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Asus Flow X13 The Hottest Gaming Laptop of 2021

All right. So this is my review of the flow X 13 from ACS. It’s this mini laptop that can connect to an external GPU. That’s equipped with an RTX 30, 80, it’s very powerful combination. And it’s something a little bit different. And a lot of times when companies come out with something that’s a little bit different, the product falls short expectations, right.

best gaming laptop 2021
Asus Flow X13 beautiful gaming laptop’s screen and keyboard

It sounds cool on paper. And then I get it in and review it. It’s like, ah, it’s not that cool. This time. It’s it’s something else. This is a very. It’s just so cool. Let’s get it. Now. This system is running AMD’s new CPU’s it’s their 59 80 H S. It’s an eight core CPU, 35 watt. And it pushes out performance that I have not seen before, not just in a mini laptop like this, but even regular gaming laptops, equipped with Intel stuff.

These new AMD chips are amazing, and this device is an incredible showcase of what AMD can do. With their new processors, super thin, super portable. And yet it crushes. If you have any kind of workflow that can take advantage of a lot of CPU cores, you’re going to like the performance on this machine. Now this is equipped with.

Well, there’s two GPU’s in here. There’s the GPU that’s baked onto the AMD APU itself, like the radio and stuff, but I’m going to focus on the GTX 16, 50 that’s equipped in here. So this isn’t the main GPU. Like this is the big stuff, but if you’re in a pinch and you’re just using this laptop on the road and you have to do some graphically capable stuff, it does have.

A usable GPU. So I did some video editing and some light gaming on this, and it’s not bad. It’s not going to be as good as the RTX 30, 80. We’ll get into that in a second, but it’s usable and thermally. It does really well for such a thin and light device. Now the exterior of it is made with a magnesium aloe.

So the top panel and the bottom panel are both made with this tanky and durable feeling material, which I like to see the. Inside panel. However, like the keyboard deck, this I think is a plastic finish. And like the top of it has a smooth finish, but the bottom area, like the wrist rest area has this ribbed texture to it.

So it makes the sound when you rub it the wrong way or poke it at the wrong way. But yeah, I think it’s a comfortable keyboard to type on in terms of the keyboard deck, the layout itself, I’m partial to it. I like. This kind of keyboard layout. I’ve always liked it. The arrow keys are in a good spot and there’s no weird shift positioning.

Asus Flow X13 display size

It’s a comfortable layout for a 13 inch device. And the backlighting is this simple white backlighting you can’t change the colors or anything. Of that sort. Now the track pad, this has a smooth finish despite the appearance of that ribbed texture. Again, it’s a little small, I think it’s somewhat expected on a device like this because the package is small, but most laptops nowadays have much larger track pads in this.

It gets the job done, but if you’re someone who’s. Very gesture dependent. Like if you do a lot of stuff, that’s gesture based. You might find this thing a little cramped, but tracking and the button clinics are good. Okay. Let’s go onto the screen. This is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. So it’s a little bit taller than your regular screen.

It’s thin bezel. Good colors, but it doesn’t get bright. Like it’s reasonably bright. I just wish it got way brighter. And especially for a premium device like this, I feel like it should be brighter. Now this one is a 4k panel at 60 Hertz. They do make a, if I’m not mistaken, a tentative P panel that is 120 Hertz.

Now, if I had to give a recommendation, if you’re somehow in the fortunate position of choosing between the two screens, I would definitely opt for the 10 80 P panel. Like. You can play games on a little bit better, but at this screen size 13 inches. You’re not really taking advantage of a 4k panel, unless you’ve got some very specific needs, like your photo editing.

And that’s like, that’s all you do all day long. Then maybe go for this one. But most people I’d go for the 10 80 P panel. There is a web cam at the top. It’s only seven 20 P, but the image looks pretty clean. And if you want to, you can tilt the whole screen back all the way. And it becomes this two in one tablet.

Type device now, personally, I’ve never enjoyed using this type of computing device. I get it. A lot of people that do, like, if you’re a student that has pen support and all that stuff, it’s just not something I ever do. But if you want to, it has all the, you know, tent mode or presentation mode. All the things you would normally do with a flippy screen like this, uh, let’s get into the good stuff actually, before we get there, we got to talk about ports because it’s connected literally.

Asus Flow X13 specs
Asus Flow X13 beautiful backlight keyboard

Uh, okay. So there’s two used to be a, that’s a lie. There’s one USPA and two to seen. Now the USBC on this side is part of the proprietary plug that connects to the. External GPU. So if you’re not connecting this thing, you can just use it as a second. Use PC. You can power it through the AC adapter use PC, but if you want to, when it’s time, if you can connect it to this external GPU, and this is where this product really shines.

Asus Flow X13 graphics and gaming performance

So this is an RTX 30, 80 equipped box. It’s very small. I think this is just under a kilogram. And so that’s 2.2 pounds, and it’s crazy, powerful and crazy, small and crazy quiet for what this thing is able to deliver. So to connect it up, you it’s, as you would expect, you connect it into the port and you flip the switch to lock it.

And then the software prompt will pop up and be like, do you want to connect it? And you hit, yes. And now you’re connected. Now there is a bit of a wait time. It’s like 10 or 12 seconds. It’s not instant, but once the connection is complete, you’re now connected to a laptop RTX 30, 80 16 gigs of Ram. And this thing runs with 150 Watts of GPU juice right into it.

Like the box is 280 Watts. That’s like to power the system and to power the GPU, but it’s 150 watt. RTX 30, 80 inside there in case you’re wondering, and performance is fantastic. It’s super fast, like super, super fast. It can’t keep up with desktop grade components though, right? If you grab a regular article 30, 80 from a PC build and you compare it to this, this is definitely slower than a regular RTX, 30, 80 it’s even slower than a RTX, 30, 70, but considering what’s going on here in 150 watt package that is small and quiet and relatively portable.

This thing is pretty impressive. The connection is proprietary. So you are dependent on ACEs to make new ones of these, right? If you know, two years from now, you want to have an upgrade to your system. If you’re so fortunate to own this thing, you need a suit to make another one of these with an RTX 40, 80, or whatever that happens in the future.

You need them to do it. You can’t upgrade this thing yourself. At least not from what I saw on opening, it will pop it up in a second, but the power cable or the. Connection cable powers the system, as well as the bandwidth for the GPU. If you want to disconnect it, like you want to remove your laptop and leave from this GPU, you have to click it in software to let it know before you do the disconnection process.

Asus Flow X13 technical details

Now, internally you can see the power supply. It’s 280 Watts. It’s actually pretty small for that wattage, but the GPU component cannot be upgraded yourself. It’s like something that’s completely proprietary to ACS. So you can’t just. Upgrade this on your own, unless you got some serious engineering skills.

When you open up the laptop, the Ram and the wifi card are baked on, you can upgrade or swap that. And the SSD it’s reasonably fast, but it’s a shorty. So if you want to upgrade, if you want, like a bigger SSD. It’s not the easiest thing to find. Like there’s definitely options out there, but they’re not as common as it go full 2280.

This is a 20 to 30. I believe the battery down here, 62 watt hours. And it’s okay. Like, I feel like want a device like this because it’s got that two in one capability and it’s theoretically possible that the student want to bring this to school or someone want to bring this to work. It doesn’t last long enough for what I would consider to be like a full day battery.

I got six hours. Just under six hours on my regular tests of screen at 250 nits with regular browsing and stuff like that. It’s okay. But I do have the 4k panel. So if you had the Tandy P panel, it probably go to seven and a half hours is my guess maybe seven, but that is battery life. And okay. I think that basically wraps up this review.

I want to talk about. Pricing and just kind of the value proposition of this thing. This is not a cheap product. I believe it comes in at 32 99. It is one of the most expensive laptop based products have ever had on this channel. But two things to keep in mind. Number one, there’s no one else that makes this a super powerful mini laptop combined with a super powerful external GPU.

Like this package as expensive as it is, is unique. And I guess number two, when you have the world’s only. This, you can charge whatever you want. It’s unfortunate that it’s expensive, but it really is like when you have the unicorn, you can charge a billion dollars. So that unicorn, it’s a very unique product and it’s clearly not for everyone, but I also want to present this other kind of scenario because I think a lot of people are looking at this and like, okay, for that kind of money, you could buy a really good laptop and build a really good PC for $7.

Asus Flow X13 graphics
Asus Flow X13 beautiful display, graphics and video quality
My final thoughts

You could just have both, right. So why would you have. Why would you do this? Why would you spend all of your money on just one super versatile, but very expensive products. And I don’t have any answer for that. I feel like this is going to make sense to the person. Like there’s going to be people out there that see this.

And like, this is specifically what I want or specifically what I need, not the laptop and desktop. Combination, they want this because it does provide a level of versatility leaders do with the, the setup that I mentioned previously, it is super cool, like unbelievably powerful for what this thing delivers in the weight that this whole package comes in.

But it’s so expensive. And yeah. I mean, if I had the money, I know it’d be tempted because this is such a cool product. Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs we’d like to subsidy loves it. I’ll see you guys next time. .

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