Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T An Honest Comparison


Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T, my brutal truths

So on paper, this new one plus 8T, its So specked out that it kind of looks like it could eat the Google pixel 5 for breakfast. For a similar price, you’ve got a one 20 Hertz display versus 90 accord camera setup versus dual a 32 megapixel selfie camera versus 8T. The high-end chip set versus the mid-range one way faster, UFS 3.1 storage and a significantly bigger battery.

And it doesn’t really work the other way round. What does the pixel have that the bond plus does it the water resistance rating? Yeah, kind of the one plus still has seals to protect against water damage. Anyways, we’re pixel has wireless charging one plus doesn’t so. I guess that’s a positive, but really why charging is way more efficient.

I made a wrote a full article about that. And in that category, the 65 one, one plus charging kind of demolishes pixels, 18 Watts, you don’t even really get the historic software advantage that Google has had because one plus the software has improved to a point where I would say it’s not just visually similar, but it actually offers a lot of features and granular customization.

The Google’s doesn’t plus they’re shipping with the same Android 11 and the same three years of promise to software updates. The 18, it really feels like one plus took their best phone and just turn a couple of things down. But the pixel really feels like Google started with a budget phone and turned a few things up, but like not quite enough, it genuinely almost comes across as if.

Google doesn’t care about the pixel 5. And there’s a couple of other things that backwards up how their budget phones are outselling their flagships many times over and how they’re apparently only producing something like 800,000 pixel 5s as if they’re already preparing for it to not sell well.

Plus I was watching their launch event. Just feeling a bit puzzled. Google spent 20 minutes talking about their smart speaker and Google TV and literally eight minutes talking about their phones and of that. I want to say one minute. Yeah. Talking about the pixel 5 itself now, just for a second.

Contrast that to one plus two held a one-hour event. Almost exclusively for the 80 and the 80 isn’t even their main launch this year. It’s just a bit unusual. Even comparing the retail box of the two phones. It feels that we’ve got one scrappy company fighting to provide as much content and as unique and experience as possible at every step of the customer journey versus a company who thinks it’s just a box.

The look

It doesn’t really matter what it looks like. So as far as the kind of the mindset I had going into this, the promise of these two phones, It feels like one plus a ahead, but how do they stack up in practice? Well, externally, the OnePlus is fine. I’m a fan of how the color completely flipped from blue to green, depending on the angle you hold it, it feels tough and well-made, but it’s not an all round up.

Great compared to the last one, placebo it’s bulkier, it’s heavier. And this swap to the slightly curved display to a completely flat one, which makes the side vessels look thicker. Plus they just straight up got rid of that premium matte finish in place of a more standard glossy warm. If I had to guess they’ve probably done this just to give people a reason to still consider the more expensive one plus 8 pro.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T
Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T display

Now, while this is happening, while one plus seems to become more conventional, Google’s gone rogue. The pixel 5 is remarkably small for a flagship. It’s got a fingerprint scanner on the back in a world where literally every other Android has one in the display. It comes in this super unusual, almost recycled looking Sage finish.

And the whole body is made out of Allah minium, which, you know, it was a popular material back in 2014, but was phased out because of how metal tends to block the transmissions your phone needs to make. But it seems like they figured that out here. And I will say that from my point of view, Almost everything about the way the pixel 5 feels, the smaller footprint, the textured finish is spot on kind of like, uh, technology meets nature, minimalist vibe.

But I have also asked a couple of other people for their opinion and their consensus was that it feels light and cheap. And that it kind of looks like a bathroom tile, which I now can’t unsee so fine. The feel of the phones is subjective, but as soon as you start to pitch these two against each other, in any meaningful way, it doesn’t look good for Google.

As I guess you’d expect the smaller battery leads to less battery life. I cycled through a whole load of apps for a couple of hours. And even though the one plus has a larger, slightly brighter and higher refresh rate display, it’s still managed to finish on 76%. While the pixel was left with 72, also one plus did this all while staying at a lower temperature, thanks to a redesigned heat dissipation system.

Both have a pretty good deal speaker setup, but you can also tell that just because the one plus is a bigger phone, it’s got more room to push air. Plus while I don’t like writing articles about specs, because really it is all about the end user experience. The pixel can’t escape from the fact that it’s got a chip that is two thirds of the power and storage speeds. So there’s literally half as fast.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T gaming

And it’s completely playable at absolute maximum settings. On both phones, Cod mobile, again, can be played on the pixel with every setting, crank to the max, the frame rate dips a little every now and again versus one plus, but it’s pretty much smooth sailing. However you notice a performance gap in other areas while the pixel 5 is, you know, it’s a pretty snappy phone.

The one plus feels quicker when doing almost everything, searching for things, the loading of applications, processing time for photos, it’s not even close actually handed this 80 to someone who was a user of the already fast one plus 8. And one of the first things they said was, Oh, wow, it’s even faster.

I do have a bone to pick with both of these camera systems. They’re both good cameras, but they’re also both disappointingly unambitious. If you put the one plus 80 camera next to it, the predecessor, you might first think, wow, they’ve completely redundant.

This is true next generation. But honestly, the biggest change is just the aesthetic. This main 48 megapixel camera is identical to not just the one plus 8 that came before. But the affordable one, plus Nord the one plus 70 before that and the one plus seven before that it’s two and a half year old hardware.

And if that seems unambitious, then the pixel 5 is even less than this main 12.2 megapixel sensor is the same as the one seen on the pixel four last year, the pixel 3d year, before that and the pixel two the year before that. And fun fact, this sensor is actually smaller than the one found on the very first original Google pixel.

It’s more like four year old hardware. And if I had to guess, I would say that of any $700 phone on the market right now, no phone has a lower cost of parts than this pixel 5 camera’s though. Both of them, these are both companies who are making the most of what is there. They’re already taking advantage of the fact that they spent a long time using one specific set of hardware.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T camera
Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T camera

So each year they’ve managed to kind of squeeze a little bit more out of it. So if you’re coming from a three, four year old flagship phone, You’re going to be really happy. These are reliable cameras, their cameras, which you can pick a subject, snap, a photo, and you can trust that it’s going to be good.

Sometimes the one plus is better. It generally gets in more detail, just being a larger, higher Rez sensor and actually both in the day and in the dark. Thanks to a better nightmare than the last phone. And one plus has dynamic range. Algorithm is a little more aggressive than Google’s so often does a better job of keeping bright sky from overexposing.

They swapped out the two megapixel macro camera for a 5 megapixel micro camera. Which means you cannot get closeups that don’t completely suck. And the addition of a new monochrome sensor adds a hint of additional sharpness and detail. When I should say, if you decide to capture in black and white, sometimes the pixel is better.

In fact, the pixel is better in pretty much every situation that relies more on software, like when you’re taking portraits or when you take nightmare shots, while it does tend to get less detail, it will always nail the color reconstruction. And actually even flicking to the ultra wide cameras. Well, one plus and many other manufacturers have a kind of color shift.

The pixel doesn’t, I’m not kidding. The software on this phone is borderline science-fiction. If you take a photo of a face, it can create a 3d model of it and allow you to add in light. That was never there. You can refocus photos. You’ve already taken. You can eliminate color from backgrounds. It’s so much fun.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T price

It’s also got improved electronic image stabilization. Which you can feel when walking around with it and a new cinematic stabilization, which basically just slows the video down and adds artificial stabilization on top. But it works really well. In fact, never in my life. Have I seen software this capable?

On hardware, this limiting it’s like Google figured out how to do magic, but then decided to only perform it to kids’ birthday parties. So the cameras are these two phones, trade blows, but this is where the comparison takes a bit of a turn. See alongside the $699 pixel 5 Google also announced the pixel four, a.

5g, which is basically the pixel fired, but loses two gigs of Ram, the 90 Hertz refresh rate and official IP rating and wireless charging. Now that might seem like a lot of missing stuff, but it’s $200 cheaper. Oh. And this one has a headphone Jack, which neither of the two we’re comparing it. So let’s just talk about pricing for a second.

In the U S the one plus 80 is $749 while the pixel is six, nine, nine. So one plus is more expensive, right? Well, not really. The reason is that in the U S the only version one plus is selling is the top spec 12 gigs of Ram and 256 gig storage option. But in other regions, like the UK, where you can buy the base model with 8 gigs of Ram and one 28 gigs of storage, like the pixel 5 has.

My final thoughts

One plus is actually cheaper, which makes it a complete no-brainer. I’m not too bothered by it’s fast charging, but it’s better battery life. It’s one 20 Hertz display. The chip set and the super-fast storage are likely to mean a phone that will be for us and stay fast three years down the line. They have also integrated optimized charging as a software feature, which can kind of help to protect the batteries.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T
Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8T comparison

So Google isn’t getting out competed so well. The pixel 5 is decent value at six, nine, nine. I’d say the pixel for a 5g is good value at four 99. And that the normal pixel foray is exceptional value at three, four nine. But just remember that in some regions, including the UK, both the pixel 5 and the pixel for a 5g just don’t make as much sense because of how affordable the one pluses.

All right. Thank you so much for reading. Do consider coming back. If you enjoyed it, that’d be amazing. And I’ll catch you in the next one. .

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