the display controller. The one that would actually allow the display panel to dynamically adjust its refresh rates. Up to one 20 Hertz Android phones. I’ve had high river freight displays since the 2017 razor phone.

And nowadays in 2020, it is actually quite difficult. Finding an Android phone that does not have a 90 or even a one 20 Hertz refresh rates and having a high refresh rate display makes such a massive difference when it comes to using your phone. As your phone can display 50 or even 100% more frames per seconds in that case.

So everything from gaming to just browsing the web. Well, actually feel faster on a low phone would a one 20 Hertz panel than on a high-end phone would a 60 Hertz panel. So why has an Apple added one 20 Hertz then? Well, the main issue here is that I phones. Have very similar or even identical components in between each model.

And since Apple releases four new iPhone models every year now, or even five, if we count the iPhone and see Apple actually sells significantly more similar phones than the competition, meaning that they will need to get their hands on significantly more components than the competition. Something like 50 to even 60 million plus individual components such as all led displays.

Taptic engines, camera modules, and much, much more. And Apple usually likes to wait and see how the public perceives a major change that our competition has already added before deciding to implement it themselves. And when they do decide to implement it, they also need to mass produce that component.

Reason why Apple is usually years behind some of the Android smartphones. Also the iPhone twelves was when Apple switched to 5g. These I-phones are also thinner than Jaquan Eleven’s before, and they also have a smaller battery. Which to be honest, doesn’t actually last as long as on the iFunny Levin’s so adding one 20 Hertz, even if this would happen being a dynamically adjustable reefer trades, and it would have made that battery life even worse, it seems like 20, 21 is really one.

Apple will be implementing a high, rich or famous play likely with a larger battery ends, even possibly with some improved efficiency in their processors, too. So what about a camera? The biggest news comes from eating news links. You cool. As well as the times, Taiwan wall claimed that Apple will be adding a Periscope zoom lens into the next I-phones.

So this will be similar to what Samsung and Huawei have been using for a while now. A stack of multiple lenses that will give you a much higher optical zoom range than what you could theoretically achieve with a standard glass that we have. Now, the only problem is that a module like that would stick out about one centimeter from the phone.

And of course that no one wants that. So to solve that Samsung and Huawei have positioned that lens or is on Tully, inside a phone. Uh, and then they’re also using a mirror. So you read that reg the light onto that side lens, basically just how a telescope works, hence its name, telescope lens. Apolis have patents on such a module dating from back in 2014.

So it does seem very likely that this is indeed something that Apple will be adding to a next iPhone. Unfortunately, the next iPhone will not be the iPhone 13, but a one released in 2022. Instead as according to make tree. Cool. Did you times on each news, we would not be seeing such a module on the iPhone 13, but when it does come in 2022, this should give us around the five X or even more optical zoom from the 2.5 X and two X that we have on the iPhone, 12 Promax and gave him 12 pro right now.

However, this is something that you would like to try right now. He can already do that on phones, such as the Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra the Samsung galaxy note, 20 old tra the B 40 pro made 20 pro. And a few more. So if you’re not getting that Periscope module and the iPhone 13, Are we getting any camera module improvements?

And luckily we are so magical reports that the ultra wide angle camera on the iPhone 13 pro and the Ireland 13 pro max dead module, we’ll be getting some major upgrades. Apparently it will feature an F 1.8 aperture lens from the FC 0.4. That we have on the iPhone 12, meaning that it will be able to capture much more light.

And on top of this meet you calls reports that’s uh, this new module will now feature a six element lens up from the five element lens that we have now on the ultra white angle module on the iPhone twelves, meaning that the clarity of the photo is coming out of the ultra wide camera. Should be a noticeable improvements.

Curly. If you take a look at the edges of on ultra wide angle shots taken on the iPhone twelves, you’ll notice that they are a bit soft with the sharpest part of the image being right in the center. And the side from this meet you calls for mentions that’s the ultra wide angle module we’ll be getting auto-focus, which is something that we don’t have at the moment.

And as far as I’m aware, At least, um, we don’t actually have this on any otters smartphone on the market. So this should allow you to take some close-up shots that are very, very wide. Whereas now that ultra wide angle module is mostly aimed at landscapes and shots in which you are further away from the subject.

So what about the main camera module then? Are we getting any improvements there? Well, according to Russ young, the iPhone 13 mini. And yet from 13, we’ll both get the same massive sensor that we got this year on the iPhone 12 pro max with 1.7 micron pixels up from the 1.4 micron pixels that we have. Now, this will result in much better, lower performance.

And more decimal fields, AKA more portrait, more charts without portrait modes. Interesting enough, it seems like the censorship technology would actually not be present in April 13 and the iPhone 13 mini. So what about the iPhone 13 pro and the iPhone 13 pro max then? Well, according to Ross, and again, these two iPhones will be getting an even bigger sensor would 1.9 micron pixels this time.

And this is actually larger than what Samsung is currently using. On the galaxy S 20 line when exceptional of the galaxy S 20 ultra, uh, where we have 1.8 micron pixels larger than what Apple is using now on the iPhone 12 pro max. And this will be a gigantic upgrade over the 1.4 micron pixels. There’ll be up now in the iPhone 12 pro not only that, but both the iPhone 13 pro and the iPhone 13 pro max will be getting sensor shift technology.

Which means that if Ross Young’s report is correct, um, then there shouldn’t be any difference in terms of the camera performance between the two iPhone 13 pro models, which I’m extremely happy to hear. Like, I absolutely love the size of the iPhone 12 pro I even switched from an iPhone 11 pro max. Um, to the iPhone 12 pro and just having a phone that I can easily use with one hand while also having enough screen space for being my contents is pretty great.

So we’re getting some pretty big camera upgrades, but are we getting anything else? Well, I wanted to leave the best for the very end, and that is the fact that at least one iPhone model in 2021 will not have a charging ports at all. This is coming from John Prosser. But we also have seen this reported by pretty much all major Apple insiders that Apple is planning on ditching the charging port in favor of a proprietary wireless charging solution.

And that proprietary Wally’s charging solution looks to be max safe. But I honestly don’t think that this is a good idea. And here’s why you see max they’ve had a moment is in great it’s noticeably slower than cable charging. And since saves sticks to the back of the iPhone, it is pretty much just like having the lightning cable connected.

Oh. And the downside is that it is more expensive and the maximum itself will actually get quite hot. It’s when you have, when it’s charging, meaning that’s using your iPhone. When it’s charging via Mac safe will be quite more difficult than just using it when it’s charging via lightning. Now if Apple manages to match or even exceed the speed of charging by a lightning by using a future version of Mac safe, then maybe I would say it will be worth it, but even then, why, why switch?

Just so that he can make your phone more water resistance. Like, I mean, take a look at the iPhone twelves right now. There are water resistant up to six meters, which is the most of any phone. And while delighting port doesn’t need to take up some space inside a phone. It is not like Apple will be able to include a massive battery just by removing that lining pores.

Maybe they will be able to increase the battery size by like 20 milliamps or something like that. But that’s pretty much it. So why Mac safe instead of USB type C? Well, I did talk about his in many prior reviews throughout the years. And essentially every time a third-party manufacturer sells a lighting accessory, it needs to pay Apple a commission and total is actually adds up to a few billion dollars per year in revenue for Apple.

If there were to switch to USB type C, they would actually lose all of that revenue. And yes, they, um, have switched to USB type C on the Macs and the iPads, but that wasn’t because those devices only made Apple a fraction of wads. The iPhone accessories made them. So the profit from third-party lightning, accessory makers mostly comes from iPhone related accessories.

If Apple switches entirely to Mac save, which they’ve already started pushing this year, they could not only keep that revenue, but also increase it as Mac Maxine also allows Apple to get a commission. Uh, from Maxine cases and max save car mounts and you know, a lot more things. Whereas lightning only allowed Apple to take a commission.

From a cables and audio accessories. So only one iPhone model. According to John Prosser, we’ll be removing the charging port rather than all four models. And it is very likely that in 2022, all I-phones will be moving to Mac safe. Which iPhone model will that be? Well, I would say it is very likely going to be the iPhone 12 pro max, but let me know in the comments, which iPhone model do you think will drop delighting ports next year?

And what do you think about. Well, all of this, and finally, you’re all probably wondering how will next year’s iPhones be calls? Will they be called yet from 13 or the iPhone 12 S or something entirely different? Personally? I would say that they will very likely going to be called the iPhone 13. Apple has gone back and forward on the S line to the point where I honestly do believe that the S models are now dead.

You know, the iPhone 3g has an S model, the iPhone four, five, and six. They also had an S model. The iPhone seven did not the iPhone eight, the knots, the iPhone 10 did, but then the iPhone 11 that knots and Apple just switched to the iPhone 12. So judging by the fact that we only had one S models in scaffold success in 2015, which was doubtful in tennis, I would say that he asked naming scheme.

Is dead, which I think is a good thing, because that simply makes consumer thing that, Oh, this is actually a big upgrade. Whereas an S model might make them think that the improvements are minor, even though sometimes they actually have been quite significant in the past. But yeah. Let me go to comments.

What do you guys think about everything that I talked about in this review? And don’t forget about a PSI giveaway, which is still going. And like I said, it ends in just a few days, if please subscribe and hit the bell like honey, if you wanna see more leaks and rumors and more in-depth tech reviews like this one, hopefully was.

There’s actually a lot to be excited about despite the fact that it’s technically an S year. So new design on the lens of potentially no port without 120 Hertz, smaller notch in screen touch ID and so much more to discuss.

Now I’ve been gone for a while. I’m sure COVID has ruined many of your guys’s lives as well. And yeah, I’ll just leave it at that. I’m excited to be back at it. And in particular, the iPhone by fixation my obsession with improving it and seeing it happen in real time, it just, I can’t describe it, but I love the iPhone so much.

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All right, let’s get into the iPhone 13 stuff first or report for maca Takara detailing the iPhone 13 lineups. So overall it will be very similar for devices. Same form factors. They will be slightly thicker 0.26 millimeters, which is practically unnoticeable. All the cases will likely still work with the new iPhones, except for the fact that the iPhone 12 pro the 6.1 inch model will be adopting the size of the lens from the iPhone 12 pro max.

So those will be sharing a lens now. Which is a considerable camera bump. I haven’t been loving my 12 Promax by the way. And most notable in this report, max ACARA is saying the iPhone thirteens are getting a new look when it comes to the lens. They’re likening it to the 2021 iPad pro, which by the way, recently calves have leaked and it’s changing just a little bit.

Speaker ports, also the camera lens. So essentially it’s going to be a flat bump on the camera lens. It will be raised by 0.9 millimeters. And eliminating the protrusions, that individual camera bumps for a flat solid surface, likely to be broken by microphone hole or flash lens. Otherwise on broken, they’re saying Sapphire glass here.

Now, how it’ll sit on top of the already existing glass in the back of the iPhone. We don’t know. So we put a metal border around it in our renderings. I think it looks fantastic. Very clean Johnny Ives, vision of a flat slab of glass. Further being fulfilled here. And if Apple were to keep very slight protrusions like they did on the 20, 20 iPad pro that’s what it would look like.

I personally don’t like that. I could see them going to just completely flat now whether or not it’ll have a completely dark coding is up for grabs, but I’m willing to bet that that’s what Apple has been saving that technology for. So it was a reported by minchi quo, couple of years back, maybe on the 13 pros, Apple will be darkening that entire slab.

To minimize the look of the lenses of themselves. Give it a very monolithic look, I’d say so using these indications, we very well might have our first look at the iPhone 13 pro design. And if you have any doubts, actually pattern we’ve noticed is Apple leaves hints in their CAD files, the original iPhone 11 pro CAD file that leaked had the mic.

Placed to the right as if it were to have a lighter sensor and one particular version of the iPhone. 12 mini CAD had a completely flat surface and flat slab of glass on top no individual cutouts. So I’m pretty sure Apple was testing this design on the 12 pro since it’s a more blocky shape, a more blocky lens.

Makes sense. Apple uses this dark coding on the rear. It’s only natural then of course they’d want to use it on the front too, as it was reported earlier by Jeff poo. Now, at this point, we’re not entirely sure whether or not the 13 and 13 mini will also get this new lens look, but the fact that they’re all getting a lighter sensor now, so the entire iPhone 13 lineup will have a lighter sensor.

That’s becoming a bigger priority for Apple. It’s implied that the lens would look the same. Or to match the lineup. Now, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg published a massive report on Apple’s intentions for 2021 and detailed the iPhone. So let’s get into that one, a lot of juicy details here. Uh, government begins saying internally, Apple employees are referring to this iPhone release as an S cycle.

So not necessarily a big deal. Faster cause medically improved possibly, which makes sense with the lens. But then it goes on to say that touch ID is still actively being tested for 2021 launch. So it’s very possible that iPhone thirteens maybe restricted to the pro models will have in-screen touch ID.

And that makes more sense than ever of course, with the pandemic life with masks, you also elaborates that face ID isn’t going anywhere. If Apple releases in screen touch ID face ID is also staying so potentially even more security or you can pick one or the other German goes on saying Apple is still talking about removing the port on one or potentially couple iPhone models this year.

And like who were reported earlier, at least one of the 13 models. The 13 pro max will come without a port. So fully wireless future may be coming right. Early and, uh, with mag safe, that was a step in that direction potentially to be improved with this next year’s iPhone. But I mean, eventually it’s going to happen.

Apple might just want to bite the bullet and make it happen sooner. And a quick sidetrack to the future government reports that Apple is still actively testing foldable I-phones they have several different types. One in particular is an iPhone 12 pro max sized version, 6.7 inches. At folds down the middle.

So compact, like the galaxy Z flip, and this one has a visible hinge, very similar to current foldables so nothing too crazy about it. He says that if Apple were to release a foldable, they’d be years away from doing so. And it’s likely that Apple might never release one at all. Going back to the iPhone 13 more good news, a smaller notch.

Max McCarter reports that this is the year. This one finally Apple will be making that notch smaller by combining several components, which face ID consists of into one, bringing up some room for them to move the components upwards. And in accordance with this smaller notch, 120 Hertz has once again, been confirmed by the elect.

Apple will be using exclusively Samsung panels. To bring LTPO displays to the iPhone, which may potentially enable an always on screen feature, but it’s not guaranteed to do so as the Apple watch series four had an LTPO display, but it wasn’t until the series five that always on came into play. Battery life is a big factor here.

I think 120 Hertz is something alone to be very excited about for the iPhone 13. Did you times also reports that sensor shifts stabilization, so that tech exclusive to the 12 pro max on the wide angle lens will be coming to the entire iPhone 13 lineup likely to their wide angle lenses. I mean, to quote, meanwhile says there won’t be any major changes coming to the standard wide lens.

On the iPhone 13 pro models, uh, it’s a very vague report, but essentially most of the changes will be on the ultra wide sensor, which he previously reported is getting auto-focus a six piece element lens and an even larger aperture at 1.8 from the current 2.4 and older tidbit I missed from John Prosser.

I filmed 13 models. We’ll have a one terabyte size option. I have yet to fill up even half of five 12, but it’s going to be good to have also, according to Barclays analysts, the iPhone 13 lineup will be adopting the new wifi six East standard, which introduces the six gigahertz band. So freeing up more bandwidth along with all of the existing wifi six improvements and an older report from Germann says that Apple has begun to work on its own in-house 5g modem.

It will only see the light of day in 2025. Due to licensing agreements with Qualcomm. Finally, almost every chip in the iPhone will be developed in house by Apple. It makes you quote reports that the iPhone 13 will resume its normal release schedule. So announcement in September, potentially release in September or October, it will not be delayed.

Like the iPhone 12 lineup was according to digit times. Apple is finally getting into gallium nitride. Long overdue. This technology will allow them to shrink their chargers substantially potentially up to 35, maybe 50% now, as for the Silicon powering the future of the iPhone, the Apple a 16 and 2023 is predicted to be four nanometers.

More recently, TSMC is actively testing three nanometers it’s possible, and we’ll likely release later this year. Early next year, Apple will be using five nanometers plus though for the Apple eight, 15, a different source says that we’ll be seeing three nanometers for the Apple eight 16, which would be even more advanced beyond that quantum processing.

Anyone want to take a guess one? We’ll see it in an iPhone 20, 50, 20, 60, 20, 70 will we be alive? And lastly, there’s been a lot of buzz about an Apple car. Some are reporting it’ll launch in 2024, both Mark Gurman and mainsheet core saying. Not likely at least for half a decade, potentially seven years, but there is some breakthrough technology that Apple has been working on it there.

Now some of this stuff you might’ve heard, but there’s also a lot of new info here as well. And yes, none of this is official until Apple tells it to us, but the rumors incredible leakers have been pretty accurate over the years. Now we know the iPhone 12 was the new big redesign in 2020. So don’t expect much to change with the design.

This year, the 2021 iPhone lineup is expected to come in the same four screen sizes as last year with a 5.4 inch mini. Two 6.1 inch I-phones and then the larger one being 6.7 inches, one of the 6.1 inch models. And then the 6.7 inch model will be pro models again. So that four model lineup will remain exactly the same size wise.

Reports from sources inside, Apple have already said, it’s going to be more like a 12 S type of phone, but there is no official name. Yet most of us are calling it the iPhone 13. So that’s what we’re going to call it, but that’s not good luck. So it’s one of those unknowns that doesn’t really matter. Now.

Here’s what could be different Apple leaker Minky quo reported back in 2019 that Apple would release a high end iPhone in 2021 that had no ports at all. Now the biggest design change we could see in 2021 is Apple offering a high-end model iPhone that’s completely pointless for the first time ever. We know Johnny Ives still has his DNA all over Apple products.

And back in 2016. The wall street journal reported that he expressed his desire for the iPhone to appear like a single sheet of glass. Now, with the introduction of Mac safe on the iPhone 12 family, that finally creates a pathway to charge an iPhone without using any ports at all. And Johnny’s dream could finally be realized with him no longer at the company.

Now this poreless iPhone would most likely use Mac safe and she charging, and we’re all hoping it charges at a faster rate this time, but we don’t know that yet. Another rumor has thrown out the idea that Apple could adopt a smart connector, similar to what’s found on the iPad pro it could possibly be used for the 2021 iPhone that would still allow for charging data transfer and sinking without a lightning port.

Now this new poreless iPhone, if it happens is rumored to only be for one model and not across the entire line. But what could removing the port make space for maybe it makes space internally for a new component or larger battery. It’s also an open port that can allow the iPhone to be even more waterproof because the iPhone 12, it currently has an IP 68 rating that allows it to officially last for 30 minutes, under six meters of water, which is close to 20 feet.

We’ve already seen iPhone survive for much longer than that underwater. But I don’t think having improved underwater photography at greater depth than that is going to be a major selling point that most people care about at all, most people. And the one thing that I’ve wanted them to bring back is touch ID Bloomberg’s Martin German recently reported Apple has been testing an in-screen touch ID, fingerprint reader.

That would be another major change that you physically won’t be able to see. And who could they go to for this component? Well, Qualcomm would arguably be the best supplier because the recent Samsung galaxy S 21 lineup uses Qualcomm’s latest second generation ultrasonic in display fingerprint sensor.

It has a larger detection area captures more biometric data and is 50% faster than last year sensor. And identify as fingerprints, even when they’re wet. Now I’ve used it extensively and it’s the most responsive in-screen sensor that I’ve used on any phone to date. I mean, it’s really impressive. And it would be just like a perfect fit for this in display touch ID.

If Apple goes that route and if they can pair their security to it as well, it also makes sense since a lot of us are wearing masks these days as well. And you know, I’ve missed touch ID because of how reliable and FASA was for me. If there was one feature that I’d love this iPhone 13 and a half, it’s this, and it’s even more important than a Portland’s iPhone.

To me. Other design changes that are more subtle well, multiple reports, including the latest from digit times. Say the iPhone 13 will feature a redesigned face ID system that will make the notch at the top smaller in size. And yes, we’ve heard this rumor even for the iPhone 12. So believe it or not, we’re still getting a notch in 2021.

And you know, it comes in handy at times, but it’s still an eyesore for me. I mean, you all know how deeply I’ve felt about it for years. So I’ll stop complaining, but this year could see both face ID and touch ID together on an iPhone. The new design will integrate some of the true depth camera components together, similar to the LIDAR scanner in the back of the camera on iPhones right now to enable smaller knocks sizes.

According to the report, now that LIDAR scanner or reportedly be expanded to all of the iPhone 13 lineup camera systems in 2021 as well. And then since we’re talking about cameras, we know our phones are our cameras and recent leaks revealed some of the improvements that we can expect. The new iPhone 13 we’ll continue using Apple’s seven P lens that increases light transmittance and then improves image quality.

That was used in the iPhone 12 family, but did the times reports iPhone 13 pro models will have a larger CMOs image sensor that will bring resolution improvements while the iPhone 13 non-pro models will have the same sensor from the 12 and the 12 pro models. Now there had been rumors that the last year’s iPhone 12 would bring a 48 or 64 megapixel camera, but.

That never happens. So maybe we finally see it in the iPhone 13. Now last year’s iPhone 12 pro max was also the only one to have the new sensor shift image stabilization feature. And it made a difference in some of my tests, but it just really wasn’t enough for me to really miss it. When I had a regular 12 pro did the times reports this year’s entire iPhone 13 lineup will have the sensor shift capability for their wide lens.

It’s a feature Apple touted is only being available on DSLR cameras and. It was a first for an iPhone on the iPhone 12 pro max. And that’s just a welcome improvement for the iPhone 13 camera family. Plus the ultra wide lens will reportedly get an upgrade from a five P lens to a six P lens. That’s bringing better image quality by absorbing more light and capturing better pictures for the ultra wide camera this year.

Now the biggest thing that I’m concerned with this iPhone 13, and it’s not that it’s bad because obviously the cameras, one of the best things about this phone. But just how far it’s trailing behind Samsung when it comes to a 10 X optical zoom and features like macro focus in the galaxy as 21 ultra, I mean, that phone is an absolutely impressive beast of a camera system, which has so much versatility.

And then with this current design, the iPhone 13 lineup might have what, maybe a two and a half or three times optical zoom at best. That’s just really weak. And I know there are plenty of users who don’t even care. Quite honestly, like a majority of users are just going to make their next upgrade to an iPhone, no matter what.

But these are just huge camera innovations. The iPhone doesn’t have an, we don’t see anything even close to a 10 X optical zoom coming to the iPhone. Anytime soon. It’s kind of a bummer. Now, two things we absolutely see coming and all new chip for the iPhone 13 lineup that will use a five nanometre plus process and is expected to bring even better performance in case the iPhone.

Wasn’t fast enough for you. And I still love to see more application, just take advantage of this power, but you know, what might make the iPhone feel even faster and smoother? Well, the long rumored 120 Hertz refresh rate is expected to finally. Come to the iPhone, but it might not be available for all models.

Now, Apple expecting to bring Ola displays with low power LTPO back plane technology that allows them to take advantage of the 120 Hertz refresh rate. The display tech turns, individual pixels on and off, and allows for better battery life as well. So it appears that only the two pro models are expected to get the promotion display tech in the iPhone 13 lineup.

And I love having it on my iPad pro. To me, it wasn’t a big deal that it was missing on the iPhone 12 pro because the iPhone just runs really smooth already. I mean, I completely welcome 120 Hertz because it’s going to bring a smoother experience that will be noticeable for some, and then completely non-existent to others who aren’t even looking for it.

Now, I think that it’s a nice to have and more than anything, it just checks off a box that other competitors have had for years. Plus the iPhone is still expected to bring 5g using Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon X, 60. Third gen 5g modem. Apple might also manufacture 2021 iPhones with a single 5g ban that works on either millimeter wave or sub six gigahertz networks, but not both to save money in countries where a millimeter wave 5g isn’t set up yet.

Now millimeter wave 5g. Wasn’t an option for international versions. Of the iPhone 12. And finally, we’re also expecting wifi six E for the first time in the new iPhones that allows them to take advantage of the six gigahertz band capabilities and increase the bandwidth. So that is everything we know about.

The upcoming iPhone 13 lineups so far expect pretty much the same design with the same screen sizes for a four phone lineup, like 20, 20, the potential for a completely poreless pro model, uh, maybe a smaller notch and possibly in display touch ID improvements to the camera system with a lighter scanner on all models.

And then the sensor image stabilization feature across the board. 120 Hertz refresh rates finally coming to the iPhone 13 pro models. And then the latest. Eight 15 processor, 5g and wifi, six E connectivity. And these are all nice incremental improvements, but this does absolutely feel more like a 12 S year.

And that’s normal with Apple’s upgrade cycle these days. So. I’d love to know what stands out for you out of all these features. Like what phone are you using right now? And is this an upgrade year for you or not? I mean, are you excited about this year’s phone or are you going to wait for next year’s model?

Let me know in the comments, because I will read like 99.9% of them, except for the guy who keeps saying that I wear lipstick, but I don’t, but he still likes paying attention to my lips. But that’s everything we know right now about the iPhone 13 lineup. Thanks to anchor for sponsoring this article. You’ve got to check out the anchor nano it’s a fast charger that charges three times faster than the I-phones original five watt charger.

Get up to 53% battery juice in just 30 minutes. It’s super compact and portable measuring in at just over one inch on each side. And Wayne, about the same as a AA battery. A fast charger of this size is exactly what I need when I’m on the go. And it can charge all your devices with this single ultra portable charger.

My final thoughts

So at the end of the day, I am personally really looking forward to the iPhone 13, mostly for those camera improvements. But I just wish that those improvements were bigger as we don’t have smartphones with a gigantic sensor, which can give you suburb that full fields. Again, we have smart phones with 10 X optical zoom, macro modes.

And it just seems like even with those camera improvements that we’re getting, or the ones that we’re hoping to get based on the leaks, even those would be for behind when compared to a competition in terms of camera features. So yeah, learning the comments. What do you guys think? Are you excited for the iPhone 13 or you think that this will be more of like a 12 S release. If you have enjoyed this article, definitely subscribe. Hit the like button and yeah. Thanks for watching. It’s enough tech sending out .

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