Here is How Apple AirPods Max Blew My Mind


Exactly What You Want to Know AboutĀ Apple AirPods Max

These are the brand new AirPods max, I haven’t really opened the box yet, so I’m going to do it live in this video, and we also have a few other topics which I’m going to cover such as some updates on the galaxy S 21, some updates on the Apple watch series seven and the future of the Apple watch. And of course, some, uh, updates on what’s happening with cyberpunk.

This review is sponsored by LG. And they’re brand new LG tone, free FM seven wireless earbuds. They feature a very elegant and premium design would one of the smallest cases I’ve ever seen for wireless earbuds, they have great active noise canceling with premium Meridian audio sounds to delivery, clear vocals and a powerful base.

And with a UV mantle lights built right into the case, which kills 99.9% of the bacteria out of the speaker grills. IPX for water resistance and a great, comfortable fits. I would highly recommend these to any of you. What are your using iOS or Android? Check them out using the link below. Okay. So let’s quickly inbox.

AirPod Max
Apple AirPods Max beaytiful image

This is can probably tell this to the standard Apple box, which has this full tab right here. And there we go. This is a very unique unboxing experience. I have to say, this is new for Apple, this new cardboard box design, but there we go. These are the AirPods max. I obviously have to get the space gray model.

So on the front, we have an image of the actual AirPods on the right. We have an Apple logo. On the left. We have another Apple logo AirPods max on the sides, and this actually matches the color of the earth that’s inside. So it actually shines in space gray. And then on the back, we get an image of the, uh, AirPods max with that smart case, which you’ll see in just a second, by the way, it’s actually not that smart.

Okay. So let me just remove the plastic wrap.

And there go the AirPods max. So they actually come in this. Wow. These are heavy. Wow guys. So they come in the, um, the spar case right out of the box. Let me just put it to the side for just one second. See what else we get inside. Uh, so we get a booklet designed by Apple in California, and let’s see what we get inside of this.

So AirPods, max, um, it basically tells you how to connect them to the iPhone. How to, um, adjust the volume, stuff like that. And it tells you all about the buttons and let’s see the other side noise control. Yeah. So these are just the basics of using the AirPods max, but they’re pretty easy to use. So this is basically everything you need to know.

And then we got the warranty and the safety guy, and, uh, we do not get any Apple stickers as. With all the Apple accessories, we then get a USB type C two lightening cable. So unfortunately these do not have USB type C to have lightning as they’re supposed to be an iPhone accessory, and not a Mac or an iPad accessory, which is quite sad, but that’s pretty much everything we get inside a box there’s no charger or anything else.

Okay. So let’s take a quick look at the Earth’s maximum cells and there are a few things that’ll be, triangled such as, uh, how the smart case works. Uh, can you actually pair these with Android and a lot of stuff? So definitely stay tuned for that. Um, texting goes into this review and we get this paper foil, which protects the smart case.

Okay. So first quick impressions of the smart case. It’s, it’s really bad. Like this is so flimsy, honestly, and it’s literally the same material as the back of those iPad smart cases, which gets munched extremely quickly. So it’s pretty much the same thing. Um, so not a fan of this also you have to have them in, um, In a smart case, if you want to put them in little car modes and there’s no actual R off button on these, now, something really cool about these that I’ve just noticed is that they automatically go into pairing mode once I’ve removed the smart case.

It can probably tell by that led light indicator on the bottom, which flashes whites. And is there just protective? Pads. Okay. So let me take a quick look at the actual design. This is by the way, the first time of me seeing these in person. So, uh, the really, really high quality. So they feel super, super premium, super high-end.

They do feel expensive. I got to say that. So, um, yeah, they’re honestly the most premium feeling headphones I’ve ever held in my hands. So that’s, you know, that’s good right now. Unfortunately, a lot of reviewers were saying, I think that these are quite heavy, which I’ll be testing and just the second, but there we go.

We have left them ride the actual symbols, which are embedded into the ear ear Cubs. Unfortunately, these were supposed to have automatic switching for the ear Cubs, which, uh, you know, that didn’t happen because Apple has rushed ease. Also the, uh, ear Cubs themselves are removable. They’re go quite easily.

Uh, they won’t fall off by the way, the magnets are quite strong in case you’re wondering, there are much stronger than Mac safe and you can buy it. Uh, extra ones and replace them with different color. If that’s something that you want to do. And usually every two years or so, you want to replace these because they will get the formed over time.

So, uh, the seal will be effected because of that. Right. Let’s take a look at the buttons. So there is no Apple logo at all on these, uh, we have these a telescopic. This telescopic frame. Uh, it’s not too adjustable by the way. So this is the maximum, then you can raise it. So if you have a massive, massive head, they might not fit comfortably for you.

I know some headphones actually extend a bit more than just this, um, art and depths in terms of the actual buttons. We have two microphone ports on the top. I’m not sure if you can see that we have the digital crown right here, which is bigger than on the Apple watch, by the way, like triple the size. Um, we then have the.

Side button, which acts as a noise canceling button. And this is also the pairing button, which I’ll show you in a second. We have another microphone port here. Uh, we have a lightning charging cable on the bottom, uh, and that’s the led indicator and that’s pretty much shit aren’t in that is just microphone ports.

And yeah, so it’s a very simplistic design that they look really, really good in person. So let me just try them on.

Well, okay, so they’re not parody ads. This is interesting. I’m not sure if noise-canceling is on because the seal is just incredible. They’re actually very comfortable. Again, I’ll need to use these for a longer period of time, but first impressions they’re really, really comfortable. Also the pairing process is quite easy.

Just bring them close to your iPhone, and then you get to this, uh, this tutorial and how to use them some noise control. You have the bud, which feels amazing by the way. Uh, then you have the media controls crown, which has the same resistance as on the Apple watch. By the reason it’s quite easy to scroll.

And that’s pretty much it’s. You can also use Siri by invoking it’s with, you know, the special commands and, you know, it’s a very, very similar experience to the AirPods and the AirPods pro. Okay. I’m just going to give a spatial audio, a try. So, uh, let me see. This would be left. See, and hear how it works.

So that’s stereo audio. Okay. And now I’m going to try spacial audio. Okay. Interesting. So I get this 7.1. This is something that you also have on the AirPods pro by the way. Uh, and it’s amazing for watching videos and just listening to music really, but it only works in specific contents. So you have to be using Apple TV and Apple music, and it’s not like you get this in every single.

Um, so I’m going to every single movie. So yeah, overall it, they sound pretty good. Let me just play some music and, uh, test it out. Right. So I’m just going to try seven nation army because this one has a lot of bass, so let’s see. Does it actually sound okay? The base is really, really strong. Okay, let me just skim this a bit.

That’s pretty good guys. Yeah, it’s pretty good. Yeah. I’m impressed. The vocals are extremely clear. Yeah. And the bass is just super, super realistic. So, you know, some quality, really good. Definitely the best over the head headphones that I’ve used, but I’m not a big iPhone user anyways. So, you know, I’m probably not the best person to, uh, to give you an answer on this, unfortunately, and now I’m quickly going to try a podcast, uh, which is actually podcast, which I highly recommend.

Okay. The vocals are amazing really, really, really good. Now I got to say the difference coming from the AirPods pro isn’t gigantic. It’s not as big as I was expecting, but. It’s they’re still amazingly sound great. And if you’re into music or even just listening to podcasts and you want a more premium experience, then these are really good.

Also the noise canceling. Holy smokes. So this is Trent. Wow. Okay. This is transferency mode. Wow. This is amazing. So transparency mode, just like on the AirPods pro it uses the microphones to capture the audio. Uh, that’s happening, you know, outside and you feel like you don’t have the headphones on, at least, at least with these ones it feels, or, yeah, it’s just so much more realistic.

It’s, it’s hard to explain, but it’s such an improvement over the transparency mode, all in the AirPods pro also it seems to be three 60. So if I. Standby fingers behind me. We do have microphones all around the headphones, so you can actually hear what’s happening behind me, which is really, really cool.

It’s like, I honestly it’s like not having them on or almost as close. So they’re really good in terms of that. And then once I activate noise canceling, then uh, there we go. I can barely hear a thing. I can slightly hear my voice, but the difference is pretty. Pretty massive. Okay. So first impressions, like I said, they sound, they sound very, really good.

Noise-canceling is amazing. Transparency mode is even more impressive, but the thing is they’re really expensive. And personally, I’m not really into overhead headphones myself, and they do have quite a lot of disadvantages too. Like the fact that, Oh, they’re not collapsible, so they’re not that easy to carry around.

And yes, you do have this stupid, smart case. Uh, wait, wait, the thing is, if you. If you want to turn these off, you have to put them in the smart case, because otherwise, if you just leave it on the desk, they will discharge. They will enter low hormone, uh, after two hours. But that means that they will drain two hours of battery, which is, you know, quite.

Bad. Also, they do not have USB type C, which is a big downside. They’re not water resistant or even moisture resistant. So you plan on using these for, I don’t know, going to the gym, they’re not the best idea. Also, like I said, they’re heavier than other headphones. Also, if you plan on using these at the gym, or even when you’re using Apple fitness plus, which has now launched.

AirPods Max
brand new Apple AirPods Max picture

They’re not the best idea because they’re still quite heavy when compared to something like an AirPods, the rigger AirPods, or the AirPods pro. Now you’re probably wondering how on earth do you said he’s up with an Android phone and you can actually do that. So it’s quite easy. You just hold the, uh, noise canceling butts and you hold it for a few seconds just until the lights on the bottom.

We’ll start blinking. And that’s when you’ll know that they are in pairing mode, as you can see, uh, this is the light by the way. So it’s a pretty easy process. Now, the downside is that right? Just like with the AirPods and Nearpods pro, if you use these on Android, you won’t get a, the features like auto-play, obviously you’ve got, you won’t get a Siri support at all, or even Google assistant, of course.

So you won’t get any smart assistance and noise-canceling still works, but I always found that the sound quality. Uh, when using AirPods on an Android phone is nowhere near as good as on iOS and even the volume, like all the air pods on Android, they’re quite quiet for some reason.

Uh, but my point here is I’ll be taking these with me on holiday and I’ll be properly testing these. And then, uh, Once I’m back in January, we’ll be doing a full review on these, especially if you guys want to see that, it’s definitely let me know in the comments and leave a like on this review and we’ll be doing that early.

Next year. Okay. Next topic. We have the Samsung galaxy as 21. Um, and we do have some pretty awesome, uh, updates on that. So first things first, we’ve actually seen some benchmarks, the very first benchmarks of the galaxy S 21. And as you can probably tell, uh, the score is quite a bit lower than on something like the iPhone 12 pro as expected.

And by the way, this is coming from a, the Exodus. 21 hundreds of the new processor that yes, 21 will have. Also, why is it called 2100 when the previous one was nine 90? Like the naming schemes today on pretty much all the products or most of the products are so, so bad. Now the geek one score is of the snapshot and variants also got leaks and these were a bit higher, but still not as high as on something like an iPhone 12, also the central and isn’t called the eight 75, but the 888 instead.

Not the average headphone

Why we do not know, but like I said, naming schemes are just so confusing and it’s really difficult to keep track of what the next model will be when they keep changing their numbers like that. Speaking of the S 21, um, apparently it will have an aspect. We’ve seen some links on this, uh, before and now this has been officially confirmed by Samsung that one of the models will support as Ben, uh, likely the S 21 ultra.

However, it will not happen to get it Aspen slots, butts. You can buy an SPN separately and then you can use it. Well, the Estonian ultra, which I think is pointless. Like the whole idea is just having that Espen, uh, easily accessible all the time, which we won’t have when yes, when you want ultra. But at least if you have an S bed laying around from an old note or something, you can use it on this phone and we’ve seen more and more reports that Samsung will actually be launching these, or at least announcing it is Ana January, which is quite unexpected.

Usually sensing events have been in February, mid February, or even the end of February, but this will be in January. Uh, the second week of January to be more specific also, um, there was a rumor that we might not get a charger inside a box. So we just quite funny because Samsung mocked Apple for the fact that it didn’t have a charger.

And the iPhone 12 boxes, um, that was in October and I was just a few months from now. They might remove the charger. Now this is not confirmed yet, but there is a chance that it might actually happen. And now some updates on the Apple watch series seven. So, uh, we’ve had any patents, uh, leaked by patently Apple that shows that Apple is interested in actually adding touch ID into the Apple watch.

Now you would expect this to be an in display fingerprint reader, but now this is literally. On the side butts and not a crown, but a side button. Okay. But why what’s the points? Well, you will be able to unlock the Apple watch using touch ID by just holding your finger right there, which is, you know, faster than typing in a passcode and you will be able to use it for Apple pay, which again will be more secure that way.

At the end of the day, I think it’s a cool idea, but I would just prefer to have it built into the display itself. And then I also think that adding stuff like, Oh, more health wanting sensors and maybe even a new design, like a circle design, which I’ve been requesting for many years now. I think that’s way more important than just adding a finger and reader, which will speed up the unlocking process by like one second or so.

I don’t know. That’s just what I think. Let me go to comments. What do you guys think? And now let’s talk about cyberpunk, which, uh, well, you all know how it runs. So on the current gen consoles and by current gen, I mean, PS4, PS4, pro X-Box one and Xbox one X, it runs, it runs pretty bad. So it runs at sub seven, 20 P sub seven 20 P guys on the Xbox one and the PS4, which is just unacceptable.

Apple AirPods Max Technical Details

Um, it runs at 10 ADP. On the PS4 pro and the Xbox one X, but with sub 30 FPS. So you’re getting like 25, 27 or even lower, which again is really bad. Um, and then, you know, you would expect this to run at something like four K on the PS4 and Xbox series X, because they have so much power, but now they just run a TDP 60 and that’s it.

A PS five runs at a bit higher than tending to P resolution. The Xbox series X runs at 10 80 P 60 or a, I believe it’s quad HD 30, but yeah, you’ve all seen the memes and. This is so disappointing because this was a game that was teased for so many years. It’s been in development for more than seven years now.

And I don’t know, it was just disappointing. Like initially I thought that city projects Fred’s team was quite small, but it’s actually quite massive. They have over a thousand employees. And what do you realize that? Oh, over a thousand people were working on this for the past seven years and the thing is the game was actually developed.

With a PS4 and the Xbox one in mind, I was actually announced before the PS4 and Xbox one were announced. So you would expect this game to run amazing on the PS4 and yak bucks one, but, uh, it doesn’t runs horribly. And the thing is you need a high end gaming PC to be able to run this game. At any acceptable settings, um, for example, tech hub, that actually very good video, uh, comparing the performance on different is.

And if you take a look at this graph here on a RTX 30 90, which is the world’s most powerful GPU, uh, would everything maxed out and runs right? At 24 frames per second guys, 24 on the world’s most powerful GPU. Now it is a good looking game, but it’s nowhere near as good looking as, uh, something like Microsoft flight SIM.

In my opinion, at least that’s the way more detailed. Now, obviously you can turn on the LSS mode, uh, and in quality, which actually looks almost identical to native. You can get up to 42 APS, but again, this is on the world’s most powerful GPU. So that’s really disappointing. And then if you increase the LSS to balance sort of, and performance, which will degrade the visual quality, uh, I believe for performance, it’s using a 1440 P image.

Um, so, and it’s upscaling that before case it’s still upscaled. It won’t be as sharp, but you’re getting 60 FPS. So. I dunno. I feel like it’s just disappointing that a game that was so hype and development for so many years and by so many people just didn’t get optimized for well, anything really? CD Projekt, red released the statements.

AirPod Max
latest Apple AirPods Max photo

That’s a, there are sorry that they didn’t pay attention to PS4 and Xbox one users. But it’s, you know, it’s not like being paying attention to a PS, five users or Xbox series X, you know, friends really bad on literally anything, uh, even worse on console ready now, I’m pretty sure that, you know, they, they, they will be releasing updates and it will get fixed over time, but we still do not have a dedicated PS five version.

This is still the PS4 version running it backwards, compatibility. Same for the X-Box. And we don’t know when those versions will be out likely 20, 21, like they said, but. You know, knowing CD Projekt red, it’s like, it’d be like 20, 20 or something the late again. So I know, let me know in the comments, what do you guys think?

And if you’ve actually tried it. What were your first impressions with the game and what platform did you actually play it on? And now it is giveaway time. So last week we give away something very special. So it was a cable that allows the charge, multiple devices. Uh, it was basically a splitter that splits a USB type, a.

Into a USB type C lightening micro has be pretty much everything and you could charge pretty much any device for that. And if you bought that cable, so we were giving weight too, but if you bought one at one pound would be donated to cancer research UK, and this week we’re giving away headphones, of course, because it’s, you know, it’s all about headphones.

Now, it took me a couple of days of listening and comparing. And taking notes, but I got it. So the original question when these headphones were surprise announced was why is Apple making $550 wireless noise, canceling headphones.

They better either sound incredible or have some kind of unreal feature to be worth that much over all the other headphones that we already know are good. Right? Well, here’s my take on where these fall. So there’s actually two types of high-end headphones, right? The first would be like reference type, like studio grade, actual production headphones.

So these are going to be lightweight. They’re going to have a super flat sound signature. You’re going to wear them for hours and hours on end. And you often need extra hardware, like a mini preamp or something like that to drive them. They’re geared for production. And then on the other side, there’s just.

Luxury listening. There’s just nice headphones. That sound great for music and podcasts and movies and, and all kinds of consumer oriented features. So you might have noise cancellation. They might be wireless. That’s the other type they’re geared for consumption. So now this new pair of very expensive headphones, I’m glad I didn’t call them AirPods studio because they land squarely in that second section of luxury listening.

And it was kind of confusing to pin them there at first because they do have a bunch of features and a bunch of really weird quirks that actually kind of resemble the other world. I’ll talk about those in a minute, but fact is these headphones check a set of boxes that no other set of headphones I’ve ever tested can claim to check.

It’s a really odd combination of pieces here, but let’s just start with the design right off the bat. It’s metal. So these headphones have aluminum ear cups that get cold to the touch when you’re outside in the winter and stainless steel headband frame here. And so right away, they’ve already started to differentiate themselves because virtually every other pair of high-end headphones or really any headphones out there.

Are made of plastic, but this metal build is dope. It’s got super tight tolerances. The ear cups are even this like satin finish, which I think would look even better as Matt black Apple. Why’d you send me the green one and the telescoping headband and doesn’t have notches, but it’s really smooth and it takes a lot of pull to move.

So it feels high quality too. And the button and the digital crown up top. Are super nice. They feel really high quality. So if the metal build is so great, why are these like the only pair of headphones doing the metal thing? Why are the rest of them all plastic? Well, turns out the reason you don’t see metal headphones very much is because all these other headphone companies have done the research.

And one of the primary factors for comfort for wearing headphones for a long time is their weight. And metal is heavy, much heavier than plastic. So they’ve all realized that, and they’ve all done plastic headphones because that’s so much more comfortable to wear for a long time. So this is something AirPods, max have to work around.

So they do their best with this really thin flexible mesh in the top band. That’s supposed to sort of evenly distribute some of the weight on top of your head, but there’s no getting around that. These are heavy headphones. It’s kind of like driving an electric car. If you keep it in a straight line. You can forget that it’s heavy, but as soon as you hit a corner, you remember it’s a heavy car.

And so for me, if I sit still with these headphones for awhile, I totally forget the weight. They just kind of sit on my head like a pillow, but the second I nod my head or stand up to look at something or look up. I remember they’re quite heavy for the numbers. People about 380 something grams versus 250 ish grams.

But you know what? These do a pretty great job with the metal. Compared to how it could have been. I have exactly one other pair of headphones that’s made completely of metal. And it’s these. Remember these, these are the beats pros 400 bucks, all metal headphones. And they bragged about how they’re all metal.

And these did a terrible job with it. These weigh 450 grams or something like that. They’re way heavier and. They’re about the least comfortable pair of headphones I’ve ever worn. They pinch you right on the credit underneath your ear. They’re on year. For some reasons that, of over ear harsh, they’re brutal.

They squeeze your head like a lot, unless your head is shaped like this, which it’s not. So yeah, it could have been a lot worse, but then some other quick design notes. There is no Apple logo anywhere on these headphones. So the design is actually, it’s actually kind of grown on me over the past few days.

It looks pretty clean. And like I said, Matt black would look pretty sweet. And also you should know there’s no sweat or water resistance here. So if you’re an athlete or if you’re looking to make these, your gym headphones, or you want to walk around the city while it’s raining or snowing or something like that.

Probably reconsider Apple went with over ear headphones here instead of on ear. And I definitely prefer this. The mesh ear cups with memory foam are nice and soft and very comfortable. And through long listening sessions, they’ve actually done better than leather. I listened to more than two, three hours in a row before my ears start to get hot and I needed a break, which is pretty great.

And that your cups are removable. Easily with magnets. Now this is a quirk. You pretty much never see in consumer headphones, but the fact is you really should be somewhat regularly replacing the actual ear cup part of your headphones that you keep for a long time. But most people never do, but here it makes sense.

You know, these are going to be metal headphones that will hopefully last you a long time, many, many years of use. But this piece that you want to stay the same will eventually compress and start to crack and get old and faded. You get a new pair. It keeps the driver the same distance from the ear, all that good stuff just by replacing it.

Now, Apple is going to sell you replacements for. 69 bucks, which is definitely overpriced. There’s no way they’re worth that much money, but I got to give them credit for the system here. At least they’re easy to replace and, uh, you can mix and match colors if you want to. The lack of touch controls. I think we’re a good call here on the AirPods Macs, Apple added a larger version of that digital crown from the Apple watch up top, but basically it’s just a fancy knob.

That you rotate for volume and press for media controls and it works great. It’s got really satisfying clicks and you can reverse the direction of the spin in iOS software if you want to. But all right, Marquez, they cost $550. They better sound like God himself whispering in my ear for that much money.

How do they sound? Well, they sound like luxury listening. Which is to say really, really good. Now, listen, I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not an audio file, like probably every other review at this time, but I’ve listened to a lot of headphones at this point. I know what I like. And these sound really good AirPods.

Max have these big 40 millimeter drivers behind those ear cups and they sound excellent. Super clear at all. Volumes. I was impressed by the ultra low distortion at high volumes too. And they do get loud enough that I should never need to listen at a hundred percent volume. I’m max out at probably 75 to 85%.

You obviously approached the limits of how good things can sound over wireless when you’re just listening to streaming services and Bluetooth. But with high quality Spotify streaming quality. I’m loving this solid punchy bass and even a little deep sub-base once in awhile, the instrument separation is great.

And the clarity through mids and highs in a variety of genres is great. Not fatiguing at all to listen to. Now, if you’re sitting and reading this review and thinking well, okay. What about some nice, higher bit rate local files? These headphones already? Aren’t for you. Like at that level that you’re talking about, you probably want, you end up getting some extra hardware.

So a nice preamp with some nice clean gain to power, some wired headphones, probably open back and some nice single source audio files with high bit rate. And by the time you get through all of that, that’s a very different level of commitment and work. Than someone who just wants to grab some wireless headphones.

So you would be getting some extra quality that you could hear out of that setup. Sure. But people listening to these headphones are, I’m going to be totally honest, listening to Spotify and Apple music and maybe title. But also some SoundCloud and YouTube and some, some podcasts and watching some movies.

So the sound quality is fantastic for that. The noise cancellation is also excellent. Now this, I kind of saw coming, but these nine microphones on here do a fantastic job with white noise. And with a surprisingly natural sound to it, sometimes noise canceling headphones can feel like there’s a bit of a pressure.

And I sound a little bit unnatural with it on, I found that these didn’t do much of that, whether it’s because of the mesh or the pass-throughs or the mix. Whatever. It’s all awesome. And obviously I haven’t gotten to fly with these yet, but it absolutely canceled out a vacuum cleaner, like three feet away from my head.

So I’m going to put these right up as matching the Sony XM fours as Kings of noise cancellation, and they should be great on a plane. And these headphones also have the best transparency mode I’ve ever heard. And, you know, obviously other noise canceling headphones will do this. They’ll have a mode where you can let ambient sound through.

So you can hear your environment. Someone calls you or someone, your bus stop gets read out loud or something like that. But these, for whatever reason are incredible, I can hear everything, but not just what things are being said, but where they’re coming from or somethings to my right to my left in front of me, behind me, a lot of other headphones have an ambient mode.

These are the King of that. So all of that translates to these being fun, to listen to there’s no latency or range issues anywhere with Bluetooth. So I’m able to walk around corners and even up and down stairs, away from my device without a drop. And also you might be wondering how the audio would sound with these nine microphones, picking up your voice and canceling out the background noise.

So this is how it would sound. It’s fine. That’s not a lot of background noise even this time, but if you’re on a zoom call or a FaceTime, and these are your microphone is what you’re going to get. All right. We got to talk about this case, this stupid case. I hate. Everything about this. I hate the way it looks.

I hate these sloppy kind of pointless slots across the bottom. I hate that the lightning port doesn’t quite line up at the bottom in that notch cut out. I hate that. They’re annoying to take the headphones out of quickly and they’re annoying to put the headphones back into. I hate that the magnet. Is kind of small in the lip and it’s kind of easy to miss sometimes, and it’s not as satisfying to slap it shut.

I hate that it doesn’t protect easily. The most delicate part of the headphones that needs protection, that mesh headband. I hate that it looks like a mini purse and I hate that. I know Apple thoroughly considered all this stuff. I hate that there’s no off button on these headphones and that it requires you to put them in this stupid case to trigger the low power mode.

So it doesn’t just burn through battery all the time. Now don’t get me wrong. The battery life on these headphones is fine. They do reach the advertise out, say 16 to 20 hours, even with noise cancellation on, and you can plug them in for five minutes and get an hour and a half of extra listening. So the battery is not a problem.

But this case is so stupid. It’s just, this is just a weird choice, very Apple-like choice to, to lock you into their magical solution for they turn on and they just work when you want them to, because now you have to use this case. Like, if I don’t want to use this case, when they sit out, they drain battery at about the same rate as when they’re on and playing music, whether they are playing or not, even though they know they’re not on your head and they’ll do that for about two hours, staying ready to go.

Until they automatically go into low power mode. But aside from that dumb case, there’s plenty of smart features built in here. The sensors inside we’ll know if they’re on your head or not, and we’ll auto play pause when you take them off and put them back on, you can hold that digital crown. You can talk to Siri, all you want.

She’ll read out your text messages and talk to you. And of course, all the awesomeness of AirPods pairing to every Apple device you have instantly. It’s still pretty sweet. So you can quickly switch between your Mac, your iPhone, and your iPad. If you have one solid and as some last little housekeeping stuff from those of you who left comments on the impressions article, what you wanted to know, uh, can you use these with Android just as normal Bluetooth headphones?

Yes, you can. But at this point you’re cutting off a lot of the smart features. So. Seems not worth it. Um, how the bleed, they do bleed a little bit. So if you’ve got these up at say 75, 85% volume or higher people around, you can actually hear what you’re listening to and do they still work when the battery is dead?

If they’re plugged in? Yes, they do. But at the end of the day, this all comes down to what you want headphones to do. So, like I mentioned, at the beginning of this review, there’s a separate section of high-end headphones that are. Reference grade professional production headphones. And you could use these for that, but I personally wouldn’t, I mean, these are not flat.

You can’t turn adaptive, ETQ off, you can’t turn the colorful sound off and it just doesn’t have the production stuff built in. They’re not wired, they’re not open back. They’re just, they’re not really for that. But what these are meant to do is deliver a great listening experience and with their awesome sound quality.

They do and what they’re sweet noise cancellation they do with their pretty cool spatial audio experience, which only works with iPhones and iPads for now, but is basically the same as a AirPods pro it’ll pick up on 5.1 7.1 and Dolby, Atmos, uh, sound sources. And we’ll sort of respond to your head placement based on where you’re at.

It’s awesome for movies. That is so great as a listening experience, uh, the wireless connection. Great for listening. I mean, all the stuff that they’ve built in the play pause stuff, all the volume controls it’s so that it’s a better listening experience and they do all this stuff with just a few gigantic quirks, sort of like a top three giant quirks, which are the stupid case, the metal build, which is a bit heavy and that price tag.

But if you are okay with those three things, and especially if you’re in Apple’s ecosystem, like we’ve talked about so many times, well, then he has a pretty dope headphones. Sounds kinda like a lot of other Apple products, right?

AirPods Max Luxury Listening!

Holy music, video vibes on the AirPods. Max. My goodness gracious. We have a new Apple product, many questions. My timeline is exploding with comments around these AirPods, max. No, they’re not going to be called the studio. They’re going to fall in line with those phone titles, with the, uh, pro max, but they’re not pro, but they didn’t get the pro.

They just got the max part, but it doesn’t really matter. The main thing here is now Apple is in the over ear headphone business. Prior to these, we had these, this little thing that to this day looks like some sort of tiny little dental floss and you see it everywhere. Then they came out with these ones right here.

These of course are the AirPods pro. They put the pro designation in there, and these things upgraded this experience. They added an ear design and some software functionality, including this spatial audio, which actually I wrote an entire article on. And it kind of, yeah.

I’ll be honest, it knocked my socks off. I was very happy with it. Now, these existed at a certain price point, they were premium, but not crazy premium. The new AirPods max, ladies and gentlemen are coming in at $549. Uh, for wireless Bluetooth headphones. That is very expensive. You will see many people in the tech space here on YouTube referencing these headphones right here.

These are the Sony XM series headphones. Uh, these ones are the XM fours, but the accent threes were great. I mean, I’ve been using these things forever and they have many of the features that Apple has now put into the AirPods, max, including transparency. If you want to hear your surroundings, including ETQ and of course, active noise cancellation is in there as well.

And then over a year design and the ability to use a wire, if you choose to now, one of the advantages these have they charge over you is B type C, which is a universal port. Those AirPods max are not going to do. And then here’s the most important part. These headphones exist. And in this universe, many people love these headphones.

However, you’re going to pay a lot less then what you’re going to pay for these AirPods. Max, in fact, let me just go and do a quick peak right now. Why don’t I Sony X, M before you could pick these up right now for $278 on sale. Now the original retail price was three 49, but two 78. That means these things.

Are almost half the price, actually less than half, right around half the price. So, so many questions right now. Yes, of course. I went ahead and ordered the AirPods max, but many of you right now are trying to figure out if you should. Pre-order well, because we’re already seeing those delivery dates slip as crazy is that South, it’s going to be some people sitting there saying, man for five 50, you’re crazy.

For five 50, I could get a PlayStation five. What am I doing with these headphones? Is it people in that camp as well saying. I got a smart phone ID pay five 54, and then you got people in the other camp, the enthusiasts deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem who say, this is exactly what I wanted. And here’s something that’s important to keep in mind.

This is an exclusive product. Part of the appeal of it is the knowing that most people won’t have it. The status though, luxury component. Now I’m not making an argument for the luxury component, but you can’t deny that it exists. And previously we experienced something much like that with the beats brand, which now seems to have shrunk a little bit.

Underneath the Apple organization it’s turned into. I dunno, more of a budget brand. The most recent release they put out was a more affordable wireless headset. And now this ultra-premium headset lives underneath the Apple brand. Could it be a stair or a step or a stool for the Apple brand to elevate itself within audio?

I mean, we’ve seen a success with the other AirPods products, so, so they do come in a number of different colors and it’s, I mean, Part of this is as much about styling. It’s as much about the apparel component, as, I mean, this is a thing that you wear any outside of your body and it’s allowed the headphone business and headphones segment to really develop in recent years as this representation of, uh, some kind of style for the individual that wears it.

They come in silver, black, blue, it’s like a sky blue. There’s also a pink and a green. And of course the colors are somewhat inspired. By the phone colors, because it would be very hard to believe that anyone would be in the market for these AirPods, max. And not be an iPhone owner. See, that’s the thing you have to H one chip in here, you have this spatial audio feature.

This hardware software combination is really only at home on an iOS or Mac device. If you’re using a Mac book or let’s say an iPhone, or let’s say an iPad now you’ve got the fast switching between devices. Now you’re on the iPad and you have this spacial audio experience, which is. A special and unique and exclusive experience.

And I can’t tell you what price you should pay to go and have that experience on an overt, your headphone. You need to figure that out for yourself. I think for the average person, this is going to be a way too much cash. It’s not, I mean, the cost of performance is not going to live here. It is going to be a luxury.

The question is. How many people are in for a luxury, how many people are prepared to splurge on a luxury for themselves in 2020, given all the various global circumstances, you know, things that are going on, but I haven’t heard them yet. Maybe they sound. Magical as Apple likes to say, that’s quite possible as well.

Not a big key with these upcoming headphones. They supposedly have computational audio with a powerful Apple design, each one, shipping each cup, custom acoustic design and advanced software AirPods. Max use computational audio. To create a breakthrough listening experience, tapping into each chips, 10 audio cores, computational audio helps block outside noise, adapts, audio to the fit and seal of your ear cushions and makes movie scenes sound like they’re happening all around you.

So. This is a different tagline for all the smart things that your headphones are capable of, including the spatial audio, including the adaptive ETQ and including the noise cancellation, which again, other headphones do this. It’s important to note, but you know, Apple, they put their spin on it and they typically with these technologies, just bring them to a user base that may be unfamiliar with their existence in preexisting products.

Now the other thing you get with that age, one chip is this really easy pairing across iOS and Mac devices. It’s as simple as popping the headphones out of their case. And then boom, it shows up on your phone. Speaking of the case, my goodness. How about the mean town? That is the actual case, which looks like a purse.

Of course, they couldn’t take the typical approach. You hold onto the headband, kind of as the handle and the headphones, then go into a ultra low power mode in order to save power for when you need it next, they don’t fold up. They kind of just fold out and then, uh, end up in this sort of unusual purse contraption.

As far as battery life, Apple is claiming that they’re going to be capable of 20 hours of listening with noise cancellation enabled. Now one little downside for myself is the fact that they’re going to be using a lightening cable. So they had the opportunity here to shift over to USB type C, but I presume that would be a difficult decision given the fact.

That these products, the AirPods pro and the regular AirPods AirPods with wireless charged case AirPods too. Uh, they all use the lightening connector, so they probably wanted to keep it cohesive through these devices, as well as the phones. But you do have some devices that switched over to type C like those iPads and of course the laptops.

So that would have been nice to see in the pro model. The other thing that’s a bit strange. If you do go to order these you’ll have an option for an add on. Uh, an add on audio cable, if you want to use them in a non wireless fashion, which is very useful and often included with a pair of headphones like these, it seems to me that with these upcoming AirPods, max, it’s going to be one port, which is that lightening port.

And if you do want to use it in an analog fashion, which many people do with a high-end headphone, and you’re going to need this lightning, too many Jack cable that they sell separately. And in Canadian dollars, it was like 45 bucks. All right. Listen, here it is. This is the breakdown. It’s an Apple product.

Apple products are expensive. Apple products are luxury, not all the time, but a lot of the time, and this is not a product that anyone needs. And I think that Apple draws that distinction now by need. I mean, want are, I mean, the comparison between a need and a want, they recently put out the M one laptop products, and I think that entry-level Mac book air is one of the best values in computers right now.

Given some of the initial testing that I’ve done, this product is the opposite. This product is obviously extra, but it’s kind of extra on purpose for those people who are the most enthusiastic Apple fans. And they want to wear the device. That is the most indicative of that. It’s like a different seat in the stadium.

This is the luxury seat. This is, I got this because I can type a territory. Does that mean it’s justified well for those people, it is. I’m not mad about it. You can be mad about it if you want, but that’s the nature of this thing. And it’s the nature of Apple in 2020 chances are the XM fours remain a better value, but that said.

Two 50 is expensive for headphones too, and there’s plenty of great values around a hundred bucks. So keep that in mind as well. There’s tiers to this thing. And the cost of entry to the AirPods. Max is a little higher than I might’ve expected, but I’m not really all that surprised.

My final thoughts

So today, uh, so these are the Tron smarts. Headphones they’re noise, canceling they’re wireless. They are also water resistance up to 30 hours of audio playback. Uh, obviously this is an unopened package and, uh, yeah, we’re giving one of these away. So the link to participate is in the description and this giveaway will end early January, by the way, because like I said, I’ll be on holiday and, uh, actually my team will also meet.

On holiday and just a few days. So we’ll ship this and end this giveaway once we’re all back in early January. Also, this is our last review for the year fun fact. So, you know, happy new year, happy holidays and Merry Christmas Frodo celebrating. And yeah, this is pretty much it. So thanks for tuning in, in 2020.

And, uh, I’ll see you guys in 2021 with some really, really cool content. So. Yeah, thanks for watching. .

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