Here is Exactly How Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Beats All Apple Devices


Apple should really be worried about how Galaxy S21 Ultra is better than its flagship

Hello, 2021. And hello, Galaxy S21 Ultra you see, this is Samsung’s highest than offering from the S 21 line. And I got to say it actually fixes a lot of the issues that the S 20 ultra had from last year. I’ve been using it for a few days now. So without any further ado, Get your popcorn. Ready? And here are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Okay. So back in 2020, Samsung have released the galaxy as 20 ultra. And the whole idea of this phone was, do you have a device that just destroys the competition in terms of specs? So the S 20 ultra had basically the most insane specs that you could find in a phone. From a 108 megapixel camera to 100 times zoom, uh, it’s use 16 gigabytes of Ram and up to 1.5 terabytes of storage.

Yeah. Basically had everything that you could think of. But unfortunately, every single one of the specs had a big asterix to it. And in the end, the S 20 ultra was a failure reviews of this phone were very negative. And even though Samsung had managed to fix a lot of the issues would feature a software updates.

The ultra line was forever tainted, especially considering that his phone started from. $1,400. However, the S 21 Ultra pretty much fixes almost every single issue that Galaxy S20 Ultra had. In fact, here are three major categories in which I’ve noticed some pretty big changes with the first one being of course the camera, you know, the biggest.

Think of this phone, really. If you take a look on the back, you can probably tell how massive that camera module is. And even though this still has the same 108 megapixel counts, this is actually a new sensor with improved low-light performance and improved dynamic range. According to Samsung of Lee’s.

Now from my testing, I could immediately tell that. Low lights was noticeably improved. In fact, I even managed to get a better low lights than a, on my iPhone, 12 pro something that was not the case with the S 20 ultra from last year. Um, and it’s interesting because the iPhone 12 pro does have bigger individual pixels, uh, compared to this phone.

So it seems like Samsung’s pixel bending technology is actually working now, like really, really well. Now in terms of the dynamic range, the nodes 20 Ultra which had the same sensor as the S 20 ultra that have some major improvements in software, which helped preserve more shadow detail. And the as 21 old truck improves over that, not massively, but definitely visibly.

Like if you take a look at some HDR shots, well, um, it was, uh, quite cloudy, unfortunately. So I wouldn’t really call this a proper HDR, unfortunately, but a wetter is going to be like this for the next few weeks, but, uh, you can still see. How much detail the S 21 ultra has over the S 20 Ultra in terms of the shadows, especially well, not our figs is in terms of zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra has the greatest camera zoom ever

Galaxy S20 Ultra promised 100 times space zoom, but guess what? Something never actually showed any moon photos taken on the S 20 ultra for that matter. Unfortunately, I, uh, Lost the photos when resetting the phone for my teams. So props to Mr. Mobile, if we’re also taking some great moonshots, uh, or is we’re very similar by the way, uh, including the, uh, look of the moon itself.

And luckily you can see that there are some massive improvements over the S 20 ultra here from last year, the S 20 ultra had four times optical zoom. The no 20th show had five times and now. Galaxy 21 ultra has 10 times, But unfortunately I never got a chance to actually test that phone.

So for me, at least this phone has the highest zoom level that I have ever seen on. Phone. And it’s absolutely insane, not just for taking super close up photos while maintaining quality, but I was literally able to zoom in from my balcony to take a look at some of the buildings in the distance and fun fact.

I actually managed to find an Amazon warehouse in the distance, something that’s like, I never saw it out, but my naked eye and I didn’t even know it was there. So. That was really cool. Samsung also added this extra layer of stabilization, where if you hold a phone pointed at an object, it would stabilize it even more.

Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra beautiful screen display and camera quality

And it’s pretty insane. How well it does that. Considering how zoomed in it actually is now, of course, that 10 times zoom is quite a lot and many people might just use it at two X or three X in most cases. So rather than Samsung giving you digital zoom from one X all the way to 10 X, they also gave us a secondary zoom lens, which is three X.

Like, what more could you ask for it? Literally, this is the perfect phone for zoom shots. By far, you have that massive 180 megapixel sensor. So it can actually take 108 megapixel shots and then zoom in massively, if you want to do that. But then you also have those two extra three X and 10 X lenses for when you want to preserve the maximum amount of quality.

Speaking of quality, it’s something that I was never a fan of on Galaxy S20 Ultra was just how bad zoom shots were in low lights. And that was mainly because Samsung was using a very large. 48 megapixel sensors. So that fixes themselves were extremely small. Um, and you know, you need pretty big pixels when you want to take photos in low lights.

Now, however, they dropped the megapixel count to just 10. So the zoom lenses, both of them are much better in low lights than before as the individual pixels. Are larger now and you can use night mode and any of those lenses, uh, which means that he can actually take some pretty impressive low-light charts with that 10 X optical zoom lens.

Now, the only issue that I’ve had here was that a lot of the times, actually, most of the times when, uh, there was not a lot of lights, the phone would instead use the main 108 megapixel sensor and then punch in digitally rather than use the zoom modules. So the quality actually ended up being worse. Now, one way.

Thanks. This is to just point the lens out a very bright light. Um, and then it would automatically switch to the zoom lens. So I just feel like this is something that Samsung could, and hopefully they will fix with a future software updates. Speaking of fixes autofocusing was just a nightmare on the S 20 ultra.

As that massive sensor actually lacked dual pixel. Autofocus like Samsung phones I’ve had for years now that was fake with a note 20 ultra, which added a laser auto-focus and LDS 21 old improves over dads. Uh, bye. Improving the focusing of the sensor too. And yeah, I just cannot say that I’ve had any focusing issues this time with the S 21 ultra.

And in fact, Samsung even has this new focus assist feature, which. Kind of works like magic. So you just press a button and boom, your object will be perfectly and focused. Like I was a bit confused as to how an earth that is work because it just worked so well. And I initially thought that it was just like sharpening and posts, but it turns out that, um, it actually uses the ultra wide angle module, which now has auto focus and then crops in twice, uh, to match the perspective of the main module.

Now I would personally suggest keeping focus, assist off as you end up with a five megapixel photo if you use it. But, um, if you do want to take close up shots, simply just switched to the ultra-wide and now you can bring the phone as close as you can. Um, and you’ll get some super sharp macro shots, like better than on any film that I’ve used in the past.

And I don’t know. This is like one of those extra kind of like hidden features, which most people would not nine and use, but it’s honestly, so, so good. So improve low lights, improved dynamic range, improved zoom, pretty great so far. And, um, we also get one more improvements and that’s in terms of video, would you guys 20 old trend and the note 20 Ultra main complaints.

S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera lens mega pixels

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra video quality is better than iPhone 12

Uh, in terms of video was that you couldn’t shoot 4k 60 on all lenses. You could only shoot 4k 60 on the main lens. And if you wanted 4k. On the other ones, it had to be in 30 frames per second, which meant that he constantly had to go through the settings and literally adjust the frame rate every time you want it to switch lenses, which was super annoying.

Now this year, they finally fixed it. As we now finally have 4k 60 on all lenses and a fun fact, this was actually missing from my review units, but after the January 1st patch, which just. Launched a few days ago. Um, it ended up working. So if you don’t have this check for an update and it will work even on the Xmas model and yeah, that’s pretty much it in terms of the camera, we’ll definitely be doing a super detailed and off the camera comparison.

So definitely subscribe and stay tuned for dads. But until then, I got to say I’m super impressed. Okay. So camera main improvement in terms of this phone. Um, and the most I want to fix it is now the second area in which this phone got some fixes in is when it comes to this play. So Samsung added one 20 Hertz refresh rate.

Last year we have 20 line, but unfortunately they couldn’t do one 20 Hertz at full resolution. Whereas their competition actually could. My guess is that it wasn’t because of the Xs nine 90 processor, which was inside the international model of the galaxy has 20 line. Um, and I think this is the reason why we didn’t get native resolution at one 20 Hertz because that Prosser was just unable to run the phone.

Uh, at, at resolution and frame rates and to support my theory, the galaxies at fault two was actually the only 2020 Samsung phone that supported native resolution at one 20 Hertz. And also the only 2020 flagship Samsung phone. That’s. Only comes in the Snapdragon variant. So there was no access model of that phone at all, but now you can actually do one 20 Hertz at native resolution on the S 21 ultra, which is pretty great.

Um, and I can definitely tell that it is noticeably sharper than on the S 20 ultra are in that’s. Another improvement here is that we get a 25% brighter display, which can now go up to 1500. It’s a Brian’s according to Samsung. And I could definitely tell that it was significantly brighter. Like it let’s get super bright indoors, um, to the point where it would literally hurt your eyes if you max it out.

And then outdoors is also a really useful feature to have, we also have gorilla glass Vic, this now, which is supposed to improve scratch resistance and drop resistance. And this is exactly what we had on the note 20 Ultra. Now scratch wise, I did actually get some scratches on the note 20 Ultra, but nothing as bad as with an iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra is better

So I’m pretty confident that this phone will do. You know, pretty well here, too. More about that in the full review one site, you know, gets to use it for longer. And finally, the last thing that Sampson in fixed, we S 20 ultra, at least in my opinion, Is the design. You see, I was never really a fan of the flat gray back of the S 20 ultra.

And I think the black model actually looked even worse, but now we have a frosted glass back, something that I’ve been asking Samsung to do for years. And we actually have it on every single S 21 ultra model. And not just on one of the colors, like we got woods dental, 20 ultra, and, uh, all that there’s this Phantom black color feels and looks so nice.

Samsung S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra menu and apps

It’s honestly the best feeling phone. I think that I’ve ever held in my hands. It’s just so, so good. And I also think that Samsung now has the best implementation. I’ll be frosted glass back out of any phone, as it does seem to leave the least amount of fingerprints. I also love the camera module design and how it flows into the body, the different texture on it.

It’s not even to mention the metal frame around the phone, which is nowhere near as fingerprints as on an iPhone 12 pro for example. And if you buy your from a Samsung’s website, you can actually configure it and get a unique color combo. Really nice Samsung. My favorite one is this, uh, blue with the carbon fiber camera cut out.

I think it just looks amazing, but. I think overall, this one looks even better. Now, aside from all the fixes over the S 20 ultra, we also got a few unexpected new features such as Aspen support, which actually allows you to use either the brand new Aspen that Samsung sells for the ultra, uh, which is quite thick.

And, you know, it looks like a proper pen, which is nice. Uh, I don’t have it, unfortunately. Um, and you also. You can also buy a case and then slide a pen into the case. Or if you don’t want to use that, you can just use any SPN from any previous galaxy. Now, the device. And I got to say, I’m not a fan of not being able to slot the SPN into the phone.

So I do prefer the notes approach plus that ultra case is quite wide, so it makes the phone even wider and even more difficult to use. So I think Samsung should have just. Made a magnetic pen or something in the worst case that just attaches to the back and the worst case, obviously, ideally we would want to have it inside advice, like on the note series.

So, yeah, we have it. I just kind of complainants an extra feature, but it’s just not that great. But if all the rumors are correct and they seem to have been so far, then Samsung will actually be dropping the note line in either 20, 21 or most likely 20, 22. Other than that, the thing print scanner is now 1.7 times larger, and a locking is super fast and easy.

My final thoughts

Uh, it’s also been far more reliable to me than any of the previous ultrasonic fingerprint readers from the Samsung. So pretty happy with this, to be honest. Okay. So India and Samsung did make a lot of improvements over Galaxy 20 Ultra. Now, of course, there is a lot more to talk about with including the actual performance, the battery life, and even more camera features like AQB to recording rod performance.

This phone can do 12 bit raw. So yeah, there’s a lot more features to talk about. So I’ll be using this for a few more. Days and weeks, and, uh, definitely stay tuned for a full camera comparison. So please subscribe for that. And also a super detail review right after. But yeah, until then, thanks for watching.

Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a, like, if you have enjoyed this video, I’m Danielle and I’ll see you guys in the next one is enough tech signing downs. Jeez. .

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