Best Gaming Mouse of 2021 You Need to Buy


The best gaming mouse tier list of 2021, choose yours

So I wanted to make a tier list of all the gaming mice that I used this year. So all of these are mice that either purchased this year or was sent me this year. And if you’ve never used or seen a tier list before, it’s basically a way to source out or categorize things, right? So you just have a pile of stuff and you just put them into the different categories from the best to the worst category.

gaming mouse 2021
razer deathadder v2 pro

But the thing to keep in mind is that just because I place a mouse into the worst. Tier, which would be a tier D. It doesn’t mean that it’s a terrible mouse for everyone. It just means that I personally didn’t like it. So I try to explain why I placed each mouse into their respective categories, but it’s a very opinion-based article.

This is not like some master technical review of these mice. It’s just a very lighthearted fun thing. And I really think that you guys will have different tier list than me. This is just the way that these things work. Right. Okay. Let’s begin. So the first mouse is the razor death adder V2 pro, and I would place those right in the middle, a B this is a mouse that isn’t.

It, I don’t have strong feelings about this either way. It’s not a great mouse to me. It’s not a terrible mess to me. It’s a very generic, high quality wireless mouse. This is if I’m not mistaken, at least raise our markets to be the world’s most popular gaming mouse, because it’s, you know, they’ve sold millions of these things because it’s such an old shape, but I don’t like it because well, it’s shaped.

I don’t like. Uh, like right hand only or left hand only mice. Like I liked my ambidextrous shaped mice, and this is a really large mouse. It’s just like it flares out a lot at the tips. And it’s just a very high mouse. I don’t love this thing, but it’s a, it’s a solid B. So in the B category, it goes, the next mouse is the larger tech G pro X super late.

So this is a mouse that super popular. I think most people. Making tier lists on these types of mice would probably place it as an S or an eight tier. Most likely an STR personally, me, I’m going to place it as an eight here, because this is a micro USB based. Mouse, this thing should have been charged with USB-C and they could have done it.

What you need to know before getting a gaming mouse in 2021

Right. So many other Logitech devices use USB-C and this is their high end, like premium gaming mouse. It should have been used PC it isn’t and I think they did it with intent. That’s why it deserves being a, if they couldn’t, you know, they were like struggling to make this thing fit a particular budget and they had to right.

Then it would still be nastier, but no, they could have done it, but the, I feel like the intentionally put it as micro USB. To make people buy the future use PC version of this mouse. That’s just my take on it, but it’s a really good mouse and I wish I could place it as an STL, especially cause it’s white, matte white.

It’s a sick mouse, but it’s an eight here. I’m sorry that deserves being AIDS here. Maybe we’ll bump it up to this, but it’s an a, uh, next is the Iraq’s three. This is a. This should have been a better mouse. I feel like this was a excellent idea of a mouse. Like they, they got a lot of stuff. Right. And keep in mind that this was a mouse that they kind of, you know, they kind of hopping onto the train of the perforated mice with ultra light weights.

This should have been an eight-year or possibly even an STR mass. Like I just feel like they screwed up on one really big thing with his mouse. It was the feet. So. These feet are terrible. Like the skates on the mouse. If you were into gaming mice, you’ll understand that the importance of good skates and they just have terrible skates to the point where I’ve been using this for about a month at this point.

And they’re flat, like they’ve worn down to the same level as the plastics. So now when I’m using my mouse pad or any kind of mousing surface, it’s starting to make noises, which is. Crazy. This is a one month old mouse, so I don’t even think it deserves to be in the beats here. Like, let’s be real here.

premium gaming mouse
premium gaming mouse 2021 in white color

This let’s place it in C for now. I mean, otherwise the hardware is fantastic. It’s just, they really screwed up the skates on this thing. You know what? It’s a beat here. Cause I feel like you could fix it if you want it to get third-party skates or like replacement stuff and you could fix it, but that’s a beat here for me.

Some technical details about latest gaming mouse in 2021

Okay. Next we have, uh, the razor basil list. So this is okay. So this is a wired version of this mouse. I’ll just show it real quick on camera. Uh, they had a new one this year. This one was actually a much older version, but they have a wireless basilisk pro or something they’d have now. I have a very strong opinion about this mask.

I’ve never purchased them. I don’t like this mouse and it, because it’s because, well, they copied. So there was a mouse called the logic tech G five zero two. It was a very popular mass at the time. And it’s something that I enjoyed using and because it was doing so well because so many people enjoyed using that mouse.

They straight up copied the shape of the and they called it the basil Lisk. And I, that kills me. Like, I feel like this was not their mouse shape to do that to it. You know, this is a very personal opinion, right? Obviously tons of people, like the basil is kind of, I’m being completely neutral and not being, you know, brand loyal or anything like that.

I would actually say that razor did a better job with this shape. Then lodge detected, right? They have a better mouse overall, but they straight up stole the design of the mouse. They straight up stole the shape and enough in the attempt of trying to take the user base. Right. We have a mouse shaped just like the come by our mouse.

Instead. Some people don’t care about that stuff. I do. I hate copycats. I hate them. So for me, basilisk

rank C. Rank see, it’s a good mouse, technically a very good mouse, but. It’s it’s spawned from, from thievery. So rank C. Okay. Next up we have the glorious model D this is their new mouse for this year, the new wired mass for this year, I place it as a, probably a beat here. I don’t like the shape. Like, I feel like for people that do like that type of mouse shape, they probably love this message.

Well, priced really good performance, but because I don’t love the shape, I’m placing it as a B uh, again, it’s one of those mice that I don’t have a lot of. Opinion like a strong opinion on right. I’ve used it a bunch, but it’s just a good generic kind of a perforated mouse. I do want to say something about the perforation though.

I feel like this whole, like the holes on mice, this is just a good, it’s a trend rate. Clearly. It’s something that’s hot right now over the past couple of years. And well, they hopped onto that wagon. But I don’t really like perforated my, so it’s a beat here for me. Next up we have their wireless model.

This is the glorious model. Oh, wireless. I placed this as an eight tier number one. It’s well, it’s a, what do they call it? Ambidextrous. So I love that whole, I like this now shape, but this deserves special mention because of its pricing. So this, you know what, I think this deserves being an Este here. This will be the first STR for now.

Even though I don’t love the perforation. I think that because of the pricing and because of how good the performances and the, this is a company that listens to their fan base, they listen to gamers and they kind of pick out what is important, what is unimportant, and they make their products based on seemingly user feedback.

But yeah, this is a solid S here. It’s got all the lights and stuff, but notice how I don’t mention anything about RGBs because I don’t care about that stuff. It doesn’t affect me, but this is an STR mouse. The first one. Yeah. All right, next up another STMs this is, well, I have the wrong one here, but it’s the same idea.

This is the white Viper. Ultimate. The one in the photo is the black one. This is my favorite mess this year. Um, especially the white one, but this was done so well. And unlike their copycat child, the basil Lisk mouse, this was the original IP. This was their own idea. Awesome mouse and it fits perfectly awesome performance.

Great color. Good skates. It’s a, it’s a banger. So for me, this is clearly a S tier mouse. I just wished that I’d gotten the proper photo and gotten the white one in there. They also make the yellow one. If you’ve seen it in my cyberpunk article, they have a fully yellow tricked out cyberpunk version of this mouse as well, but S tier, okay, next step, this straight up D tier.

So this, okay. So this mouse was sent to me, uh, sometime in the summer, I think. And they were like, you’re going to be the first person with this mouse. Please do a review for it. It’s awesome. We’re going to change the face of gaming and it was a mouse that had a fan built into it. And the idea of it sounds cool, right?

A mouse that has a fan to blow cool air onto your Palm while you’re gaming gets rid of the sweat. It’s a great idea, except it was so poorly implemented. So this. Is a very loud fan. It’s annoying when you play in games, it’s got vibration when you’re playing games. And if you just crank up the fan and you don’t even move the mouse, it’ll move like the mouse, just sitting there, the radical moves because of the vibration of the fan.

This is a terrible idea. I feel like this is not the first company that’s tried it. Several people have tried, or several companies have tried to make mice with some kind of fan. Implemented into it. You guys have to stop trying because it’s not going to work. Uh, that’s a strong, hard D for me. All right.

Okay. Next we have, um, the larger tech G twos or threes. I’d put this as an eight-year mass. So this is a wired mass. They call it the light something light sync. . Light sync it lights up and it’s a white colored mouse. This is an excellent, excellent mess. It’s on silver, like 20 bucks right now, like during the holiday season, this is a very inexpensive mess.

Excellent sensor, great performance. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of professional gamers used to use this mouse before they like got sponsored by the different brands and stuff. I think shroud used to use this thing as well, so excellent. Most highly recommended $20 came out in 2020. Okay. Uh, two left this one.

What’s the greatest gaming mouse in 2021

Oh, this cause this one has a bit of a story. So this is the master mouse, seven 11 from cooler master. I’d place this in and it’s a beat here. It should be an eight-year if they tweaked a couple of things, but I would consider this a beat your mess. So this mouse is a well, there’s two things. I want to draw attention to.

Number one, it’s the one and only mouse I have here. That’s a glossy white plastic. Like this should not be a thing. Mice should always be. A mat material, because it just has the least kind of grease effects, right? When you have shiny plastic and your hand gets a little bit greasing you, it becomes a very slippery mouse there.

Black version is matte black, but for whatever reason, their white material is shiny plastic. Oh, well, um, now the story behind it, the hope is that. This is a management, but cooler master. And a couple of years ago, I wrote an article on one of the keyboards. I forget the name of the keyboard, but I didn’t like the keyboard.

cheap gaming mouse
logitech g502 vs razer basilisk

And I gave it a bad review. I was had like, you know, early access to this thing. And I said it was not a great keyboard because I’m honest in my articles. And they were like, they didn’t like that, obviously. So when I asked them for the mouse, they’re like, no, you can’t get a mouse. So I had to buy this one, but it’s a good mouse.

Rank B. Okay. Last mouse. This one. Yeah, it’s an a, it’s not an S it’s an a, so this is the postage ultra custom, and it’s a really good mouse. I don’t place it as an STR because I don’t love the shape of it. It’s pretty big mouse and it’s a right hand and mouse. But if you’re into those types of mice, you’re going to like this one, I feel like this mouse would be more popular if they spend more money on marketing dollars, right.

They clearly don’t sponsor. You know, like the Twitch, streamers and e-sports players, but if they did, I think this would be a really popular mouse. It has a crazy amount of customizability. Like you can pop off the back plate and switch it out to like the honeycomb material. If you want to reduce the weight and then have different colors and stuff, it’s a solid mouse.

It deserves to be an S tier. If I like this mouse shape, because it also has USB-C charging in everything. Right. They nail a lot of stuff on this thing, but. Because of the shape. It’s an eight here and also I wish the software was less ugly. It looks really cheap and sucky to me, but the rest of the mouse is solid, but that’s basically materialist.

I don’t think I would want to shift anything last minute here. Maybe the Iraq’s three, like I’m disappointed in the thing. Yeah. I’m going to put this as a seat. Because everything else in the beats here is like, is noticing better. It doesn’t have good skates. And if you’re someone who spent that kind of money buying that mouse and it wore out after a month, you’d be super disappointed.

So yeah. I’m comfortable with putting it with the sea. Yeah. Beside the bass LISC, the thieving mouse. Okay. That’s my tier list. I’m curious, obviously, you guys are going to have different opinions on all this stuff. Obviously, you guys are going to have your favorite mouse. How far away is this from your, from your list?


Our goal here is to create an exciting shopping Gates or that our subscribers and viewers can make the best decision when buying their product. If you’re new to this channel, welcome to the five best where we explore the best technology gadgets in the markets and help you purchase the right decisions based on your specific requirements.


RGB FP gaming banks. Coursera has always been known for producing some of the finest quality products in the market. Their case funds Casey’s keyboards, Paris supplies, and rum are some of the highlights. We recorded equipment out there in the market. One would only wonder how good they are. Wayne comes to reducing some gaming mikes and the answer.

Is very good and comes in Coursera gaming, M 65 pro. Now everyone knows that Coursera is not new to gaming peripheral market, but considered how saturated the market is. Do the standard chance or explain date the Corsair M 65 pro offers 12,000 DPI sensors that is tuned in order to provide the best accuracy and brilliant tracking.

The mace is meadow. Oh for aircraft grade out, dominium giving on lightweight, durable, feel along with a great weight distribution. The M 65 pro offers a great weight tuning system that lets you start your own center of gravity in order to achieve the best play style, the most can adjust to the surface of your using its own in order to get the best tracing unresponsiveness.

The sniper button is conveniently placed, letting the users change the DPI on the fly DPI options can be changed from the core. Sara software uses Corsair C U E and order to configure the most, including using double macros as well as the RGB waiting on the maps comes with eight cleverly placed that fully programmable buttons that let you easily reach them and play as you wish.

You get the best Omron switches that are rated for 20 million clicks and can easily be changed when needed the most fascinating component of the mace is that you can switch to instantly match most speed. According to your game at speed, according to your game speed demands by just taking advantage of the on the five DPI.

You can undoubtedly take the best team of yours by the steadfastness of the high capacity on Ron switches? Well, our water people had concerns about the Corsair gaming M 65 pro the most turned out to be a triumph. It is one of the best gaming mice available in the market. Number four, HyperX pokes, fire surge, RGB, wired gaming mice.

Next best hit into the lane of our waste is the base gaming mouse under HyperX post-fire Serge wins its place due to being designed as a simple, yet hard hitting most coupled with the baby. Yes. Technology, the wired and RGB lighting run optimal gaming mode work simple, but, and it’s clear reality is the hardcore gaming most to withstand the rough usage, which most of games demand.

The built-in sensor of the Pixart three, three, eight, nine easily. He delivers up to 16,000 DPI counts that are totally enough for the gaming mouse to react to every mood. Hence you can comfortably play the FPS and shooting games with aiming without good amount of effort to set it on target. Under three 60 degree RGB, a faint is a glowing, all random mouse loaded with the high cost under a liable Omer on switches that would give a course of lifetime of 50 million quakes.

That means it’s going to last four years and bear all the torture. If you want to steer this HyperX, post-fire surge gaming most the way you need it to be, you are free to do so by using HyperX and software to set the lighting effect. Buttons and DPI the way you want. Thanks to the onboard memory installed on the mouse to store every customization you make proves 16,000 DPI’s with the built-in sensors of Pixart three, three eight, nine RGB uniting around three 60 degrees, fast for 50 million clicks.

Customization with HyperX ingenuity works with all the latest operating systems cones constructed with plain surface and people with sweaty hands would not be able to effectively use it. Number three, steel series sensei three 10 gaming makes this steel series Sensi three 10 comes with upgrades and has slightly changed the design to make it work elegant and appealing.

This most is affordable and offers fantastic gaming performance. That is hard to find budget gaming mice. It has a strip in the middle that separates the Palm area from the front buttons. The maze has an ambidextrous design making it have buttons on the left and right saints just below the thumb button.

There is a rubber aware for resting their thumb. The matte black finish of the mouse does not collect dust or a we finger marks. This is a lightweight, most ideal for people who are not used to using having mates for gaming. The neutral shape of the mouse allows for comfortable clicking and makes handling without putting pressure on the rest.

In terms of performance, the most has a fast response time from making quick moves in gains. Most gaming mice come up with faulty software. That is difficult to understand, but fortunately, the software provided by steel series is intuitive and easy to use. The wired mouse has a long enough cable to freely move the most on the desk.

Without the wire getting in the weeds, the CNC three 10 is compatible with both Mac and windows. So now you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issue with different operating systems. It’s also has a special feature, which reduces the gestures to get you to observe on the screen. This steel series, Sensi three 10 is an outstanding most that offers so much value at a reasonable price pros.

Affordable impressive sensor offers intuitive software, high compatibility squeak, and simple design comfortable in hand cones, no extra features. Number two, razor Mumba elite wired gaming makes pretty much every hardcore and casual PC gamer is aware of Razor’s presence in the gaming industry. Heck even the console gamers are aware of what razor has been doing over the years.

The company started with standard gaming peripherals, something huge with that sand razor, a still supplying top of the high end gaming peripherals, but they also offer their own amazing laptops. However, we’re not here to talk about laptops. We’re here to talk about the elephant in the room. Razor Mumba chroma 2015, no.

In case you weren’t aware the RGB craze is pretty much everywhere. There’s not a single gaming peripheral that doesn’t use RGP nowadays, mainly because how famous it has become as for razor, their RGB peripheral are known as chroma. And the, but 2015 is here. It comes in three different variants. The sports wired e-sports wireless and gaming while the e-sports variants are identical.

The gaming variant works like Hayes designed for smaller hands with thought Saint. We’ll see what made the razor Mamba chroma 2015. One of our favorite mice. For the wireless version, the Mamba chroma 2015 books on Epic battery life. And makes sure you don’t end up losing the charge in the middle of the game.

Despite the most being wireless, there is absolutely no latency issues or input lines. The building quality. As well as the design is one of the best we have seen, or no reason product razor synopsis, he’s among the best customization software. You’ve seen it. It’s easy to use rich with features while racing.

So has Aaron some bad reputation in the past. There is no denying that the reason Mamba, but chroma is one of the best wireless mice we have used it. Sturdy, lightweight on Wix, utterly stunning with the chroma RGB lighting. There’s only one downside though. The price may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Number one, larger tank G five or two Proteus spectrum RGB, turntable gaming mouse coming in has number one on the waist. I’m claiming the title of the best gaming motor you can buy in 2021 here’s award your check G five zero two Porteous spectrum. No. Before exploring it. You should know that this is not, Oh, the Proteus Cora you.

Oh, no. In love. In order to catch up with the industry and make their best, most, even better Logitech take went ahead and made their best, most, even better by adding RGB lighting. Hence Proteus core became Proteus spectrum G five zero two features and advanced optical sensor for maximum tracking accuracy, customizable RGB, or mating custom game profiles.

From 200 up to 12,000 DPI and repositionable weights during our testing process, we found out that there is absolutely no difference in the performance of both mice. Don’t worry. That is not a bad thing. So as the original Proteus core was already such a good performer. Light spring though. What made the most soup?

Good. The world you take Proteus. Spectrum comes with the famous unloved PMW three, three, six, six. The sensor is one of the best when it comes to delivering accuracy and responsiveness at the same time. For players who wait to add or remove some weight from the most, there’s a feature that whet you tune the weight to the most.

According to your personal preference, you can easily set up RGB lighting, according to your length using the water tank and gaming software. The gaming software is one of the easiest to use giving you the opinion to make your most, the way you want to. So there you have it, Logitech have proven once again that they are top dog, when it comes to making the best PC peripherals, whether you’re talking about standard peripherals, Logitech knows how to do it.

So initially I was nothing. I was going to do another tier list, but upon thinking about it, I mean, well, we got a lot, I mean, a lot of mouse releases toward the end of 2020. So I really thought that it’s kind of necessary that we do another one because even mice on this list. I’ve had my feelings change about, uh, some of them.

So I think it’s a good idea. You guys have really been asking me for like quite a really I get DMS and stuff all the time. Can I make another most tier list? This is probably going to be the easiest way to put it. If you guys have not seen it already though, and you want to know what my personal. Top 10 mice are for this year.

At the game developers and whatnot. But to me like this whole aim guys, game situation, the spending keys on Twitch and whatnot, to me, it just seems like a bunch of marketing crap. Quite frankly. Now don’t get me wrong. I 100% respect, final miles as a company like this is an ingenious marketing idea to really build like unbelievable hype is a really good idea in like the business mindset.

But as a consumer, to me, I just look at it as a huge waste of time. Like I’m not going to waste a bunch of hours on Twitch for some imaginary keys for some lottery loot box type. This, no, I’m just, I’m just no. No. And then we have the AME gods mouse supposedly could be $300 if, and when it goes on sale, I’m not too sure about how I feel about that price tag, to be honest, I’m really not.

I won’t be buying it, looking at it from the outside in seeing as none of us have touched this mouse yet. Um, it looks like it could be pretty promising two months of battery life. I’m pretty sure that’s on 125 polling rate and as low as a 36 gram weight. I mean, that is pretty impressive. If you asked me.

So let’s just say that this mouse does end up being like really, really good, like great sensor, all that stuff. They finally changed it to be a thousand Hertz, which is fantastic. And I think it’s either a 33 89 or 33 70 or something like that. I think this mouse will be good. But the reason why I was slotted in the beats here, even regardless of after I use it and like it, or whatever the case is, this mouse is going to be like impossible to get.

And if you want to buy one and people are going to be scalping this thing for a grant, why it’s going to be so stupid, people are going to pay a thousand dollars for this mouse. Watch. They’re going to have a 36 gram final mouse that’s sold out. You won’t ever be able to get again. And people are going to scalp this thing for a grant.

It’s going to be nuts. So for the availability, I’m knocking down a tier. I want to bump it up a tier because of like being somewhat innovative because using the magnesium body and all that swiping over to a thousand Hertz polling rate, which we’ll talk about in a second, I think it’s going to be a good product.

I don’t know about the longevity. I have faith in it. I do. I just won’t be buying one because even if it’s 300 bucks. No. No. All right. The air 58, you already know if you guys see the last tier list is going right in the garbage. First of all, this thing is a 500 Hertz polling rape. It looks fantastic. I feel like I’m having deja VU right now.

Designing the air 58. Absolutely. Fantastic. Looks great, but, but, but there is no way in the world. I mean, was a muscle of 500 Hertz pulling grade. There’s literally half of everything else. That means it’s just checking half as much for accuracy. And every time I’ve used this mouse, which I’ve used it on three separate occasions for weeks on end and each time my shot just felt awful use of that mouse.

Plus the mouse one and two buttons. Those were down. They start to look ugly. The pair quarter’s garbage, the feed, they come out of this garbage and then you have to buy it aftermarket too for bare minimum now is 200 bucks. So to me, the air 58, I wouldn’t consider it at all, especially not when we get into the rest of the mice in this tier list too.

So the G pro X super late, I’m going to put in the eight tier. I haven’t gotten mine yet, but I did order it from largest egg and it should have shipped this week. So it should be showing up either over the weekend or at the beginning of next week. I have a caveat with this mouse. It’s kind of pricey at a $150, but top tier sensor, they made most of the changes that we asked for being that they swapped the switches, they upgraded the mouse feet.

So you don’t have to spend extra money on your $150 mouse, obviously increase the durability or whatever. And it’s super light. If the scroll wheel. Is garbage. Okay. This girl is the same as the previous G pro that I was not a fan of. I probably won’t maintain it and I’d probably drop it down to like the eight here.

Now that’s just a personal thing. I didn’t like the scroll wheel on the old G pro. So no matter what you tell me, if it’s the same, I’m not going to like it. But like I said, it’s personal opinion. If you liked this girl on the G pro that’s fine, which brings me to the old G pro seeing as the super light is $150.

And the old G pro is $130, like $20 cheaper. There is no way in the world that you could convince me to buy an old G pro one has the double-clicking issue that everybody knows about. I didn’t mean it. So I don’t have experience with the double clicking issue. So I can’t tell you how bad it was or not, but I haven’t.

Owned a mouse yet this had double clicking issues. I don’t even know to know what that feels like. Okay. I just don’t. By the time you paid texts on this mouse, you might as well pay the tax for the extra $20 and gotten the super-light. It’s just a better, most statistically speaking because I haven’t touched it yet.

There’s no way in the world that you convinced me to spend $130 on the old G pro none. At all, not, not even a little bit. this thing is a brick. I don’t have much else to say about it. The lights one is the wireless version and that one is lighter than the wired version. So if you want the lighter, probably by like five or 13 grams or some crazy number like that, get the Lightspeed edition.

And it’s actually a reasonably priced, I think it’s like a hundred bucks or something like that. So if you really need that many buttons and you like the shape and you like the weight. You can get a G five Oh two. I’m just not getting one G three Oh five. So this is the thing egg-shaped mice are pretty fire.

Every time I pick one up, I do extremely well with it, even though the is like 80 something. Grams is still, you know, on the heftier side. Okay. Still on a heftier side, I just played better with an egg-shaped mouse, as opposed to, you know, like a heavy, bigger, more comfortable mouse. I don’t know why. Well, I think, well, I just said they must have like some kind of magic in these heavy X shape mice because of the G pro that’s also egg-shaped.

I mean, those mice are just really good and I mean, everything about them is good. The bill quality, the clicks, the sideburns are fantastic. Jethro five G one Oh two, even. I mean, this mouse for 15 or 20 bucks is a great mouse to get you started. It’s just a very good budget mouse. So I feel like I’ll leave it in the STR for being.

Probably the best budget mouse at its price range of $15 because at $15, I mean, what else are you going to get? Nothing. You get some off-brand garbage and then we have the XM one R so this is the thing. X and one R I tried it other than the glossy coating. And I’m not a fan of personally, if I would’ve got a mat coding, I would have been perfectly fine.

I mean, this X and one R is hands down. One of the best mouth shapes for claw grip, fingertip grip, like a hybrid of the two. Like I play, like, I don’t know, it feels like I play like a weird coughing or tip grip X one R. Perfect for that shape. There’s literally nothing wrong with it. Like the clicks are good.

The scroll wheel is lighter than the previous two XM was. I never really had any complaints about them, but after using the X and one R and then going back to the previous XM one, that lighter scroll wheel is a lot better, in my opinion. And then, um, the pair cord, I mean, the pair cord is the best in the game.

Absolutely. And they even give you the option to swap between the smaller and bigger Mosby. And they come right in the box X and one R is STR all. They, there was nothing you could tell me that would make me drop this in the, uh, in the rank, unless like it has like some crazy durability issues. But seeing as I still have my old G uh, XM one V2 from like January of this year that I’ve been using for a large part of this year.

And I haven’t had any issues with. I don’t know, man, I don’t know that stuff. We have the Hottie from Juul. So before I would’ve placed this mouse, I think in like the ARB tier, my previous tier list, I knock it down just a little bit reason being like I have one and the PCB died on me in like two months.

And this is my second Jewel’s Heidi too. My first one is fine, but I got a newer one and the PCB died and. Yeah. I don’t know. It’s just, it’s just weird. It’s just weird. That’s probably the first mosque, like I’ve ever had an issue with. So maybe like I’m a little stung by that because I never had a mouse just like straight up fail on me, which is weird.

So yeah, it sucks to suck. The mirror M is like basically the same thing as the Hottie M. Uh, they’re the same size, same shape, but I feel like the mirror M has a little bit more play in the mouse one and two buttons than the Hottie does. So I don’t really like that that much, but I can’t really say that it really affects me in gameplay at all, but the mirror M does come in like a lot of different colors and whatnot too.

That’s the unique part about the Hottie and the mirror. You can get a lot of different colors if you need to match your setup and you want that specific shape. So you could always consider those they’re decent mice, but you gotta pair record them. You gotta put some new feed on ’em. If you want to be like top tier.

Now the Hottie S on the other hand, I like this mouse, but I can’t really keep it as my number one, small mouse. Reason being, I’ve heard like some reports about like the Hottie SN it’s like durability and whatnot, and it’s 90 bucks. I don’t really think that it should be having, you know, like those kind of issues.

Like that’s pretty expensive personally. I like it a lot because it has a very similar shape to like an X and one, a Roquette burst pro. So I view it, I view it as like a smaller version of those two mice with a fantastic shape. And it’s like an improved version of an mm, seven, 10, mm, seven 11. For like twice the price.

I haven’t had any durability issues with mine currently. So I still look at it in very high regard. Supposedly there’s a wireless one coming out soon, which I think is going to be lit and everything about that mouse pretty much has fine micro USB sing and swap out the pair cord. If you want. But it’s $90.

It’s still kind of expensive and has been on a stock for a really long time. So it’s hard for me to keep it in the STR where I believe I put it last time am 42. I’m going to slide that in the eight here. I would like to put in the STR, but the is absolute garbage. It’s horrible. Extra needs to swap that out.

Otherwise this mouse, I think is one of the most innovative mice on this list. Along with the final mouse being, as you can swap out the back to have a lower or taller hum, to mimic the shape of like, you know, a high S or X one. Or burst pro or whatever, extra 5:00 AM for a, I like the shape of the M four is pretty unique, but the pair cord is kind of garbage and it is a good ergo shape, high bill quality.

So I was sliding in the B tier comfortably easy recommendation, but you got to pair Corda and get them out of spongy. Razor Vassilis is family. So this is the thing I think the basket list is a good mouse. Especially the basketball is V2 being a, you know, it’s a lot lighter than the, uh, the G five Oh two.

It comes with the razor speed flex cable and the PTFE fee. And that glides like really smooth. And in my opinion, I like the basketball is because it’s a lot simpler than the . So like if I had to pick between the two mice, I will pick the basket list, even though it wouldn’t be my first choice. And it’d be rare that I would recommend the best to list.

Unless somebody was like, Hey, I’m thinking about going to G five Oh two. Should I buy it? I’m going to say no, you should probably get the best list. It’s just a better mouse overall. This one, I think is the G one Oh two or something. It’s the same mouse, but it’s, it’s up here already. Uh, next week, the death at Harvey, too many, uh, that, that would be too many.

See, I like this mouse a lot. But the pair court is bad. Therefore I will put the death air to V2 over the death after V2 mini, because that one has the, the actual real razor speed flex cable where the Viper mini and that better V2 mini don’t. Those two mice, they say has a speed flex cable, but it’s not the same quality as the higher end Razer mice.

So therefore, like, I feel like I can’t really give the death Eder V2 a pass because it’s expensive too. Like it’s 50 bucks. So with that being said, like 50 bucks for this, it’s a great mouse. I would pick this over a model D minus a hundred percent of the time, but it’s just. Yeah, kind of a hard sell at that price.

It should be like 35 or $40 or something like that. Then, you know, that’s an easy eight tier all day. I mean, the Viper mini this thing has been as low as $30 speaking about the price. So that being said that extra $20 I can spend on a pair of core. And now I actually, I can spend on a pair cord and probably some PTFE fee.

And now, you know, for 50, maybe 55 bucks, If I have small hands, I’m competing against something that, you know what? I spend $90 on a sold out Hottie S or could I spend $55 on a moderate Al Viper mini with optical switches, solid bill quality, a little bit of RGV pair cord he’s heavy feet. Or I can just save all the money, get a mouse bungee or something, 30 bucks.

I got a solid mouse that better V2 pro I mean, it’s wireless, but it’s a little bit heavier as well. And the death at our V2 is, is already not a lightweight mouse. So I feel like I can’t really give the V2 pro anything more than like a B tier cause it’s kind of pricey. And on top of that, eh, you know, it’s a good shape.

I like the depth or shape a lot, but I feel like they really need to reduce the weight for me to be comfortable maintaining something like that. And I would probably say the same thing for you guys as well. Next we’ve got the standard razor Viper. So this the thing, the standard razor Viper has been updated now with PTFE feat, but it’s like 80 bucks.

Let’s check out the price on Amazon. I’m a razor Viper room. I mean, Amazon, you can get a, raise her Viper for 40 bucks. What, I mean 40 bucks, that’s kind of a steal. And I mean, if you want, like, you know, like an FK like a Zoe FK shape, I don’t know, man, like I might have to move this up to the eighth year.

Like that’s not bad. It’s got the newer V2, optical switches. I’m guessing because why would raise her update the mouse feet and not update the mouse switches? Because that just wouldn’t make sense. I mean, this makes it a harder argument for the Viper. Ultimate, like you’re literally paying more money for a heavier mouse and the charging dock.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you really need a wireless mouse, 110 bucks for a Viper. Ultimate. Yeah, if you want the black version. Oh, this is renew that this is not, it’s not even brand new. Okay. So 120 bucks. So you literally spend three times more for a heavier mouse and is wireless is Viper ultimate. I’ll have to stick this in the 80 or 120 bucks to get a regular black Viper, ultimately on Amazon or 150 or 160 bucks.

If you want one of the special additions, 74 grams. Best charging system in the game. I can’t slot in STR because it’s not as competitive as the model of wireless, but it’s not horribly priced either. And then the super light is one 50. It has micro USB. I wouldn’t put an STR because it has a micro USB and you have to plug it in and the scroll wheel I may or may not like, but I’ll reserve that for when I use it.

Maybe we can look at the super light as like a suedo S tier, but for now, I will leave it in a, but if I didn’t say this before, I think the super light should have USB type C because primarily you’re going to have to plug it in next. We’ve got that steel series. Airbox three wireless. I put this in the D tier 110% because.

I never wanted to put a product back in the box so fast until I use this mouse. Those mouse feet are horrible. Why they’re tiny little circles. I have no idea. I feel like the bottom, the RGB area does it look cool? Kinda, but it, just, to me, it’s just a weird implementation and overall, I just, I don’t think the rival three, um, design is really that great.

The rival three has got horrible side buttons. They’re very small. They’re. You get a solid, you know, actuation feel from them, but they’re just very small. So I, I, I don’t know. Uh, I just, there’s no situation where I would recommend a rebel three in this day and age when we could get a Viper mini rival, three wireless, even worse.

Like I just, I, yeah, heavy. 50 bucks, tiny side buttons, hard to hit, which are not good for gaming at all. There’s no reason I would never recommend anyone that most I wouldn’t. That’s why I didn’t review in the first place argued the regular rival three early in the year when they were, you know, the Viper mini didn’t exist.

That was a different story. If you need a good $30 mouse, you can get a rival three. Okay. But after the Viper mini comes out and it goes on sale regular for 30 bucks, there’s no way I would ever recommend a rebel three at all, rival six 50. So they need to come out with an Airex 6.5 had this exact same shape, have three miles buns on the left side of the mouse and be lightweight like under 70 grams for the same price, like 120 bucks or less.

Less, especially if they want to be competitive and use like similar heat treated PTFE feet, like the Roquette burst pro because their rival is six 50 shape. I still have not found another mouse that emulates that shape. And that shaped to me is incredibly comfortable. Like if that comes out and it’s a solid mouse and it doesn’t have the problems of the air , I mean, uh, and assignments are easy to hit.

I mean, I might just have to main that one. I don’t know. I don’t know, since eight, 10, um, great shape, easier to hit side buttons in the rival three swab Mumford up, but it’s just way too heavy. I think it’s a brick and things that brick, and I think it needs a better mouse fee as well. They’re not bad.

They’re not as bad as, you know, garbage Teflon or whatever, but they’re not quite nearly at the level of any PTFE fee on the mice above, um, this mouse on this list. Model old wireless.

See, this is a thing I don’t, I don’t have any complaints about the model of wireless. Like I just can’t complain about it. The bill quality is solid. They use USB type C. The software is lightweight. It has RGB is 70 grams. So it’s. Lighter than the Viper, but not as light as the super light, but it’s only 80 bucks.

So technically you can buy two model of wireless is for the price or almost the price of one super light. I mean, for the value, the model of wireless, I think is a little bit better. I’m not going to say that it’s, you know, Not as good as the super late cause I haven’t used a super late yet, so I don’t know I would hold them in about the same regard.

Currently, the only reason why I would say go with the super late is if you prefer the shape or you just prefer to have a larger take mouse, otherwise, if you don’t care about the brand and you don’t care about the 10 gram weight difference and you care about saving, you know, 70 bucks or whatever, then I will go with the model of wireless for the $80 price, 10, the Hottie HSK.

This is a real weird niche mouse. If you. Exclusively fingertip grip. I’m sure you’ll probably like it, but for me, it’s just way too small model. Model minus, um, they’re all right. In comparison to the model D bill quality wise, obviously we know the model isn’t as good. And then, um, you know, quality control and all that stuff.

I don’t really know if they have all those issues ironed out as a whole, like Loris as a company on the Mount side, it seems like they have a problem with that. Maybe even a little bit on the mouse pad side, but, um, on the keyboard side, I’ve never had a bad glorious keyboard. Um, come across my desk model D model D minus.

I don’t really like the model D or the model D minus, I think they’re too big and they’re not ergonomic enough. They’re like, they’re just really big on the left side and not so much on the right side. Like, I feel like the slope is a little aggressive on the right side. So like my fingers don’t really properly.

Rest on it, but it feels bulbous in the middle of the mouse. It’s just a weird feeling like it’s not very comfortable now the mountain Makalu 67. This is the thing I will put this at the top. This is definitely like my favorite ergo mouse of the year, where it pretty much get everything right. New 30, uh, 33 70 sensor.

The software is really good as well. Side button, super easy to hit. The clicks are really good as well on the right side where the model D fails the mountain McCollough 67 succeeds. Like it’s just a lot more comfortable in my opinion. Next we have the, uh, ultra light too. I think the ultra light too still uses light like a 500 Hertz polling rate, but for some reason and tracks better than the air 58, but this mileage is way too small, I guess, freaking tiny.

If you, if you have like little, like little kids. Hands or maybe if you’re a woman, like I could see why, you know, if you got really, really small hands, why you would go with the ultra light too, but the problem is availability. Like you can’t get it. So you’re going to have to pay probably 150 200 bucks for an ultra light too.

Maybe if they go for that on eBay, but I’ve been here. A lot of people have been easily able to get the ultra light two for 120 to 140 bucks, which isn’t horrible. But let this aim God’s mouse come out and I guarantee you, the price of the ultra light too, is probably going to go up with it. Oh no. I feel like just final mosque as a whole.

They just inevitably always go up in price after the Sandy’s going to happen in the air 58. It’s probably going to go up too. If you want to get one, for whatever reason, you probably should get one now. All right. Roquette burst pro. This is my current favorite mouse, but I feel like I can’t put in STR because the burst pro the clicks.

Are not as good as any of the other mice on this list. All these mice have better clicks than the burst pro, especially the Viper mini with those new V2 clicks, the Viper mini clicks sound better than the burst pro. Um, the burst bro clicks are a little stiff. I don’t really mind them, but I’m not going to tell you that I don’t wish that they were better.

And have I gotten over them? Yes. Have they bothered me? No. But could they be better? Yes. Which is a reason why I won’t give it the S tier most of these mice and the S tier there isn’t really much that I would change about them. Granted their respective, really with these, uh, these three right here, the respective price of the mice.

And then you got two, zero compromise mice, depending on what you’re looking for, where they literally nail everything. Next we got the post-fire Hayes. See, I feel like the pulse fire haste is a perfected version of like what the model wants to be. So let HyperX come out with a postmark haze mini, there would be no reason to recommend a mile or minus, like at all, literally none at all.

And then we got the pony judge, a mouse. I like the pony, your mouse. I feel like this is a little bit of a better shape than the model D. Like, if I was to get a full-size model D or G Wolf skull or something like that, I’d rather pick the Ponant of mouse just because I feel like that shape is a little bit more comfortable.

And the Polish mouse too. I mean, that mouse has like some of the slippery surface mouse V I don’t know how, but like it’s, it’s insane. It’s absolutely insane. And then lastly, we got the row cap burst core, um, burst core can be had for a very similar price to the Viper mini. But I think I’m a burst core.

You’ve got to upgrade the mouse feeds and you got to upgrade the pair cord. And this could be a good alternative if you want the burst pro, but you really hate the clicks, but you want the shape. So in that case, you’re going to take the shape of the mouse. You got Omron clicks instead of, um, the row cat, uh, Titan optical switches, pear cord tiger.

And you’re solid. I mean, that’s pretty much it. That’s all you need. This one. I think it was just like an extra, do you want on to that? I made, uh, we already put that in the STR because it’s only $15, but that is going to conclude this tier list. Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you guys for watching. If you guys have any questions, obviously drop them in the comment section below.

I know some of y’all are probably a little upset and that’s okay. That’s cool. I don’t really care. I still sleep at night. It’s all good. But any of these mice in the garbage tier and the D tier, I really don’t have any situation where I would recommend these mice over something else above it in the list.

Um, the Hottie HSK is not really available. I don’t think so. I mean, it kind of doesn’t count. I just threw that one in there. Cause it was kind of, you know, cool like extra, but, um, otherwise yeah. Everything in the C tier and above, I would realistically recommend if somebody was like, Hey, my situation is this, or boom, this mouse fits that niche, but everything below this seat here, I would never recommend any of these to really anyone going into 2020 would the current landscape of mice.

But I do have a, I have hopes for the shape of the rival of six 50. I hope that that returns. But that’s all I got for you guys drop a like subscribe. If you guys are new to the channel as well. Here’s thanks for you guys watching too much tech and stay tuned for some more insane tech articles. I’ll talk to you in the next article. .

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