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Bloons td 6 apk is a famous pinnacle safeguard computer game created and distributed by Ninja Kiwi. Delivered in 2018, it is the 6th portion in the acclaimed Bloons TD series.

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Interactivity Essentials

At its center, Bloons TD 6 interactivity makes them put different monkey towers decisively on a way to prevent swarms of bloons from traversing. There are many pinnacle types, similar to shoot monkeys, boomerang monkeys, ninja monkeys, chemists, druids and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Each has various capacities, reach, speed, and strategies for popping bloons. You bring in cash over the long haul to purchase and redesign towers. Situating and tower redesigns are key as the bloon waves get harder. If too many hole through, you lose lives and at last the entire game assuming they arrive at nothing.

New Highlights

Bloons TD 6 adds loads of extraordinary new highlights to the exemplary Bloons TD interactivity equation. One is the expansion of legends – unique monkey units with strong capacities and rewards. Legends like Quincy, Gwendolyn and Benjamin offer fun new techniques. The game likewise presents Paragon towers, very strong peak level redesigns requiring manytower penances. New to the series are Manager Bloons as well, fearsome dirigibles styled after the game’s legends.

Guides and Game Modes

A feature for fans is most certainly the abundance of new guides and game modes. There are almost 30 novel guides offering various shapes, lengths and deterrents to oblige different systems. A few astonishing new game modes shake things up too. In Odyssey mode you cross a guide over many rounds constructing your guard en route. Center mode allows you to collaborate to overcome serious late game bloons waves. The assortment keeps players tested.

Customization and Movement

Part of the proceeded with allure of Bloons TD 6 is all the customization it permits as you progress. With each pinnacle having 3 update ways, you pick how to practice them. Legend evening out, information focuses and monkey cash let you open enhancers customized to your play style as well. The movement framework is exceptionally fulfilling. Beating maps on different challenges opens more moves up to defeat trickier obstacleslike DDTs and BADs in freeplay mode subsequently.


With its basic yet profoundly essential pinnacle safeguard ongoing interaction enhanced by many new highlights, guides, modes and movement, it’s not difficult to see the reason why Bloons TD 6 apk immediately turned into a top game in the class. Its welcoming style makes it reasonable for all ages as well. For both existing fans and newbies, Bloons TD 6 offers many long stretches of energetic inflatable popping activity. More satisfied extensions arranged by Ninja Kiwi will additionally expand on major areas of strength for its going ahead also, permitting players to keep progressing and consummating their monkey town protection dominance.


What is Bloons TD 6?

Bloons TD 6 is the most recent portion in the well known tower guard computer game series Bloons TD. Delivered in 2018 by engineer Ninja Kiwi, Bloons TD 6 has players decisively fabricating monkey pinnacles to pop bright bloons before they arrive at the finish of a winding way.

How would you play Bloons TD 6?

The objective is to prevent bloons from overcoming the guide by setting different monkey towers that can pop, take shots at, toss shots at, or utilize different assaults to kill bloons. Pinnacles can be moved up to build their power. You bring in cash after some time to purchase and place more pinnacles. Position them carefully to augment their viability against the steadily progressing bloon waves.

What new elements are in Bloons TD 6?

Energizing new increases incorporate 3 redesign ways for all pinnacles, unique legend units with strong capacities, the capacity to forfeit pinnacles to make super strong Paragon monkeys, Manager Bloons in view of the legend characters, center multiplayer as well as cutthroat mode, and an Odyssey mode where you advance through a guide over many rounds while opening pinnacles en route.

Are there numerous game modes?

Indeed, notwithstanding the center Exemplary mode there are Substitute Bloon Rounds (ABR), Odyssey, Center, Emptying and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. New restricted time occasions and game modes are additionally added once in a while to keep things new.

What number of guides are there?

Bloons TD 6 sent off with 21 guides and has since added a few more with refreshes, carrying the complete near 30. Maps offer various lengths, shapes, obstructions, perceivability conditions and pathways to oblige assorted systems.

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